FREE Upstanders on Audible and Prime Video

If you like listening to or watching inspirational stories, Season 2 of the Starbucks commissioned “Upstanders” series is now out! You can watch it in various ways online, but they also have an audiobook version of this series, you can get both season 1 and 2 for FREE as Audible audiobooks. All you need is an Audible/Amazon account, you don’t need a paying Audible membership.

If you prefer to watch this as a long-form documentary, and if you are a Prime member, Season 2 is available to watch for FREE through Prime Video

All 50 Game Of Thrones episodes for 67c each (but in SD)

All fifty existing Game Of Thrones episodes (first five seasons) are currently on sale for 67 cents ($0.67) per episode, but only in SD (not HD) at Amazon Instant Video. This includes the most recent Season #5.

You have to buy the episodes one by one, the Season sets are not discounted. If you buy all fifty episodes, that’s 50 times $0.67 = $33.50 for the whole series. However, it is SD only, and for a high production values like this with lots of scenery, unless you are watching on a small screen, SD won’t do it justice. But the price is definitely right 🙂

Watch for FREE: two new Amazon pilots

If you like to watch pilots of TV shows before their fate is decided, Amazon has two more new ones waiting for your evaluation. You can watch them for free regardless of Prime membership status. Both are hourlong dramas, the Sneaky Pete (which has an early twist), and the more adult/mature Casanova (yes, that Casanova). You can submit feedback over there using the various buttons and/or post a star rating or even a text review.

March 26-29: Free Epix and Starz Previews on Uverse

Not exciting about March Madness? Have Uverse service? You have an extra channel to watch during the March 26-29 (2015) weekend. There is a free preview of the EPIX and Starz movie channels. This happens automatically, there’s nothing you need to do – just locate the EPIX and Starz channels on your line-up. Starz includes various Encore movie channels as well. Just browse the on-screen Guide and see which channels have a live feed (versus the usual subscription blue-screen). If you have a DVR, you can fill it up with movies to watch later on 🙂

Starz is also celebrating the return of Outlander next week, the second half of the first season.

Free TV Pilot: A&E’s The Returned (HD, no commercials)

A brand new TV series, The Returned, that premiered on A&E on Monday 3/9/15 is offering, for a limited time only, the pilot episode for FREE, in HD, and without commercials at Amazon Instant Video. Please note this will be free only for a few days after it premieres. After that, it will sell just like any other online episode ($2 SD, $3 HD).

Points of Confusion

  1. this is an American-made version of the French TV series “The Returned”, which aired on The Sundance Channel in 2013
  2. the A&E TV series is NOT related to the book The Returned by Jason Mott. Mott’s book is the basis of the ABC TV series “Resurrection”

[DEAD] Backstrom pilot FREE to watch (without commercials)

This limited time offer ended…
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[DEAD] Free TV Pilots: Galavant (fantasy) and Ascension (scifi)

This limited time offer ended…
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HBO Preview on AT&T Uverse: January 9 to 11 (2015)

If you have AT&T Uverse TV service, HBO is having another weekend preview, from January 9-11 (Friday AM to Sunday PM) in 2015, to celebrate the start of their new TV series “Togetherness”, along with the return of Girls and other half hour HBO original shows (which is often when premium cable networks offer free previews). Also participating in this promotion is Cinemax which is slowly but steadily developing its own line of original TV shows, albeit not at the HBO level.

UPDATE: Showtime is now running ads during commercial breaks on Uverse saying they too will have a free preview (SD and HD) at the same time, Friday through Sunday night.