6pk Sencha Naturals Green Tea Mints for $4.43

If you are a fan of mints in a tin, grab your Amazon wallets! They are back on sale again, you get a SENCHA NATURALS Green Tea Mints (Moroccan Mint) for $4.43, with up to four bundles per customer. $4.43 gets you SIX tins of mints, not one!

I bought this the previous time they were on sale, here’s what your $4 gets you. Six tins sealed together in a nice little cardboard-y box. Not a bad idea as a gift either. Or if you want to “send a message” to someone about their mouth “aromas” 🙂

You can easily pay close to $4 for a single tin at coffee shop and health-centric retailers! Instead you get six of them. Or if you want to max out, you can get 24 tins for under $18.

They are however an Add-On item, so your total order must be $25+, otherwise the Amazon shopping cartt won’t let you buy them.

6pk of Green Tea Mints for $2.38

If you like green tea flavored mints, hurry up to amazon.com where they have a limited time offer, the “Sencha Naturals” (that’s the brand name) is offering is a 6-pack of Moroccan Mint flavor mint canisters for $2.38 total. That’s right, that gets you six canisters, with about 60 mints per canister!

Limit up to four six-packs per customer. So if you max out on this, you pay just under $10 and you get around 1440 mints! Mints for everyone! That’s 144 mints per dollar!

Only the “Moroccan Mint” flavor is on sale. Moroccan Mint is typically a mix of green tea and mint, taking its name from the tea. These are tea-flavored mints after all 🙂