[DEAD] Watch for FREE: Season 1 of Outlander (Starz)

UPDATE (April 12, 2016) Since the original post, Starz launched their own standalone subscription option and updated their apps. The promotion mentioned below is no longer available.

You can still start a 7-day free trial (directly from the Starz apps or thru Prime) and if you don’t like it, you can cancel. It is a month-to-month subscription (like Netflix). Note that if you sign up through Prime, you don’t get a Starz account, you have to watch through Amazon’s own video apps (Instant Video, Web Browser, etc) and channels (Roku, FireTV, etc).

I believe some cable companies are having a weekend binge promotion that includes Starz (I think Comcast Xfinity) but I don’t know if that’s open to all or only their own customers or even further restricted to their TV subscribers.

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March 26-29: Free Epix and Starz Previews on Uverse

Not exciting about March Madness? Have Uverse service? You have an extra channel to watch during the March 26-29 (2015) weekend. There is a free preview of the EPIX and Starz movie channels. This happens automatically, there’s nothing you need to do – just locate the EPIX and Starz channels on your line-up. Starz includes various Encore movie channels as well. Just browse the on-screen Guide and see which channels have a live feed (versus the usual subscription blue-screen). If you have a DVR, you can fill it up with movies to watch later on 🙂

Starz is also celebrating the return of Outlander next week, the second half of the first season.