Toothbrush $4 Samples arrive at Amazon

You can’t have toothpastes without toothbrushes, so of course Amazon has also launched a toothbrushes “Amazon Sample” promotion. The price here however is $4 per sample instead of the more common $2.

But it works the same way, your $4 credits go towards the purchase of 59 different eligible toothbrushes.

As of the time of writing, these are the orderable toothbrush samples at $4 each:

+ HartFelt 360 Toothbrush Adult Soft, Red

+ HartFelt Sensitive 360 Toothbrush (1 Count)–Great for Diabetics, Seniors, and those with Dry Mouth

+ Colgate Wisp Portable Mini-Brush Optic White, Coolmint, 24 Count
+ yes, even though it’s a sample, you get 24 of them in the package!