Nov 15-21: Free $10 Walgreens Gift Card with Prepaid Phone purchase

For the week of November 15-21 (in 2015), at Walgreens brick and mortar stores, you can receive a FREE $10 Walgreens plastic gift card if you purchase any prepaid phone from either T-Mobile or Net10 or Tracfone. Depending on their prices and/or sales options, this may be a pretty good deal. As usual, YMMV as inventory may vary from store to store and region to region…


Refurbished Motorola Moto E (Net10-Verizon) for $20 w/free s&h

If you want a general purpose basic but functional Android phone and you have exactly $20 to spare, you found the right post! For $20 with free shipping you can get the manufacturer refurbished Motorola Moto E (XT830C) from eBay seller “WW_Manufacturing” (99.7%). This is a “Verizon Towers” edition and comes with a one year warranty from Net10. No contract. You can use it as a Wifi-only device or signup for a Net10 (Verizon Towers) plan. You can buy as many as you like.

With more and more things becoming connected, this could make (among many other things) a handy in-home remote control 🙂