50c Eggs, Baguette, Avocados for Trader Joe 50 Year Anniversary

A very rare promotion at Trader Joe brick and mortar stores this weekend (August 19-20, 2017)! Get to your local Trader Joe, not only for free tastings and giveaways but also rare …SALES! A small number of products in each store will be on sale for 50c each, with a limit of up to five per customer (limit may be less depending on store and inventory).

The freebies may include 50c eggs (a dozen of them in the usual TJ egg crate), avocados (non-organic, full size), baguettes, mangos, etc. The exact sales will likely vary by store depending on what they have available and how much of it is available. Needless to say, this is a huge deal since Trader Joe doesn’t do sales like other big grocery stores!

Trader Joe deal: Pint of Humboldt Organic Coffee Chip Ice Cream for $2

If you are near a Trader Joe, your local store may have or may be getting this in! An ice cream of hippies! One pint of organic coffee (with chocolate chip) ice cream from Humboldt is in their freezer for $2. That’s right, yummy organic ice cream for just $2. Less than what you pay for a single scoop at most ice cream stores (and the chain stores are not organic).

I just inhaled the whole pint, so I’m typing this on a sugar and coffee high 🙂 The whole pint is 800 calories (four servings of 200 calories). If you eat the whole pint, that’s 12g of protein, 48% cholesterol, just 8% sodium, but 120% saturated fats. The percentages are based on the RDA standard.

By the time I got home, the top edges were melting, making it taste like a frappucino of sorts. As the name suggests, there are chocolate chips inside but they are not hard or big. They won’t slow down the inhaling 🙂

As you may recall, last year Trader Joe had another special buy from the same ice cream company, they had those $3 rectangular (and reusable) tubs in four flavors (but none of them was coffee). Perhaps this one is closer in flavor to their “Mint Chip”, with coffee replacing the mint 🙂

Note that even though this is a very milky ice cream, it also contains some soy (soybean oil and soy lecithin).

Since this is a frozen ice cream, it is safe from the hoards of eBay and Amazon resellers that scoop a lot of things up from Trader Joe stores 🙂

16oz Trader Joe Coconut Oil drops to $5.50

Coconut oil fans, if you live near a Trader Joe, we have good news for you! Their 16oz virgin cold-pressed coconut oil is now down from $6 to $5.50. This is stored in a glass container, not plastic, so, assuming you are willing to clean out the last remaining coconut oil remnants from the bottle, you get to keep a glass container 🙂

If you don’t live near one, and you buy it from Amazon or eBay, you would pay 2-3x the price because the people selling it have to pay for shipping, plus eBay/Amazon fees, plus profit for their effort. In those cases, you are better off looking for alternatives…

Speaking of which, the 54 oz containers at Amazon definitely beat Trader Joe in price, but the coconut oil is stored in a plastic container, not glass. The one you see in the picture below is the 54 oz Carrington Farms (organic, virgin, unrefined, cold pressed) which goes for around $16.


Even with the discount, it still “defeats” the Trader Joe price. You pay $16.50 to get 48 ounces at Trader Joe, but on the other hand, you also get to keep the three glass containers (if you need them). I have both, but I haven’t done a side-by-side comparison, however, I have no problems with the Carrington Farms.

Competing with Carrington on price at Amazon is the 54 oz Island Fresh which currently goes for $17, but between discounts, lightning deals, subscribe and save discounts, and coupons, these two play leapfrog on price. I am planning to try the Island Fresh once I run out of the Carrington, which could take a while. 54 oz is A LOT 🙂

Strong Kind Bars for $1 each (YMMV)

If you are live near a Trader Joe, you may want to check the prices of their Strong Kind bars. They may be on sale for $1 each, instead of the usual $1.50 price for Kind bars at Trader Joe. The Strong Kind bars are a new approach, they are a bit spicy and a bit salty while still retaining some of the sweetness. It’s a different taste from the usual Kind bars. There is a total of five flavors (see amazon.com). The Trader Joe I checked at carried only two of the five flavors (Roasted Jalapeno and Honey Smoked BBQ).

You can buy as many as you like at the Trader Joe. I don’t know if this is a limited time offer to spark sales and generate interest or a new price or a closeout.