12pk Maple SeaSalt RXBARs for $20

My #2 favorite RxBar at the moment is the “Maple Sea Salt” and the 12-pack of this more juicy/most flavor (compared to the others) is on sale for $20 with a “Subscribe and Save” or $21 as a normal purchase at amazon.com. This has lovely sea salt crystals too, they are as big as the universe. Okay, not that big, but they are visible and you can feel/taste them. A plus if you like saltiness without a lot of salt!

If you haven’t tasted these before, but don’t want to commit to a dozen, check your local Trader Joe or Whole Foods or sporting goods store – they may carry it. Trader Joe sells individual bars for $2, while Whole Paycheck Foods sells them for $2.50 each (unless on sale). Flavors vary from store to store however.

They arrive in a colorful box that color-matches the flavor and the wrapper, so it’s easy to tell them apart if you buy multiple flavors. The boxes, while not sturdy enough to use for mailing, they are solid enough you can use at home to store various small things, art supplies, etc. You can also stack them – as long as there’s enough weight inside them not to fall as the wind blows 🙂