April 19-25: 15% off Gap, BR, Aero, Old Navy, Spa Finder gift cards

Happening automatically in-store, at Staples, between the open on April 19 and the close on Saturday April 25 in 2015, you get 15% off the purchase price of gifts from the Gap family of companies (Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic), Aero and Spafinder. Minimum purchase must $25 or higher. Six gift card SKUs are eligible for the offer which says one per customer during this promotional period.

April 19-25: Buy $300+ Mastercard Gift Cards get $20 Staples GC via Easy Rebate

If you like the guaranteed return of investment of the Staples gift card promotions, they are coming back during the April 19-25 (2015) shopping week at Staples brick and mortar stores. You purchase $300 or more in Mastercard Gift Card and you can receive a $20 Staples Gift Card via Easy Rebate (rebate submitted online, no need to be mailing things).

The Mastercards have a mandatory activation fee, so in order for this to be profitable, you need to get to $300 with two gift cards (eg $200 + $100). If you need three gift cards to get to $300, the activation fee is too close to the $20 gift card bonus, washing the deal.

April 5-11: Buy $50 iTunes Gift Cards, get $10 Walgreens Gift Card

Per the Walgreens Weekly Ad, for the shopping week running April 5 until the close of business on Saturday April 11 in 2015, if you purchase two $25 iTunes Gift Cards at Walgreens B&M stores, you will receive a $10 plastic Walgreens Gift Card. Limit two offers per customer, except for the lovely state of New Mexico where there are no limits!

April 5-11: Buy $200 Nordstrom Gift Cards, Get $15 VISA Prepaid by mail

For the week of April 5-11 in 2015, at Staples brick and mortar stores, if you purchase $200 or more in Nordstrom Gift Card, you can receive a $15 prepaid VISA gift card by mail after submitting an Easy Rebate. The Easy Rebates are submitted online, so you don’t have to mail anything or cut bar codes and such. Since store gift cards don’t have activate fees, it’s essentially a $15 profit for you.

PS: the prepaid VISA, Mastercard and American Express gift cards do have activation fees.

$20 Target Gift Card with Target Baby purchases of $125+

The Target Weekly Circular Ad, expiring at the end of day on 3/28/15, has a coupon promotion. Using the coupon, when you make a purchase of $125 or more on eligible Baby products (babies not included!), you will receive a $20 Target gift card. You can also use this offer online by using promo code SAVE20. Only one offer per customer during this promotion.

March 15-21: Buy $250 in VISA Gift Cards, receive $20 GC by mail

For the shopping week of March 15 to 21 (2015), at Staples brick and mortar stores (not their website), per their weekly ad, if you spend $250 or more in VISA Gift Card, you will receive a $20 VISA Gift Card by mail after you submit an Easy Rebate. Since VISA gift cards have an activation fee, this offer makes sense if you are able to find a combination of gift cards with activation fees under $20. The promotion is one per customer during this weekly promotional period. Check store or ad for more details.

Pay $80, Get $100 of Peet’s Coffee Gift Cards

If you like to shop at Peet’s Coffee stores or at their website, and you happen to be a Costco member, you can get a great deal, you pay $80 and receive $100 in Peet’s Gift Cards (five $20 gift cards). Free shipping.

If you are not a Costco member, you can still purchase them for the same price from the Costco website! UPDATE: there is NO non-member surcharge for these, you also pay $80 with free shipping!!!

This is an even better deal now. The Peets reload offer now is $1 off your drink purchase with a $20+ gift card purchase or reload. Previously (see the paragraph below) you get a free medium drink of your choice with a $25 reload. So after this development, the Costco deal becomes even better! On $100 spend, you pay $80 with the Costco gift cards versus $96 with the Peets reload discounts.

This promotion expired, see previous paragraph for the current situation. This is a great deal, since you have more flexibility. Without this offer, you get a free medium drink of your choice every time you load/reload $25 or more on a Peet’s gift card. Unless you use the free drink to get a very complicated drink (multiple syrups and extras), you are still better off with the Costco offer. Plus you don’t have to decide to get a more expensive drink at a reload – you can get it any time you like. Or maybe you don’t like those milky drinks and you mostly buy coffee or tea or beans.

Feb 8-14: Pay $20, get $25 AMC or Regal Gift Card

At Staples brick and mortar stores, during the week of February 8-14 in 2015, you can get a $25 AMC or Regal gift cards for $20. No coupon, no rebate, the gift cards will be automatically discounted at the register. Limit one per transaction/customer says the circular ad fineprint.

In parallel, during the same time period, if you purchase a $200 Nordstrom gift card, you can receive a $15 VISA prepaid gift card via Easy Rebate. Easy Rebates can be submitted online, you don’t have to mail anything in. This offer is limit one per household.

Febr 1-7: free $5 Walgreens Gift card with Two $25 iTunes GC

For the shopping week of February 1-7 in 2015, at Walgreen’s brick and mortar stores, you can receive a free $5 Walgreens gift card when you purchase two $25 iTunes Gift cards. This is essentially a 10% off the face value, not the lowest ever.

[DEAD] Jan 11-17: free $25 Gift Card with select Kindle Fire and e-readers

This limited time offer expired…
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[DEAD] Buy $125+ in select Gift Cards, get $20 off next Smart and Final purchase

This specific offer expired, but gift card promotions are recurring at Smart and Final every few weeks or so, so stay tuned…
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[DEAD] $5 Kohls Gift Card Bonus between 6pm Thanksgiving and 1pm Black Friday

This limited time promotion expired…
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[DEAD] Buy $100+ in select Gift Cards, get $15 coupon at Smart and Final

This particular offer expired, however, the gift card promotions at Smart and Final return every few weeks with different amounts and bonuses…
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[DEAD] Nov 23-26: $5 off $25 AMC or Regal Gift Cards

This limited time promotion expired…
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