The AMEX Gift Card Offer returns at Staples stores on August 28

If you are a fan of doing the Staples Easy Rebate Gift Card Easy Rebate promotions, set your alarm clock to wake you up on Sunday August 28 in 2016 because the weekly promotion is back for American Express Gift Cards.


If you purchase $300 or more in a single transaction, you qualify for a $20 Staples Gift Card delivered a few weeks alter after you submit an Easy Rebate, which can be submitted online without the hassle of photocopying and mailing things.

The trick with these offers is to get to the $300 minimum with two or one AMEX gift cards because they have activation fees, and if you get there with three of them, the activation fee cuts very deep into the $20 bonus. So two (eg $200 + $100) is typically the ideal situation.

These offers have their dedicated fans, so that’s why I’m saying get there as early as you can. This particular round runs Sunday 8/28 AM until the close of business Saturday 9/3 in 2016 at Staples brick and mortar stores.