YMMV $3 Kindle store credit towards select ebooks

Check your Amazon emails if you are a Kindle ebook reader! You may have received an email that offers you a $3 store credit that can be used towards 28 specific ebook titles. The majority of these ebooks are $3.99 or $4.99, so you’d be getting one of them for 99c or $1.99, or free if you are “slow shipping credits” in your account.

All of them are “Kindle Unlimited” ebooks (which is probably what gives Amazon flexibility to do a promotion like this since the big media publishers are too uptight), but they are among the top rated or most read. I recognize a handful of them…

Remember, you can’t get the $3 off discount from the website above. You need to have receive an email from Amazon offering you this $3 off promotion…

Earn 25% Kindle Promo on select “Great with Kindle” ebooks

Never a dull moment with the promotional at Amazon. If you are a frequent reader/buyer of Kindle ebooks, you will be thrilled with this one! Amazon has launched a new program called “Great with Kindle”. These are e-books that have a great reading experience on Amazon’s apps and devices because of their formatting, quality images, and various “digital reading” benefits…

To encourage people to buy more of these books, Amazon is offering a 25% Promo Credit on the purchase of these books. So for example if you buy a $10 eligible Kindle ebook, you will receive a $2.50 promo credit to use towards future purchases of eligible Kindle ebooks.

Here’s a screenshot of an eligible ebook. This is what to look for on the product pages. It is small print on a laptop, so look closely. I have zoomed it for illustration purposes:

Used 6 inch Kindle Oasis (previous gen) for $210

If you prefer the previous generation of the Kindle Oasis (the 6 inch model), the Wifi + free 3G model is currently available in “Used – Good” condition (with cosmetic imperfections) for $210 through Amazon Warehouse Deals.

Note that Kindle devices purchased through Warehouse Deals do NOT get a warranty, but you have a 30-day return policy. On the other hand, Amazon’s certified refurbished devices sold through the main Amazon website get a full warranty.

Kindle 10 Year Anniversary deals start Monday 10/23/17

Grab your e-readers! Starting Monday October 23 in 2017, Amazon will be celebrating (okay, sale-a-brating) the Kindle 10 Year Anniversary with a variety of sales. The teaser on the page right now says “Save on All Things Kindle”, so I’m guessing it’s gonna e-books and e-readers and accessories and such.

PRO TIP: since there are gonna be lots of e-book deals, you may want to proactively refill your Amazon account balance with an e-gift card, so when you start scooping up e-book temptations, your credit card statement won’t be filled up with $0.99 and $1.99 and $2.99 transactions. The Amazon balance / gift-cards have no expiration date, so you can use them now or 200 years from now 🙂

I always do this, and when I make a regular non-ebook purchase, I adjust the payment method settings in the shopping cart, so it won’t use up my gift card balance. Because if it does, I would have to fill it up again, that’s more work than change a payment setting during checkout 🙂

30 Kindle ebooks for $2 each with coupon

If you are fond of reading e-books but don’t want to break the bank on them, we have good news for you! A new coupon offer! Coupon code READFEB17 gets you any number of these thirty Kindle e-books for $2 each. You only enter the coupon code once in your account. You can buy one, or buy them all. The offer expires 2/28/17.

Four of the thirty are in Prime Reading, so if you are a Prime member, you can check them out and start reading beyond the Kindle sample to see whether it’s something you would be actually interesting in completing.

Happy reading 🙂

$2 Kindle ebooks with coupon (30 choices)

If you like discovering new authors, Amazon has just launched a new e-book promotion. Coupon code READJAN17 can get you any of the thirty participating ebooks for $2 each. You can buy as many as you want with this promotion. Make sure you enter the coupon code _BEFORE_ you buy any of them! Here’s how:

You can find all eligible books and read details at the Kindle January 2017 promotion which expires 1/31/17.

NOTE: I do not know if this promotion is targeted or everyone can use the coupon. I have no way of finding out, so YMMV if you haven’t received an email with this promotion. Try it on one e-book first, then check your account history to make sure you are charged $2 not the regular price.

Kindle First eBook Options for May 2016 are up

If you are a Prime member, one of the many benefits is a free pre-release e-book from a choice of 4 or 6 every month. The choices change on the 1st of every month, and you can pick one per month. If none of them speak to you immediately, wait a few days until they pick up more customer reviews ~ sometimes those can be helpful in deciding.

Without further delay, the May 2016 choices are:

  • “Enemy (On the Bones of Gods Book 1)” by K. Eason in Fantasy
  • “A House for Happy Mothers” by Amulya Malladi in Contemporary Fiction
  • “We’re All Damaged” by Matthew Norman in Modern Fiction
  • “The Butterfly Garden” by Dot Hutchison in Thrillers
  • “About the Night” by Anat Talshir and Evan Fallenberg in Literary Fiction
  • “Time Heals No Wounds (A Baltic Sea Crime Novel)” by Hendrik Falkenberg and Patrick F. Brown in Mysteries

To see the options and read customer reviews of them, check Kindle First page by 5/31/16. Here’s a partial screenshot of that page: