Kindle First choices for February 2017 are up

Time flies these days and we are now in February 2017, which means, among many other things, a new round of six pre-release e-books are loaded up on Kindle First. These will be released to the general public on March 1st, but if you are a Prime member, you can get one of those six RIGHT NOW and start reading it RIGHT NOW for FREE. If you are not a Prime-member, you can buy one right now for $2. The rest will be available to everyone on March 1st for $5 each. Many of these end up appearing in Kindle Unlimited, so if you are a subscriber to that service, you can bookmark them until then…

So, without further delay, the six choices are:

  • “Extracted Trilogy Book #1” by RR Haywood in Scifi (yes, scifi is back at Kindle First!)
  • “The Marvelous Misadventures of Ingrid Winter” by authors JS Drangsholt, Tara F. Chace in Contemporary Fiction
  • “Only the Truth” by Adam Croft in Suspense
  • “Signature Wounds” by Kirk Russell in Thrillers
  • “In Farleigh Field: A Novel of World War II” by Rhys Bowen in Historical Fiction
  • “Duck and Hippo in the Rainstorm (Duck and Hippo Series Book 1)” by Jonathan London, Andrew Joyner in Children’s Picture Books

You have until February 28 in 2017 to make a choice, but don’t wait until 11:59pm of that day. Having said that, I tested it in January, I made my pick late on the 31st, after 9pm pacific time, and it was all good. Amazon is in the pacific time zone, so things on their website chance on the pacific time zone day-change – such as the Gold Box deals.

Free 24oz Stainless Steel or Aluminum Water Bottle with $60+ Prime Pantry purchase

If you are an Amazon Prime member, you have the option to make purchases at Prime Pantry, Amazon’s attempt at a warehouse-club type of a service. For a limited time, they have a new promotion, if you place a Prime Pantry order of $60+, you get a FREE 24oz Water Bottle. You must add the color of your choice in your shopping cart, together with a qualifying $60+ purchase. There are four colors, three of them are Stainless Steel, one is Aluminum, so you have material choices too.

The price of the water bottle will be adjusted by the shopping cart in the last step before you place your order, so you can confirm you are getting this for free.

You can stack this offer with any PrimePantry “slow shipping” credits you may have in your account, or you can use it in combination with the Buy Five Free Shipping promotion (you buy any combination of five items from that list, and you get free shipping – it could be five different items, or five units of the same item, or any combination in-between).

Kindle First Choices for December 2016 are available

If you are a Prime member and a book fan, the start of a new month is extra special, because you get one more ebook for free, a pre-release one at that, as part of the Kindle First program. Non-Prime members can buy one of the six choices for $2. All these will be released to the general population on January 1st, in 2017.

Your choices for December 2016 are…

  • “Fate of Perfection (Finding Paradise Book 1)” by K.F. Breene (this one already has 41 customer reviews!)
  • “The Missing” by Caroline Eriksson, Tiina Nunnally in Psychological Suspense
  • “The Original Dream” by Nukila Amal, Linda Owens in Magical Realism
  • “Into the Thickening Fog” by Andrei Gelasimov, Marian Schwartz in Literary Fiction
  • “Sisters One, Two, Three” by Nancy Star in Contemporary Fiction
  • “Hope’s Peak (Harper and Lane)” by Tony Healey in Thrillers


As usual, you don’t have to hurry and pick one right now. You have until December 31st to make your choice, and they are e-books, so they won’t “run out” of copies. IF none of them stands out, you can wait for 1-2 weeks until they get a lot more reviews, which can be helpful is figuring out what to avoid (more so than what to get) πŸ™‚

Prime Slow Shipping Credit options may include $20 Home Services credit

If you are a Prime member, and you want to select slow shipping for your Prime-eligible purchase, among the options you MAY see in the Amazon shopping cart is a $20 credit for Amazon Home Services. These are all kinds of services that people provide for you (for a fee of course), ranging from simple (eg assemble a bookcase) to complicated (fix problems with the house). The option doesn’t always show, it seems to vary depending on what product and price-range you have in the shopping cart, zipcode, and whatever other reasons their shopping cart uses to decide.

It looks like this (screenshot below). The link there points to a short page with the terms of the promotion. There we learn that it expires by 2/28/17 if not used.


Personally I prefer the free Prime Pantry shipping option more than anything, since the digital credits ending up getting me to buy more digital content I will realistically not consume (eg ebook daily deals) πŸ™‚ But at least for Prime Pantry, there’s an alternate way to get free shipping, buy five or more of the monthly features products [see our earlier post on those].

Kindle First choices for November 2016 are here: Pick One From Six For FREE (Prime Members)

Yes dear calendar aficionados, a new month has arrived! It is November 2016, and with it, among many other things, we have a new set of six pre-release Kindle e-books for Prime members to pick from, as part of their monthly Kindle First benefit. You pick one of the six for FREE and you can start reading it right away. These e-books will be officially released to the general public on December 1st, and then you can buy them rest of them if you like more than one. If you are not a Prime member, you can purchase one of the six right now for $2.

Without further delay, the six choices are…

  • “The Food Of Love” by Amanda Prowse in Family Drama (no, not a Valentine’s cookbook!)
  • “Nirzona (A Love Story)” by Abidah El-Khalieqy, Annie Tucker in Literary Fiction
  • “Ocean of Storms” by Christopher Mari, Jeremy K. Brown in Scifi Thrillers
  • “The Odds of Loving Grover Cleveland” by Rebekah Crane in Contemporary Fiction
  • “Walk Into Silence” by Susan McBride in Mysteries
  • “Knight Kyle and the Magic Silver Lance (Adventures Beyond Dragon Mountain)” in Kids books

Since these are pre-release books, they have very few reviews right away, so if none of the authors or subjects or titles scream “pick me now”, you can wait for 1-2 weeks for more people to read them and post reviews, and then use the reviews to make an educated guess on which one to pick. You have until November 30 in 2016 to make a choice, just don’t wait until 11:59pm of that day πŸ™‚

PS: I just realized that abbreviations of some genres totally change their meaning, “Lit fiction” is not quiet the same thing, and “Contempt fiction” is also something totally different πŸ™‚

Amazon Restaurants: $10 off $20+ First Order [limited availability]

If you live at a zipcode that is serviced by the new Amazon Restaurants Service and IF you are a Prime member, you can take $10 off your first restaurant order of $20+. There is no coupon code to enter, the promotion goes through automatically when available.


Kindle First choices for October 2016 are up: pick one from six

Time flies dear old friends, we are just three months away from 2017 already. But one of the benefits of time flying is that we have a new month, it’s October 1st, which means a new round of unreleased e-books are offered up on Kindle First. Prime members can select one of the six options for FREE and read it right now (instead of the official November 2016 e-release date). Non-Prime members can purchase one of the options for $2 and read it right away.


And the choices for October 2016 are *imaginary drum roll*

  • “Wake in Winter” by Nadezhda Belenkaya, Andrea Gregovich in Literary Fiction
  • “It is Well: A Novel” by James D. Shipman in Historical Fiction
  • “The Woman Who Breathed Two Worlds (The Malayan Series)” by Selina Siak Chin Yoke in Historical Fiction
  • “Before You Leap” by Keith Houghton in Thrillers
  • “Evelyn, After: A Novel” by Victoria Helen Stone in Psychological Suspense
  • “Venom and Vanilla (The Venom Trilogy Book 1)” in Shannon Mayer in Urban Fantasy

As usual, if none of these strike your fancy immediately, you don’t have to rush. You have until October 31st in 2016 to make a choice. They won’t run out since these are digital e-books πŸ™‚ Their review profiles will fill up in the next few are more of the voracious readers go through them and post their reviews. Having said that, don’t wait until 10/31/16 at 11:58pm to decide πŸ™‚

New Prime Benefits: Audible Channels and 3-4 Dozen Audiobooks

Amazon continues to add more features to the Prime membership, in their attempt to make every person on earth sign up for it πŸ˜‰ The latest new addition is a big boon for fans of “radio programs” and audiobooks. It’s an Audible two-pronged feature added to the Prime membership and it is accessible only using the Audible iOS and Android and Windows Store apps. The two new benefits under this are:

  • Audible Channels – radio programs, radio plays, podcasts, etc available through Amazon’s Audible Channels (previously only available to Audible members with an active/paying membership)
  • Streaming Audiobooks – about 3-4 dozen of them at a time, may be rotating over time

[Read more…]

Prime Only: NEW Mr Olympia Fitness Supplement Sample Box for $10

Rejoice Sample Box addicts. For Prime members only, Amazon has launched a brand new one, it is a Mr Olympia Sample Box for $10. For that, you get at least eight samples in the fitness and body building category (as the “Mr Olympia” name suggests). About a week after your order ships (not after you place it), you will receive a $10 ($9.99 to be exact) credit to your Amazon account. They will send an email informing you of this. The sample boxes have only one shipping option, and they are not eligible for 2-day Prime shipping or slow-shipping credits.

Once the credit is in your account, you can use it to purchase any combination of all these Fitness-releated products from brands including Vega, EAS, FitJoy, and Cytosport. If you want to be a totally super-thrifty shopper, look for items just over $10, such this Creatine powder.

If you haven’t done this before, here are some of the Terms and Conditions. If you like to get more or see the status of your order, check the Sample Boxes main page.


Kindle First Choices for September 2016 are up: pick one from six ebooks

A new month is here, which means, among many other things, that Amazon Prime members can get another free pre-release e-book from a choice of six that as participating in the Kindle First program. You can read one of those six books for FREE right now. The rest of them will become available on October 1st. Non-Prime members can purchase one for $2. The rest are priced $5 for all.

Without further ado, here are the six choices for September 2016:

  • “The Special Power of Restoring Lost Things” by Courtney Elizabeth Mauk in Literary Fiction
  • “The Unbroken Line of the Moon (The Valhalla Series Book 1)” by Johanne Hildebrandt and Tara F. Chace in Historical Women’s Fiction
  • “The Age of Daredevils” by Michael Clarkson in Historical Nonfiction
  • “Who We Were Before” by Leah Mercer in Family Life
  • “Exhume (Dr. Schwartzman Series Book 1)” by Danielle Girard in Psychological Thrillers
  • “Blood on the Tracks (Sydney Rose Parnell Series Book 1)” by Barbara Nickless in Police Procedurals (because you can’t get enough of them on TV!)


As usual, if none of these jumps out at you, you can simply wait for a few days until they get more reviews. The more reviews, the easier it may be to decide. Remember, they won’t run out of these, so you don’t have to hurry up and get one. You have until September 30 in 2016, but don’t wait until 11:59pm on that day πŸ™‚

You can see them all at the Kindle First page.

Kindle First Choices for August 2016 are up!

It’s that time of the month again, a new month is upon us, and a new selection of e-books has been loaded at the Kindle First page. These are new e-books that are scheduled to be released to the general population on September 1st, but if you are a Prime member, you get one of the six for free AND you get to read it right away. If you are not a Prime, you can buy one for $2 and read it right away.


Without further ado, the choices for August 2016 are:

  • “The Shelf Life of Happiness” by David Machado, Hillary Locke in Modern Fiction (this is not in self help despite the teaser title)
  • “After Disasters” by Viet Dinh in Literary Fiction
  • “Black Rain” by Matthew B.J. Delaney in Thrillers
  • “Interference” by AmΓ©lie Antoine, Maren Baudet-Lackner in Psychological Suspense
  • “The Things We Wish Were True” by Marybeth Mayhew Whalen in Contemporary Fiction
  • “Tier One (Tier One Series Book 1)” by Jeffrey Wilson in Military Thrillers

Strategically, it’s best to wait a few days before you pick one unless something calls out to you. Since they are pre-release, the only ones reviewing them are other fellow KindleFirsters, so it will take a few days for them to build review profiles that have enough of them to be helpful in deciding. You have until August 31st in 2016 to pick from these, but don’t wait until 11:59pm on that day πŸ™‚ They will change on 9/1/16.

Surprisingly perhaps there are no fantasy or science fiction books in this month’s choices either πŸ™

Dog Food Sample Box with $10 credit (Prime only!)

Hooray dog lovers or if you want to donate dog food to a local shelter or volunteers who take care or foster dogs! If you are an Amazon Prime member, Amazon has now launched a Dog Food Sample Box.

The deal is the same as before. You pay $10 for the sample box. It arrives with a minimum of seven different foods and treats. One week after the order ships, Amazon will send you an email that a $10 credit has been added to your Amazon account. After that happens, you can use the $10 credit to purchase any combination of the 250+ eligible items. You can split the $10 credit among multiple items and multiple orders, or it can go towards a more expensive item. It happens automatically, it’s the first thing that gets deducted from the total before your gift cards and credit cards are billed.


Even though these are for Prime members, they only ship with one speed, standard shipping. You cannot change this to 2-day Prime shipping and you cannot change it to slower shipping to get shipping credits. In practice, how fast it gets to you depends on how close you are to the warehouses that have them in stock πŸ™‚

As usual, there is no stated expiration date on the offer, this is good until they run out of them. If you haven’t done this before, there are a few other Sample Boxes running. You can also check our write-ups on the previous offers.

99c HD Movie Rentals for Prime members (47 choices)

If you like to rent movies online, and if you are a Prime member, Amazon has launched yet another promotion, a total of 47 movies are available to rent for 99c each in HD. The usual rental terms apply, you have 30 days to start watching the movie. Options include “The 5th Wave” and Lord of the Rings (all three available separately), Sherlock Holmes, older Mad Max movies, and a mix of recent and classic movies. Remember you can also use your “digital credits” if you have any in your account, so you could end up watching them for free! Check the selections at Amazon Instant Video.

PS: the promotional banner says “this weekend”, but does not provide a specific expiration date.

[DEAD] Prime Members Only: $10 Amazon Credit and 3-Month Audible Trial for FREE

Stingy Amazon πŸ™‚ As of 7/8/16, the free $10 Amazon credit part of the promotion expired. The free 3-month Audible trial for Prime members who’ve never done this promotion before continues…

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Kindle First Choices available for July 2016 (pick 1 from 6)

It’s July 1st, and the start of a new month means a new six pack. What??? A new six pack of e-books for Amazon Prime members to pick from. One of the Prime Benefits is one FREE pre-release e-book from a choice of six every month. These are books that eventually appear in Kindle Unlimited (KU) as well, so if you are not a Prime member but you are a KU subscriber, you can read them for free next month after they are officially released.

So here are the six choices for July 2016:

  • “The Daughter of Union County” by Francine Thomas Howard in Historical Fiction
  • “Emotional Rescue” by Ben Greenman in Nonfiction Essays
  • “Midair” by Kodi Scheer in Literary Fiction
  • “Everything We Keep” by Kerry Lonsdale in Contemporary Fiction
  • “Rage” by Zygmunt Miloszewski, Antonia Lloyd-Jones in Crime Fiction
  • “Doubt (Caroline Auden)” by C. E. Tobisman in Legal Thrillers

Since these are brand new releases, they have very little in reviews, so if none of them jumps out at you, simply wait for a week or two, and by them there should be enough reviews to potentially help you make a decision. Remember, you have until the end of the month (July 31st) to pick one, so unless you need something to read right now, just add an entry in your calendar to recheck again in a couple of weeks.

Interestingly, this is the first month in a while where there are no fantasy or science fiction books. They are typically one of the six.