2% Cashback at Wholesale Clubs with BankAmericard Cash Rewards Visa Signature (YMMV)

NOTE: This is YMMV because I don’t know how many card variations and card holders are eligible for this.

Bank Of America has expanded the cashback benefits for their BankAmericard Cash Rewards Visa Signature credit card. You can now earn 2% cashback at Wholesale Clubs. This is in addition to their existing rewards which are 3% gas, 2% grocery stores. The bonus categories have a quarterly cap of $2500 in combined bonus category purchases, so if you had already been blowing the ceiling of these, you may have to readjust your rewards strategy with other cards or combine the various quarterly offers by Chase or Citibank and Discover.

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AMEX Offers: Get $10 Back on purchases at Big Lots and Orchard (YMMV)

AMEX Offers are by definition YMMV, since we don’t know if AMEX makes these offers available on every credit card account or a subset of the accounts. The easiest way to find out is to logon to your AMEX account and look at the Offers section below the “Recent Activity”.

Bubbling around at the moment are two pretty good offers if you like to make general purpose purchases, especially for homeowners. As you can see in the screenshot below…


… you get $10 back on a $40+ purchase at Orchard Supply Stores (or their website). Separately, you get $10 back as a statement credit on a $50+ purchase at Big Lots brick and mortar stores (not their website).

It is important to note that while the offers expire by the expiration date shown there, the window to sign up for the offer (the simple task of pressing the “Add to Card” button) is often smaller. Some of these offers have a limited number of activations, so if there’s an offer you may need, add it to your card as soon as you see it.

YMMV AMEX Offers: Spend $100+ at Staples.com, Get $25 Statement Credit

If you have an American Express credit card, among the latest wave of offers in the AMEX Offers section (after you login to your AMEX credit card account) is a nice promotion on Staples.com (website purchases, not in-store purchases). If you spend $100 or more, you will receive a $25 statement credit on your American Express credit card.

NOTE: this is a YMMV promotion since I have no way of knowing how AMEX customers are seeing this offer.


Even though the promotion expires 6/19/16, you should activate it (clicking on the “Add to Card” over there) as soon as you can, because the activation period of the offers is often shorter and sometimes they have a limited time number of activations. But once you activate it, you have until 6/19/16 to use it.

There is a long paragraph with all the terms and conditions, so check those out before placing an order. Limit one per customer during this offer. If you have multiple cards on the same AMEX login, make sure you activate the offer on the card you intend to use.

Bad News: Citibank reducing rewards for Forward credit card

If you have a Citibank Forward credit card, check your mail or email (depending on how you receive communications from there). A letter from them earlier in the week reveals that the nice 5% reward on “Restaurants, Music, Movies and Books” (which included everything at Amazon.com) is going away in June 2016. It will be replaced with a boring 2% for those categories. Everything else will 1% as usual. This is in Thank You points, not “real money”. A silver lining, rewards earned after the new program is in place will never expire. Previously they expired in 5 years. The 100 bonus points for on-time payments will continue forward.

NOTE: Citi may have multiple variations of the Forward credit card. I do not know if the change affects all of them or only a subset.

An alternative for 5% rewards at Amazon is if you are a Prime member, and you get the Amazon Store credit card (not the one by Chase, but the store card), you can earn 5% as it can become a Prime Store card. You can only use the Amazon Store card for Amazon.com purchases.

YMMV: Earn 2x AMEX Points on Amazon Purchases

If you have an American Express credit card with Membership Points (not the Blue line of cards), they have a new promotion running under the “AMEX Offers” section that went live on March 22 in 2016. You earn 2X membership points on Amazon.com purchases made with the card. The promotion is good until 7/31/16.

You must manually opt-in to this promotion. Even though it expires in four months, the window to opt-in is typically small. In other words, if you don’t opt-in, the offer won’t be shown in your account for four months. In other words, if you think you may use it, add it to your card the next time you login to your account!

Screenshot of that with the important bits highlighted can be found right below:


5% Discover Cashback for Q2 is Restaurants (includes Starbucks) and Movies (includes Netflix and Fandango)

The second quarter of 2016 is a good 5% cashback season. Chase offers 5% on Grocery Stores and Warehouse Clubs, and Discover is diversifying into two more popular categories, restaurants and movies!


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5% Chase Freedom cashback for Q2 is nice: Grocery Stores and Wholesale Clubs (with some restrictions)

The second quarter of 2016 (April 1st until June 30) is a very quarter to be a Chase Freedom credit card holder. Their 5% Cashback Promotion is Grocery Stores and Wholesale Clubs. The usual limit of $1500 per credit card applies. If you spend more than $1500 in these two categories per individual card, you will earn the usual 1% for amounts over $1500. You still get 5% for the first $1500 per card.


There are some restrictions as usual. The grocery stores do not include Walmart or Target. The wholesale clubs do not include services or travel or insurance and such. Check the FAQ on the Chase website for all the restrictions. If you are not certain about a specific store, don’t be shy, contact their customer service! Better to know than not to 🙂

One nice thing Chase does with their quarterly rewards is that it allows you retroactive activation. For this quarter, you have until June 14 2016 to activate. All purchases from April 1st on-wards will earn the rewards even if you activate in June. But it’s better to activate now, because you will get the rewards faster 🙂

TIP: If you don’t regularly spend $1500+ in those categories, there’s another way to make the most of this offer, gift cards from grocery stores. You buy gift cards for some of the places you regularly shop at, effectively getting a 5% discount. Make sure you don’t overbuy, and avoid any companies that may be on the brink of extinction 🙂

Chase has the same 5% cashback categories as Discover for Q1 2016

It looks like we are having a quarterly face-off between Discover and Chase in Q1 of 2016. We already mentioned that Discover’s Q1 5% Cashback is Gas and Ground Transportation services, and guess what? The same category is also offered for Chase for the same time period (January 1st through March 31st). The usual limit of $1500 per quarter per credit card applies.


As you can (barely) see above, this is not just gas, but also a variety of other transportation services, including buses, trains, taxis, and subways. But not everything is covered, for example, Amtrak, parking fees and tolls are EXCLUDED! Check your account page for more details.

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Discover 5% Cashback Bonus for Q1 2016 revealed

If you are a Discover credit card member, we have some news for you. Discover has official revealed the 5% Cashback Bonus categories for the first quarter of 2016. These promotions run from January 1st until March 31st. You get 5% cashback on gas stations and ground transportation purchases.


Gas stations are fairly self-evident, but they include a long list of examples, including Shell, Texaco, 76, BP, Chevron, Exxon, Conoco, Philips 66 and many more. That list is just examples, it is not an exhaustive list. Basically if a gas station is properly registered with Discover, then it should count. If you are not certain, just make a fillup and wait for your next statement. Or call them.


The ground transportation (see above) is a welcome addition for people who don’t have cars or who don’t drive a lot of miles. They include most of the basics, rental cars, buses, trains, taxis, and also Web 2.0 taxis (Uber, Lyft). Tour buses and charters are also eligible however, they must not be purchased through travel agencies and other similar services.

As usual, the limit is $1500 per quarter per credit card. If you spend more than $1500, the amounts over $1500 will earn the standard cashback rewards like any other purchase.

PS: if you are using Apple Pay, these purchases should register as well for the 5% cashback.

AMEX Offers: Pay $10+ at Hulu, Get $10 Statement Credit

If you have an American Express credit card, logon to your account and check your latest offers. One of them making the rounds is a Hulu offer. If you spend $10+ at Hulu, you will get $10 back as a statement credit. Even though the offer has a long expiration date, the sign-up period for the offer is shorter. So if you think there is a possibility you will use it, add it to your account as soon as you see it. Once added to your account, then you have the posted deadlines to take advantage of it.


If that offer doesn’t work out for you, or you are not offered, there are a few Hulu offers making the round at the Plenti rewards program as well.

AMEX Offers: Spend $30+ at Exxon Mobil, Get $10 back

If you have an American Express credit card, logon to your account and check the special offers. One of the latest making the rounds is a promotion that gets you $10 back as a statement credit if you make a purchase of $30 or more at Exxon Mobil gas stations by 12/31/15. You have to manually add this offer to your credit card.


Once added, this offer expires 12/31/15. However, if you don’t add it to your card, it can disappear from the available offers at any time. This is because of two restrictions: there is a limited number of sign-ups per offer, and the offers may also have a limited runtime of their own regardless of the sign-ups. So, to summarize, when you see an offer you may perhaps use in the future, add it to your AMEX card right away!

If you have multiple AMEX cards on the same account (in other words, the same login account), pay attention to which account number you add the offer. It will only work if you use the card with the offer on it. Otherwise, no luck and customer service won’t fix it for you.

Note also that a lot of the offers are only shown to a subset of their cardholders. So you won’t have available to you every single offer you see mentioned on the internet. How AMEX decides to offer what to who(m), I do not know, it’s probably part of their “secret sauce” targeting system.

Targetted: 10% Cashback at Radio Shack (BofA)

If you have a Bank of America credit card, check your latest “BankAmeriDeals”. You may be eligible for a new cashback promotion at Radio Shack. You have to manually opt-in if you are eligible before you can use it. The offer is 10% cashback on purchases at the Radio Shack website or their brick and remaining mortar scores (a lot of them are owned by Sprint, so their fates are inter-linked now).

The maximum cashback is $15 under this offer, in other words, it phases out on purchases above $150. Offer ends 11/20/15. Needless to say, you have to pay with the BofA credit card that this particular offer is linked to.

Here’s a screenshot of the offer (after you accept it) that has all the details highlighted by an internet magic marker 🙂


(YMMV) Get $125 Cashback when you Sign up for DirectTV as a New Customer And Pay with Bank of America Credit Card

This is a promotion offered through the Bank of America credit card Special Offers page. You see these offers after you logon to your account. I have no idea what percentage of their customers are being offered this, so that’s why I am calling it a YMMV.

The offer is this: you are a new Direct TV customer. You sign up for the service directly (their website; not authorized dealers) and pay with your Bank of America credit card, and you will receive $125 cashback in your Bofa account.

I took a screenshot of the offer and highlighted the important parts of the promotion, since that’s better than me rewriting it and potentially creating confusion 🙂


New AMEX Membership Rewards feature: use Rewards to pay for Best Buy online purchases

If you are participating in the American Express Membership Rewards program (different from the Amex Blue Cash rewards), and you also shop at the Best Buy website, there’s now a new feature for you. You can use your AMEX rewards points to pay for a Best Buy website purchase, partially or fully, using your AMEX points.

To do that, enter your AMEX credit card to your Best Buy account (if not already there), and when it is verified and synced (or whatever they need to do in the background), you will see your points and their equivalent dollar value. The e-mail does not say what is the conversion ratio.

It would be nice if it was 1:1, but since they don’t say, one has to wonder. Some promotions, like the Discover-Amazon link offers a 1:1 link, while others, like Citi’s ThankYou-Amazon link is less than 1:1 (not as favorable to the consumer).

Discover Checking: 2X Debit Rewards in October & November (YMMV)

If you have a Discover Checking Account, check your emails! A new promotion is going to run for the whole of October and November in 2015 that gets you double the debit rewards. Regularly you get 10c in rewards for every purchase or bill pay or check. During this promotion, you will earn 20c per transaction. There is a maximum of 100 transactions per month that will earn rewards (max $20 per month). For transactions 101 and later, you will earn the standard 10c.

A screenshot of the relevant part from that email can be found right below, with the important points highlighted:


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