3 lbs of Sea-Salt Roasted Almonds for $13

Almonds are healthy for you, and some roasting with sea-salt can make them more fun and snacky. Further more, they are on sale at the moment! Three pounds (48 ounces) of Amazon’s house brand “Happy Belly” are on sale for $13 at amazon.com, or slightly less if you do one of those “Subscribe and Save” things.

On top of that, these are Made in American almonds, from the Central Valley in California! “Happy Belly” products are restricted to Prime members, yet another benefit of signing up for the benefits-loaded service.

16oz Organic Cinnamon from Amazon house brand for $4.49

If you like organic cinnamon, the time is right to stock up! Amazon’s own house brand “Happy Belly” (they have so many of them these days) is offering 16 ounces of organic cinnamon for $4.49 with up to four of these per customer at the sale price. These are offered from the “normal” Amazon website, not Prime Pantry, not Amazon Fresh. Better yet, they are not currently marked as an Add-On item, so even one of them gets you free shipping. Shhh, don’t tell the Amazon price bots this 🙂

1 lb Organic Ground Cinnamon for $5 [limit 4]

Cinnamon fans, unite and take over! Amazon is offering their house brand of Happy Belly 1 lb of Organic Ground Cinnamon for $5 with up to four of these per customer at this price.

There is a catch however, they are an add-on item, so you must place a $25+ order, elsewise the shopping cart won’t let you buy them. Four of these are $20~, so you just need another small thing to get to $25+. May I recommend the Sencha Mints or the RXbar 12-packs?

1 lb of Happy Belly Yogurt Trail Mix for $2

Clip-on coupons to the rescue! Amazon’s Prime Pantry is currently running a green clip-on coupon promotion on their one pound of , with the coupon dropping the price down to $2.07 or so. Not bad for a pound of this stuff!

Not only that, but this qualifies for the Buy Five or More Qualifying Items, get $6 off your order total promotion that is running until October 31st in 2017. This almost counters the $7 Pantry Box delivery fee. So you pay $1 instead of $7. Not as good as the free shipping no-rush credit, but if you don’t have that, and they are not offering it, $1 is better than $7 🙂

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IMPORTANT: Prime Pantry product availability varies by region, so items that are in-stock at one location, may not be in-stock at another. Prime Pantry operates locally, you can only buy what’s available at your local warehouse. This is different from regular Amazon purchases where they ship items from all over the country.

Prime members: you may get a $3 Happy Belly Reward if you select Slow Shipping

If you are a Prime member, and you make a qualifying purchase at Amazon (it has to be shipped from Amazon’s facilities as a minimum), you may be offered a $3 Happy Belly store credit if you select Slow Shipping instead of the Prime 2-day shipping. The official term for this is “No Rush Shipping” which is more accurate since sometimes things arrive fast anyway (it depends on many factors including availability of product nearby and other orders you may have coming).

You are presented with this offer in the shopping cart, so if you have 1-Click shipping, you may not notice it. It looks like this (screenshot below):

What is Happy Belly you ask? It is a relatively new line of Amazon house-brand products that, as the goofy name suggests, are food items. These include various nuts, coffee, spices, trail mixes, and …eggs (I’m sure Amazon does not have live chickens in its warehouses). The prices are typically competitive for no-nonsense basic quality products.

In typical (frustrating) Amazon fashion, different flavors/options are available in a combination of regular Amazon.com, and/or Prime Pantry and/or Amazon FRESH. YMMV on each item depending on when you check and where you live.