YMMV 10% back statement credit on AT&T Universal Credit Card

This is a YMMV promotion as it may be targeted. I haven’t been using my AT&T Universal Credit Card (by Citibank) much lately, so maybe that’s why their computer sent me this offer. If you are offered this, AND manually activate it (click on the link in their emails), you will get 10% back as a Statement Credit (not those dinky Thank You points) almost everywhere you use the card. This is not restricted to specific product pages.

The downside though is that this is a maximum $25 statement credit through this promotion, which means the maximum spending with the bonus earnings is just over $250. They only count the difference between your standard rewards and the bonus towards the $25, so if a purchase is eligible for 1%, only the 9% earned will count towards the $25. So it’s about $275~ or so. I can’t do the math in my head this early in the day 🙂

You have until May 31st in 2017 to activate this promotion [if you had been offered it]…