6pk of 8.8oz Walkers Shortbread Assorted cookies for $24

Thanks to a 20% off clip-on coupon, you can get a six-pack (we have a theme today) of 8.8oz Walkers Shortbread Assorted boxes for $24. The price before the clip-on coupon is $30. This makes it $4 per box. This is a party size box and nice for entertaining since you get different sizes and styles of these iconic cookies.

6pk of 4.4oz Walkers Shortbread Mini Cookies for $14

Don’t buy these unless you have iron will! A six-pack of Walkers Shortbread Mini Fingers (4.4 ounce bag) is on sale for $14~ with free shipping for Prime members by Amazon actual or even less if you do the “Subscribe and save”. This comes out to $2 and change for each 4.4 ounce bag. Each bag contains 24 mini cookies.

PRO TIP: you can use this as a long-term food-discipline exercise. One mini cookie per day until you run out. If you eat more than one, then you have to give the rest of it away to another person or take it to work or donate it 🙂