Logitech G300s Optical Gaming Mouse for $24 [updated]

What do cats and gamers have in common? They love mice 🙂 Drum roll please? Okay, you can now start throwing rotting tomatoes at me 🙂

Okay of the more affordable name-brand gaming mice is currently the Logitech G300s optical gaming mouse with a total of nine programmable controls. And it is currently on sale with two options, you can get it in new condition for $24.

This sold out: or if you want to save even more, you can get it certified refurbished for $16.

The new condition averages 4.3 out of 5 based on over 410 customer reviews and has 59 questions answered, while the refurbished averages 4.1 based on 12 customer reviews. They are posted on separate listings, that’s why they have separate review pools.

Both options are Prime eligible. If not a Prime member, you get free shipping with a $35+ order.

Logitech M570 wireless mouse and trackball for $25

And now something for the power users, if you like the cross between a trackball and a multi-button wireless mouse, the Logitech M570 is currently on sale for $25 in new condition at Amazon by Amazon proper with a limit of five units per customer. It uses the standard Logitech nano receiver so you can mix and match it with other compatible Logitech products while only using one USB-dongle per computer.

This is a popular critter, it has over 10,000 customer reviews with an average 4.5 out of 5 and has 440+ answered questions by viewers like you 🙂 It is currently the best selling trackball at Amazon, ahead of other oddly shaped trackball creatures (and miscategorized mice).

[DEAD] Logitech M510 Wireless Mouse for $15

As of 9/21/16 re-check, the price increased to $20…
If you like mice with side buttons, and simple non-fancy design, the Logitech M510 Wireless Mouse is on sale for $15 each, in new condition, at Amazon.com in the blue color scheme (limit 3, Prime Only) and the black color scheme (limit 5, open to everyone).

The side buttons function are Back and Forward, which is handy if you are a web browsing power user or use that feature in spreadsheets and such. They have a pretty decent review profile, they average 4.4 out of 5 based on 8200+ customer reviews. This is an RF wireless with a nano receiver. Not bluetooth.

Logitech Wireless Combo MK320 Keyboard and Mouse for $20 (free shipping depends) [updated]

UPDATE 5/1/16: The Staples offer ended, but Office Depot picks up the mantle and offers it on sale for $20 for the first half of May 2016, both at their website and their brick and mortar stores.

Or if you prefer Staples or want to pick it in-store, it remains in-stock for $20 at the Staples website.

The offer at Staples ends on Saturday night (4/30/16), which means the Amazon Prime price-match will likely end at around that time (or earlier).

UPDATE 4/29/16: The Amazon price increased to $26~ for Prime members…

ORIGINAL POST: If you have an Amazon Gift Card and you had been waiting for Amazon to price-match the Staples Weekly Special offer on the Logitech Wirelss Combo MK320 Keyboard and Mouse, your wait is over! As of the time of writing, for Prime members only, this very RF-wireless combo with the universal nano receiver is on sale, in new condition, for $20 with a limit of five per customer at Amazon’s website.

[DEAD] Logitech MK320 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse for $20

The previously mentioned sales ended, but they are a bit cyclical, the prices will drop again at some point in the future (I obviously don’t know when)….

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Prime exclusive: Logitech K120 keyboard for $8.50 [limit 5]

Amazon may be dealing with a double edged sword here, they have began offering exclusive offers for Prime members which are not available if you are not a member. This is a plus for members obviously, but they definitely risk alienating a lot of people who are not Prime members. The idea behind this is obviously to nudge more people into trying a Prime membership, but it could backfire. I don’t know. I am a Prime member so it doesn’t bother so, but I don’t know how I would feel if I wasn’t – especially if it was an item I needed or wanted at a good price…

Regardless, that mini essay was to introduce this Prime-exclusive offer, the basic Logitech K120 wired USB keyboard is on sale for $8.50 with free 2-day Prime shipping with a limit of five per customer. Depending on your order and/or location, the shopping cart may also offer you a $5 Prime Pantry credit if you select slow shipping instead. This keyboard, for its price, is doing quite well in reviews, 4.4 out of 5 based on 2200+ of them. Just keep in mind, this is a single figure keyboard, don’t expect miracles 🙂

PS: if you are not a Prime member and/or need a mouse as well as keyboard, you can get the Logitech MK120 keyboard-mouse combo for $14.50 (averages 4.4/5 on 800+ customer reviews).