7pk Hanes White Men Underwear for $7 [S, M, L]

If you are a fan of the classic white men’s briefs, Amazon is currently having a 7-pack of them on sale for $7, that’s $1 each. You can buy up to four 7-packs on sale, so $28 gets you four weeks worth 🙂 As of the time of writing, only the Large, Medium and Small sizes are going for $7. The other sizes go for more.

This is not a lightning deal, so it’s hard to guess when the offer will expire. One way these offers expires is when they sell out. If not, they may continue until Amazon’s AI robots decide to change the prices 🙂

7pk Hanes Men’s Briefs for $8~ (sizes S, M, L, XL)

If you are fond of the good old Hanes white men’s briefs, they are currently on sale as a 7-pack for under $8 per pack at Amazon by Amazon actual. The sizes available for under $8 are Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large (XL). You can buy as many as you want of each size. (well, theoretically there’s a limit of 30 per size, but who’s gonna buy more than 210 pairs of underwear of a single size in one transaction? – in that case, just place separate orders?)

UPDATE (10/2/15): some of the Amazon options are out of stock, but can still be ordered if you don’t mind waiting. Don’t just look at the price in the main price-box. Look also on the right side of the page where it shows alternate prices. Amazon’s there for some of the sizes, still under $8!

NOTE: these are only available in white at this sale price!

NOTE #2: they are doing fairly well review wise, they average 4.4 out of 5 based on 360+ customer reviews.