Amazon offers 5-month installment plan on FireTV (YMMV)

With more and more companies entering the fray of internet TV (YouTubeTV is now live in five major cities, Hulu is next, Apple is pondering), streaming boxes become more and more valuable, and unlike the dreaded cable boxes that are typically old, slow and you pay for them monthly anyway even if you don’t own them, they are yours.

And if you want to spread the payments over, Amazon is offering (to some customers, YMMV, I don’t know if everyone sees this) a zero-interest five-month installment plan. They take the price of the Fire TV which is currently $90, they divide it by five, and they charge your credit card that amount ($18) every month for the next five months.

If their computer offers this to you, you will see something like this on the product page (this with a desktop web browser):

NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV with bonus Remote for $200

UPDATE (11/25/15): this is going to drop another $50 for Black Friday, so don’t buy it just yet!

ORIGINAL: To encourage more people to jump on the bandwagon during the holiday shopping season, Nvidia is bundling their Shield Android TV device with their own Remote Control for free. So you pay $200 for both. This is the 16GB ShieldTV, not the one with the 500GB hard drive. You can get this offer, with a limit of three per customer, at Amazon. It also has a microSD slot that takes up to 128GB memory cards. The standard Shield kit includes a game controller. The remote is the bonus item here, which goes for $50 on its own. The promotion expires 12/31/15 or earlier if they sell out of them.

Google Nexus Player by ASUS for $67 [Android TV]

Apple accidentally started a streaming box price war when they discounted their prehistoric Apple TV earlier in the year. As a result, there are some good news on non-Apple streaming boxes as well. Case in point, the Google Nexus player (Android TV) made by ASUS is currently on sale, in new condition, for around $67 at A gamepad is available but it is sold separately and it is optional for the operation of the device.

Apple TV (MD199LL/A) for $62 (limit 10)

Apple is likely to reveal a brand new Apple TV device later this month at WWDC, but if you are cool with the current Apple TV model, MD199LL/A, its price continues to drop, you can now get it for $62 with free shipping, in new condition, with a limit of ten per customer at by Amazon actual. They have a limited time exclusive on HBO Now, which for some, may be good enough reason to buy it if you want to become a cordcutter. $62 is less than what most people pay for a single month of bloated cable packages, but that’s another story for another day.

Roku 3 (second generation) for $90, first generation for $80

If you don’t need the voice search feature on the remote control, the first generation Roku 3 streaming box is now down to $80 at This is plenty fast for video streaming purposes, flying over the menus compared to some of the older Roku streaming boxes. The voice search feature is accessible through the Roku mobile apps anyway if you want to see that. But if you prefer the latest model, the second generation Roku 3 is also on sale, going for $90, down from the starting price of $100.

[DEAD] Roku 3 drops to $77 (new condition)

As of 3/17/15, the price is $90. However, the price has been jumping around recently, so it may drop again. With the good old Apple TV dropping under $70, and the Roku 3 being two years old (see Wikipedia for timeline and feature comparison), there’s bound to be price volatility.

Regardless, if you can’t wait for the new condition price to go on sale again, you can get it certified refurbished for $73.

NOTE: with the HBO Now announcement with a three month Apple exclusive in terms of streaming boxes, and no published plans yet (see FAQs) for other boxes, it may be a tricky decision to figure out what to do. On the other hand, from a cord cutter perspective, buying a streaming box costs less than one month of a cable TV subscription, perhaps even half if you got hogtied into a “Triple Play” in order to get a decent price initially when you signed up. But that’s a story for another day…

Want to be a cord cutter and at the same time support smaller independent companies instead of big cable and big corporate? The current Roku flagship, the Roku 3, is on sale for $77 (was $85.50) with free shipping at by Amazon actual.

Among other features, it has wired Ethernet connection (in addition to Wifi), microSD slot for extra storage, and USB input for personal content. Its remote control has a headphone input, another nice feature.

Price updated on 3/17/15.

[DEAD] Roku 3 flagship player (new condition) for $78

As of Dec-29-2014, these sales ended but with a competitive market for streaming boxes, they will undoubtedly return at a later point in time…
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