Sign up now – Discover Q2 2018 5% Cashback Rewards are GROCERIES!

Time flies and the second quarter of 2018 is almost upon us! If you are a Discover credit card holder, check your emails or the app or their website. You can already begin to sign-up for the second quarter 5% cashback rewards. This cycle runs from April 1st (not an April Fool’s Day joke!) until June 30 in 2018.

The category is a great one, GROCERY STORES! Every single person has to eat, so that’s very utilitarian and an easy way to stock up on rewards. You earn 5% on first $1500 of eligible purchases per credit card during the quarter. If you spend over $1500 on this category, purchases over $1500 will earn the normal purchase percentage (eg 1% or whatever the card features). If you have multiple Discover credit cards, the limit is per credit card, not per customer!

The emails have a 1-click link, meaning you click on that link and you get activated. You don’t have to login to your Discover account. Or if you don’t trust that, go directly to their website and login and locate the 5% Cashback pages to activate the promotion. Their website or app will probably prompt you after you login.

Free for Lucky Rewards members: 32oz Golden Grain pasta package

It’s a good for freebies today! If you are participating in the Lucky Rewards program, check your emails. A new offer has been pushed out via email, giving you a FREE 32oz package of Golden Grain pasta. Assorted varieties are available that qualify for the offer. You MUST first add this offer to your Lucky’s account, and then redeem it. You use it by the close of business on Tuesday 2/9/16. If not used by then, it will expire. It follows the regular weekly cycle of their weekly ads, Wednesday AM to Tuesday PM.


Lucky Rewards Members: Free 1lb of Driscoll’s Strawberries (redeem by 8/18/15)

IF they give awards for Rewards programs, perhaps Lucky’s deserves to win one! We have yet another unconditional freebie offered to Rewards members. Check your emails! You must click on the big round link to add the offer to your Lucky’s account. This offer gets you 1 lb of Driscoll’s strawberries! Once you add the offer to your rewards account, you have until 8/18/15 to redeem it, but don’t wait until the last minute, because we humans specialize in procrastination and you don’t want them to be out 🙂

The other nice thing is that their checkout registers (cashier or self-checkout) automatically picks off the free offers in your account – you don’t have to enter any coupons and neither does the cashier. So as long as you get the correct freebie, it works frictionlessly.


Kind Bars Clip coupon: additional 15% off on first Subscribe and Save delivery

If you are a fan of the Kind Bars and you are also interested or at least willing to try out Amazon’s Subscribe and Save feature, for a limited time, they have a coupon that gets you an additional 15% off discount on the first delivery of Kind Bar Subscribe and Save orders. You can’t use this discount on regular purchases. They must be Subscribe and Save. The additional discount is for the first delivery. For future deliveries, the usual Subscribe and Save discounts apply (5% off or 15% off if you have five or more deliveries in the same month).

A total of 32 different Kind Bars are eligible for this promotion. To see the options and details of this promotion, check the relevant page. Amazon’s Clip grocery coupons just need you to press the Clip button. You don’t have to type anything later. This is a limited time offer but they don’t say when it expires.

$2 Flat Shipping with $50+ order Prime Pantry order

For a limited time only (they don’t specify the expiration date), coupon code BUYPANTRY gets you $2 flat shipping on orders of $50 of more at Amazon’s Prime Pantry. This is sort of like their Costco equivalent, not to be confused with AmazonFresh that sells fresh produce and fresh groceries. However, there is a big overlap in products that can be ordered between the two programs. It adds to the complexity but also offers the more bargain-oriented shoppers two different ways to get discounts 🙂 Prime Pantry only requires a Prime membership, not a Prime Fresh membership.

These are the Terms and Conditions of this limited time promotion.


If you are considering an order there, here are some potentially good deals to add to your order, especially if you are close to $50 but need a little boost to get to $2 shipping:

Prime Members with Citibank cards: $30 off first AmazonFresh order of $50+ (with $50+ in non-AmazonFresh items)

If you are an Amazon Prime member or planning to start a 30-day Free Trial (the $100 per year plan) and you have a Citibank credit or debit card, and you haven’t placed an Amazon Fresh order before, there’s a hot new offer that has now been activated because of a new addition to the regular Prime benefits.

However, there’s something tricky about the way it is works. It requires some trial and error (adding and removing items from your shopping cart until it activates). But I think I figured out how it works. Details below…


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Amazon Prime members now can order from AmazonFresh with a Fee

If you are an Amazon Prime member, you have a new non-free benefit in your account now. Prime members can now place orders through AmazonFresh without having to be part of the $300 per year AmazonFresh program. However, there is a delivery fee, for orders over $50, you pay a flat $8 delivery fee. If you are an AmazonFresh member, you pay a $0 delivery fee for orders over $50.

You can do the math, basically if you only occasionally want to get groceries from Fresh, or you place large but infrequent orders, Prime with the $8 delivery fee is the way to go. The Prime membership is $100 per year, while the AmazonFresh (which includes all the Prime benefits by the way) is $300 per year. So a difference of $200, divided by $8, means if you plan to place under 25 AmazonFresh orders per year, you save more with Prime plus delivery fee.