PSA: Plenti Rewards is slowly melting away!

This is a PSA alert! If you are participating in the Plenti Rewards program, shepherded by American Express, is on a slow steady systematic decline. If you have amassed a sizeable number of Points, it’s a good idea to start planning how to spend them.

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The Office Depot Duracell Batteries Rewards have Arrived!

If you participated in the Duracell Battery Rewards at Office Depot and Office Max between Black Friday and December 31st in 2016, get ready to start spending! The rewards for all six weeks of the promotion have been loaded at once to eligible Rewards accounts! In parallel, they also loaded the regular December 2016 rewards (delivered in $10 multiples).

This just happened as you can see from the dates in the partial screenshot below ~ partial because I’m obviously not going to post my full certificate numbers 🙂

As you can see, these expire after 2.5 months, they are good until 3/31/17, so you don’t have to rush to spend them right now. Keep in mind that in the post Depot-Max merger, rewards no longer roll (this happened previously with Office Max but not Office Depot).

Deal Tip #1: Plenti rounds up Gas points

We start a new series of “Deal Tips”, posts that can help you make the most of your money. We start with the Plenti rewards program. Their gas rewards are pretty stingy, 1 point per gallon of gas, which, given the current gas prices, is about 0.3% to 0.4%. Sometimes they have special bonus point promotions which helps a bit.

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