Add HBO to your Hulu subscription for $5/mo for half a year

If you are curious about Hulu AND also want to have a six month HBO subscription at a very nice discount, you are in luck! Hulu has a special offer. You can add HBO to your Hulu subscription for $5 per month for six months in a row. HBO’s stand alone subscription (eg HBO Now) is $15 per month, so this is pretty good!

Hulu subscriptions start at $8/month for the Limited Commercials plan. The offer works on any of the Hulu plans from the aforementioned $8/mo Limited Commercials all the way to the Live TV plan.

Check the terms and conditions over there for the details and restrictions.

How to get a discount on an HBO Now Subscription

For cordcutters, HBO has a rather generous 30-day free trial, but once they hook you in, then their monthly fee is $15, which for some may be too much, especially if you don’t watch every show and high profile movie they offer there. So, is there a way to get a discount for that?

The answer is YES, but it is an indirect way of getting a discount. You sign-up and pay for your subscription through GooglePLAY. Why GooglePLAY? Because they allow you to pay for monthly subscriptions with your gift card balance. You don’t have to pay with a credit card or debit card.

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Two Months of HBO Now with Roku activation

Roku is running a promotion that gets you a two months of HBO Now for FREE when you activate a new condition Roku player by October 1st in 2016. Typically HBO Now offers a free 1-month subscription. The subscription goes for $15 per month, so this promotion is a $15 value. You can cancel at any time as usual.

It’s no coincidence that this promotion started after Season 6 of Game Of Thrones ended 🙂 That’s one way to balance the subscriber numbers with the seasonal HBO viewers cancelling after the season finale!

More details on this promotion, including restrictions and deadlines can be found at the Roku website.

Speaking of Roku, the 2015 Roku 3 (with Voice Search, model 4230R) is on sale for $80, in new condition, at by Amazon actual. They also have bundles with an HDMI cable and a mount.

NOTE: the refurbished option you see there is NOT eligible for the 2-month HBO Now promotion!

April 10-13: Free HBO and Cinemax Preview

Just in time for Episode #1 of season five of the Game Of Thrones blockbuster TV series, Uverse and select other cable systems will be offering a free 4-day weekend preview of HBO and Cinemax. The free preview runs April 10 (Friday morning) through April 13 (Monday night). You don’t have to do anything, the various HBO and Skinemax channels will get automatically unblocked (and then reblocked) by your cable box.

The time of this is perfect because many will try to sign up for HBO Now, and in case there are issues and problems, you can always fall back to the free preview on cable (assuming you have a cable system that is running this promotion).

HBO Preview on AT&T Uverse: January 9 to 11 (2015)

If you have AT&T Uverse TV service, HBO is having another weekend preview, from January 9-11 (Friday AM to Sunday PM) in 2015, to celebrate the start of their new TV series “Togetherness”, along with the return of Girls and other half hour HBO original shows (which is often when premium cable networks offer free previews). Also participating in this promotion is Cinemax which is slowly but steadily developing its own line of original TV shows, albeit not at the HBO level.

UPDATE: Showtime is now running ads during commercial breaks on Uverse saying they too will have a free preview (SD and HD) at the same time, Friday through Sunday night.