Thursday 3/29/18 after 3pm is Starbucks Happy Hour

If you like to try out some of the new drinks or like to get a giant size frapp or mocha, Thursday March 29 after 3pm local time is the right time to do it because Starbucks is having a happy hour sale where espresso-based hand-crafted (made by the baristas, not pre-bottled) are 50% off. Brewed coffee is excluded, thus the “espresso based” in the verbiage. This promotion is activated in your Starbucks account automatically and can be used ONCE per customer during the Thursday promotional period.

Starbucks has been sending a LOT of “Dash” offers for visits after 2pm, apparently that’s the time they want to increase sales at. Which makes sense, it’s in-between lunch and people getting off work, fewer opportunities for the 9-5ers to get out for a coffee run than earlier in the day.