How to redeem the 99c movie rental promotion with the Google Play Office Depot promotion

Google Play has developed new “technology” when it comes to running physical gift card promotions. They run a promotion at Office Depot until 3/11/17 that got you the bonus of renting any Google Play movie for just 99c (eg you could use it for the $6 Arrival rental) IF you purchase a plastic physical Google Play gift card at Office Depot.

But the promotion does not print at the cash register. It gets linked behind the scenes to your specific gift card when you make the Office Depot purchase. This worked on all gift card options, I did this with a $10 gift card.

So in order to redeem the offer, you go to your Google Play account and redeem the gift card the same way you do always. When you do…

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The Office Depot Duracell Batteries Rewards have Arrived!

If you participated in the Duracell Battery Rewards at Office Depot and Office Max between Black Friday and December 31st in 2016, get ready to start spending! The rewards for all six weeks of the promotion have been loaded at once to eligible Rewards accounts! In parallel, they also loaded the regular December 2016 rewards (delivered in $10 multiples).

This just happened as you can see from the dates in the partial screenshot below ~ partial because I’m obviously not going to post my full certificate numbers 🙂

As you can see, these expire after 2.5 months, they are good until 3/31/17, so you don’t have to rush to spend them right now. Keep in mind that in the post Depot-Max merger, rewards no longer roll (this happened previously with Office Max but not Office Depot).

Sept 18-24: 100% Back in IN-PLACE Heavy Duty Binders

For the week of September 18-24 in 2016, at Office Depot and Office Max B&M stores, there is a new 100% Rewards promotion running in the stores, you get 100% back in Rewards points when you buy IN-PLACE Heavy Duty Binders. Limit up to eight binders per customer during the week.


More details on the promotion on Sunday 9/18/16 when the Weekly Ad comes out and the tiny fineprint at the bottom of the Weekly Ad becomes semi-readable.

Office Depot Duracell Rewards post in Accounts just in time for Big Clearance Sale

If you are participating in the Office Depot and Max Rewards program, we have double good news for you! If you had participated in the most recent Duracell Batteries rewards promotion (it was running between August 28 through September 3 in 2016), those Rewards points just posted to your Office Depot Rewards account. They don’t send email alerts, you have to check the account. Here’s a screenshot of mine (with the certificate number cut-out for obvious reasons):


As you can guess from the total, I maxed out on the offer, I got the “limit 2” of Duracell 16-packs of AA or AAA.

The timing is perfect because both the Office Depot/Max stores along with their website are running a big clearance sale, which includes these super-practical and super-repurposable Supplies Clear Boxes. These are stackable (within their own kind) and if you don’t need the supplies, you can donate them to a school and keep the boxes 🙂 The prices are slightly different between store and website, the store has them all for $1, while the website ranges from 75c to $1.50.

Good News: Office Depot Bonus Rewards arriving very quickly

The merger of the Office Depot and Office Max rewards programs was bad news for consumers as the merged reward program was more like the Office Depot than the Office Max rewards program. So gone is the option to roll rewards.

However, we have some good news on a different front, Office Depot appears to be releasing the Bonus Rewards a lot faster than before! They had a Paper Ream 1c after Rewards offer running between July 10-16 in 2016, and already the rewards for this promotion are in the Rewards account! I just checked today (7/26/16) but it may have been there earlier! This is a screenshot, but I cut out the certificate number and PIN for obvious reasons 🙂


PRO TIP: you can send these certificates as PDF files to your e-book reader. Because it’s an e-ink screen, their cash registers can scan their bar codes, even if the cash registers are unable to read smartphone screens.

June 5-11 Office Depot Rewards on Duracell and Pentel

The combined Office Depot and Office Max rewards program is sadly much closer to what Office Depot used to have and not what Office Max had. So no more rolling of rewards. But if it still works for you, for the week of June 5-11 in 2016, at Office Max and Depot brick and mortar stores, the Duracell battery promotion is back!


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Back to School Penny Sales start July 5 at OfficeMax and Depot

Yes, the poor students barely got out of school, but that doesn’t stop the Office Supplies Industrial Complex. The Back to School Price Wars officially begin on Sunday July 5 at Office Max and Depot stores in the USA. Their front page of their Weekly Ad (July 5-11, 2015) is loaded with 1c items. You have to make a $5 minimum purchase, which shouldn’t be hard between the sales and the clearance items. If nothing else, pick up a gift card 🙂

The 1c items include sharpeners, erasers, and pencil pouches. The offers are limit three per item, so not bad. At the 25c price level, there’s glue, rulers, and broad tip markers. And at the $1 price point, there’s Sharpies five packs (yum yum!) and Papermate mechanical pencil sets and mini staplers.

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