Rent (HD) for 99c: “The Foreigner” with Jackie Chan

If you are planning to have free time to watch a movie in the next 30 days (it may sound like a joke, but a number of digital movie rentals expire unused), and you have 99c to spare, or you have Amazon digital credit or store credit, for a limited time Amazon is offering digital rentals of “The Foreigner” with Jackie Chan and Pierce Bronsan for $0.99.

Once you rent the movie, you have 30 days to begin watching it. Once you begin watching it, you have 48 hours to finish. You can watch it as many times as you want during that 48 hour time period. If you don’t start watching it, there is no refund. Hollywood wins 🙂

Rent any HD Movie at Google Play for $2 [YMMV]

A number of interesting movie have become available for rental recently (Jumanji, Ragnarok, Last Jedi, Shape of H20, etc), so if you are using Google Play, check the website or app of the store while logged on to your Google account – you may find an offer that lets you rent any HD movie for $1.99. Newly released movies go as high as $6, so that’s quite a discount!

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DVD: Escape from Planet Earth under $4

The new condition DVD of the movie “Escape from Planet Earth” is currently on sale for just $3.74 at with up to five per customers at the sale price. This is a 3D animated movie released in 2013.

There is a catch however, it is an Add-On item, so you must place an order of $25+ in eligible products, otherwise Amazon’s shopping cart will rudely refuse to let you buy it!

“Get Out” Movie for $12 with BluRay + DVD + Digital

The super-smash-hit movie “Get OUT” is now on sale for $12 by Amazon actual in a super versatile set of Blu-Ray and DVD and Digital copy. Handy if you like to watch movies at different places or for larger families. This is not a lightning deal, so expiration time unknown. The Oscars are coming though…

IF you haven’t seen this movie yet, try not read up any spoilers or reviews before you watch it!

The Theory of Everything for $5 (BluRay + DVD + Digital)

If when you buy a movie you like to have it available in all media options, and you like or are curious about the movie “The Theory of Everything”, $5 is all it gets to get it in a bundle that includes the BluRay disc, the DVD disc AND a digital copy too! All these from Amazon actual. You can buy up to five bundles at this price.

There is a catch however, this is marked as an Amazon Add-On item, so you must place an order totaling $25 or more in Amazon shipped products. If not, the shopping cart will simply refuse to let you buy it.

The Blomkamp Film Collection for $10 on BluRay (District 9, Chappie and Elysium)

Grab your Amazon wallets and add to cart now! $10 is all it takes to get this Limited edition collector set that features a trio of Neill Blomkamp Films! His breakout film “District 9”, the fresher take on AI robots in “Chappie” and the movie ruined by Matt Damon (“Elysium”), by far the most conventional and predictable of these three movies.

The limited edition is because you get a 64-page digibook, along with a number of limited release special features on the discs. including an hour of specials on Chappie and an alternate ending. The other two movies get extras too!

You betcha I’m getting one when I place my next Amazon order today 🙂