Refurbished Galaxy Note II (SGH-I317) for $170 [AT&T]

On the sub-$200 no-contract former-flagship front, you can get the seller refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note II SGH-I317, an AT&T phone, for $170 with free shipping, in either white or gray, with a limit of five per buyer. Per the listing, this has a clean IMEI for AT&T activation. Or you can use it as a Wifi-only device. This is two generations ago, it came out back in the Jelly Bean days.

Samsung Galaxy S5 (Sprint Prepaid) for $400

2015 is here and no doubt a new Samsung Galaxy S flagship smartphone will be announced, but in the meantime, the S5 is the current Galaxy S flagship and it is on sale! The white 16GB version goes for $400 with no contract in the Sprint Prepaid version at You can buy as many as you like. This is not part of the lightning deals, it is a sale price. Only the Sprint Prepaid version is on sale, the Virgin and Boost Mobile versions remain at $550+ prices.

If you want to use it with a cellular service, this is Sprint Prepaid. But you can use it as a Wifi-only device as you please. No contracts!

[SOLD OUT] 11.6″ Samsung Chromebook XE303C12-A01US for $160

These sold out very fast, 1000 of them in just a matter of a couple of hours…

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Seller-refurbished Samsung Galaxy S4 (i545) for $198

If you are more of a high-risk shopper, you can get the Samsung Galaxy S4, model i545, factory unlocked, as a seller-refurbished B+ stock item, for $198 with free shipping, in black, with a limit of five per customer. These are offered as part of the eBay spotlight deals by BiDallies on eBay (98.5%). This is unlocked, with no contract. It has 16GB on-board plus the all-important microSD slot.

[DEAD] Refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (Verizon) for $290

This eBay offer expired…

If you are looking to get your hands on a Samsung Galaxy Note, without a contract, and preferably as a Wifi-only device, among the latest spotlight deals, you can get the manufacturer refurbished Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900V (Verizon) for $290 with free shipping and a 60 day warranty. No contract! The phone is yours the moment you pay for it. The seller is “yapper_wireless” (98.4%). It is available in gray only, with a limit of five per buyer. This has 32GB on-board storage plus microSD.

[DEAD] Unlocked new-other Samsung Galaxy S4 SGH-I337 for $230

As of 1/20/15, this is dead, the price jump up by $60…
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Three months of Netflix with red Galaxy Tab 3 7.0

It is 2015, and a new round of Samsung Galaxy Perks are up, decidedly more stingy than previous iterations. Unless you have bought the garnet-red 7-inch Galaxy Tab 3. This one, perhaps because of its redness (?), gets a free three month Netflix subscription, in addition to the common offers (Dropbox, etc). From this line at the Perks website, “Once redeemed, your new or existing account will receive a credit for the value of a 3-month subscription”, we can theorize that this offer is also good for existing Netflix members. More details at the Perks website. This round expires 3/31/15 (I don’t know if it will be renewed later).

Samsung Galaxy S3 (Sprint Prepaid only) for $125 [updated]

If you are looking for a phone on the Sprint prepaid network or simply you are looking for a Wifi-only device, the new condition Samsung Galaxy S3 locked to the aforementioned network is on sale for $125 with free shipping at with a limit of three per customer. This is no contract and you are under no obligation to start or maintain service on the Sprint network. This takes microSD cards up to 64GB, so it could make a pretty handy media player with its 4.8-inch display. This is an on-going promotion, an expiration date is not given but obviously it won’t last forever.

Price updated 1/20/15.

11.6-inch Samsung Chromebook 2 for $230

Samsung had the first blockbuster Chromebook with the late 2012 11.6-inch Chromebook. Since then, the market has gone a lot more competitive, and Samsung replaced the original model with a 11.6″ and a 13.3″. Now, market pressure and time, have discounted the second generation 11.6″ model, the XE500C12-K01US, you can get it for $230 with free shipping at and other places.

Strategically though, with more touchscreen Chromebooks coming out, one has to trade-off the convenience of a touchscreen vs the lower price of a non-TS model. Especially now that the affordable Windows 2-in-1s are directly competing on price with the Chromies.

[DEAD] Samsung Galaxy Alpha G850M (32GB, unlocked) for $560

This limited time offer expired…
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11.6″ Samsung Chromebook flattens to $200

If you are not sold on the second generation Samsung Chromebooks 2, and you are not tempted by the various other Chromebooks by other manufacturers, the first blockbuster Chromebook, the Samsung Chromebook XE303C12-A01US has now flattened/settled in price to $200 at various online retailers, including NewEgg and Best Buy and Office Depot/Max and GameStop among others.