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Available for Purchase Again: 30pk Wickedly Prime Pea Crisps

These are back to being orderable again! It’s the 30-pack of 0.75oz Wickedly Prime Pea Crisps at Amazon for $15.60.

What makes these more important is that they are one of the products eligible when you are redeeming your $9.99 credit when you buy the newest Snacks Sample Box. With the $9.99 credit, these drop to $5.61, a pretty good price, making them 18c per bag! As long as you can control yourself and eat one bag at a time 🙂

But Wait, You Can Stack Them With the FREE $25+ Prime Snack

But of course that’s not all! We have an even better deal for you. If you add something else to your order and make it be over $25 in products sold by Amazon actual, then you can take advantage of the FREE Prime Snack promotion.

You select one of those four food freebies, enter coupon code PRIMESNACK, and one of those freebies become FREE! These are full size snacks, not sample sizes!

If you are not sure how to do the math of what qualifies as $25+, simply add things you want to buy to the shopping cart, enter the coupon code, and see what happens!

Here’s a screenshot showing both the Sample Box $9.99 credit, AND the PRIMESNACK freebie, together in the same shopping cart:

Alcatel 4S Idol for $199 [Windows Phone]

Windows Phone is not totally dead yet, Microsoft has not officially created a tombstone for it, plus there are a couple of smartphones running Windows Phone that are available in new condition from various sellers in the market.

One such phone is the Alcatel 4S Idol, available as fully unlocked, for $199 with free shipping at the official Microsoft Store. This is a GSM phone, so you can use it on those carriers, not Sprint or Verizon.

We are trying a new “info box” with the main specs of phones here:

Phone Alcatel 4S Idol (Windows)
Screen Size 5.5-inch 1080p
Storage 64GB plus microSD
Processor Snapdragon 820
Battery 3000 mAh
Connector USB-C
Carrier GSM, Unlocked
Notes VR kit included; BT 4.1; Nano SIM

This is intended to be only a refresher of some of the main and distinguishing features of a phone. Check online for reviews and detailed specs for all the details 🙂

Poster: Attack on Titan 22×34 inch for $5

If you are a fan of the Attack on Titan anime (TV show) or manga (printed graphic novel, Japanese-style), and you are a Prime member, you can get a 22×34 inch iconic “Attack on Titan” Wall poster for around $5 with free 2-day shipping as a Prime member.

If you are not a Prime member, you can still buy it, but you need a $25+ order to get that free shipping. This is unframed. You can buy as many as you like.

It averages 4.3 out of 5 based on 38 customer reviews. The reviews are shared between this and the framed version which goes for a lot more 🙂

T-Mobile Tuesday freebies for 9/5/17 a mixed bag

It’s a mixed bag as far as the September 5 (2017) T-Mobile Tuesdays are concerned. You get two media freebies and two coupons. The best freebie is a brand new arrival at Tuesdays, a free 4-week online course at Shaw Academy. The other freebie is a 1-day free rental at Redbox kiosks. That’s good!

The bad are a sad $25 in nonsense, along with the usual Shell discount, which is only of use if you already use Shell. And it’s a coupon, not a freebie 🙂

6pk NIVEA 7oz Sensitive Shaving Foam for $9

IF you prefer shaving using shaving foam in a can, the 7oz Niveo shaving foam, for sensitive skin, is sold in a six pack for around $9 at The price is slightly higher for a one time purchase, and slightly lower with a “Subscribe and Save”.

You can buy as many 6-packs as you like, however, this is currently marked as an ADD-ON item, so you must needs place a $25+ order, otherwise their shopping cart will stubbornly refuse to let you buy them no matter what. Even if you cry 🙂

Pre-order deal: Attack on Titan Volume #23 for $6 in print

Volume #23 of the “Attack on Titan” manga is scheduled to be released in print (paperback), in English, on December 19, in 2017 and as of the time of writing, Amazon has it on a pre-order deal for just $6.04. This is the lowest price of all the printed volumes out now!

NOTE: on the same listing, they have an e-book version, however, the e-book version is actually pointing to Chapter #23 (47 pages), not Volume #23. Volumes are a group of chapters. Volume #23 is the latest story. Chapter #23 is very early in the story. Each volume has 4-5 chapters typically. That’s why you can read the e-book now (because it’s an old chapter) but the printed version is a December 2017 pre-order.

Now if you want to make a bigger Titan purchase (pun intended?), digital or print, and you can wait, when Season 3 of the anime gets an air date and get closer (sometime in 2018), there should be deals. For example, back when season 2 was coming out, they had all the Volumes in e-book format on sale for 5 each.

Get 50 Bonus Stars on 2 Warm Sandwiches

If you are a Starbucks Rewards member, check your emails! A new promotion (you must find the promotion with the “Join the Dash” button) offers you 50 Bonus Stars (in addition to the regularly earned stars) when you buy two Warm Sandwiches.

NOTE that Breakfast sandwiches are NOT eligible. The Starbucks rewards promotion has a goofy way of describing these that may be confusing to the average person because their terms go against common use of terms like “warm sandwich” 🙂

One time bonus per customer during this promotion. Meaning whether you buy two, four or ten or 33 sandwiches during this promotional period, you will only receive 50 bonus stars.

Buy $50 in Gift Cards, Get $10 Lucky Gift Card

If you live in near a Lucky’s B&M grocery store, and you need to buy some gift cards, you can get a $10 Lucky’s store gift card. The $50 gift cards can be a combination of big chain stores, including Best Buy, Lowe’s, Macy’s, Bed Bath, and more! Details in their weekly ad and their B&M stores.

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Whole Foods discounts coming along with other benefits

Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods will usher the first wave of big changes starting on Monday 8/28/17! And it will be very practical changes: in-store discounts! a number of popular food items will be discounted. The amount of the discounts is not mentioned in the press release so we’ll have to wait until Monday to see which products and by how much.

Whether there is more flexibility for bigger discounts are obviously the 365 house brand and other products that Whole Foods have more control over the price. Amazon could decide to give them away for free if they wanted to 🙂

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T-Mobile August 29 Tuesday FREEBIES are good!

T-Mobile customers, don’t forget to remember to check your Tuesday freebies on August 29 (2017), you have three pretty good freebies, along with a coupon! They are:

  • $5.50 Vudu store credit (you can use on rentals or purchases, multiple transactions until the amount is depleted or it expires)
  • 1-Year Subscription to either Teen Vogue or Glamour (digital, not print)
  • ten free photo prints at Walgreens
  • 25% off coupon at Hotel Storm

If you have multiple lines, you can get multiples of each promotion, however, some companies (eg Vudu) place weekly limits on how many freebies you can redeem per individual account. So you can only have one $5.50 credit per Vudu account per week, even if you have four T-Mobile lines.

Get 100 Bonus Stars if you buy products from three different categories

If you like to eat lunch or dinner at Starbucks, and you are participating in their rewards program, and you received an email to join this promotion, you can get 100 Bonus Stars if you buy products from three specific product categories between August 22-28 in 2017. You must first join the offer (aka challenge).

You must needs buy one item from each category:

  • any warm sandwich (excluding breakfast sandwich)
  • any breakfast sandwich
  • any Evolution Fresh Juice

50c Eggs, Baguette, Avocados for Trader Joe 50 Year Anniversary

A very rare promotion at Trader Joe brick and mortar stores this weekend (August 19-20, 2017)! Get to your local Trader Joe, not only for free tastings and giveaways but also rare …SALES! A small number of products in each store will be on sale for 50c each, with a limit of up to five per customer (limit may be less depending on store and inventory).

The freebies may include 50c eggs (a dozen of them in the usual TJ egg crate), avocados (non-organic, full size), baguettes, mangos, etc. The exact sales will likely vary by store depending on what they have available and how much of it is available. Needless to say, this is a huge deal since Trader Joe doesn’t do sales like other big grocery stores!

Nice freebies for the August 22 T-Mobile Tuesdays

Rejoice T-Mobile users! The August 22, 2017 is a pretty good mix of actual freebies! Four out of the five items are actually good, a pretty good percentage!

The freebies are:

  • a FREE Basic Oil Change at your Meineke (cars and light trucks only)
  • FREE 1-Month of Drama Fever streaming service
  • $10 off at Lids, online or in-store
  • 30% off a Local Groupon (see terms for restrictions)
  • 25% off at HotelStorm

The other carriers have been rebooting their rewards programs to bridge the gap between them and Tuesdays, but they are not making any dent. Especially sad is AT&T’s attempt at a reward program 🙂

Attack On Titan Colossal Edition #2 for $30.58 w/free S&H

If you are getting on-board the “Attack On Titan” anime and manga hype train, with Season 3 officially scheduled to come out at some point in 2018, and you like reading big books, there is a sale on the Second “Colossal Edition” of Attack On Titan. This is print, not digital, in paperback, currently on sale for the very specific price of $30.58 with free shipping by Amazon actual.

The “Colossal” editions are groups of five volumes each. Colossal #1 features Volumes #1 through #5. This one (Colossal #2) features Volumes #6 to #10, Colossal #3 is Volumes #11 through #15, and so forth. They are not joking with the names ~ they are over 900 pages each! They are printed on 7 x 10.5 inch paper! Shipping weight is over 4.5 lbs.


If you watched the anime show (Season 1 is on Netflix; both seasons are Yahoo View which you can watch for FREE with Ads, and without the need to create an account), or are just curious, here are the steps to get started with it ~ to see if this is something you’d like:

  1. The Sampler – this is Chapter #1 of the series, FREE to buy on Kindle, Comixology and elsewhere
  2. If you liked what you saw, or want to read more to decide, then you can read Volume #1 (first four chapters) for FREE if
    • you are a Prime member, and want to use one of your ten Prime Reading slots on it
    • you are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber and want to borrow it for free
  3. next step is to start a Comixology free trial ~ the first three Volumes can be read for FREE with a “Comixology Unlimited” subscription. Volumes #4 and later are not included in “Unlimited” [not so Unlimited after all]

After this point, if you want to read Volume #4 and later, you have to buy each manga chapter or Volume or Colossal individually, or subscribe to a manga/anime service, or use a legitimate manga reading website that is ad-sponsored.

Since the Colossal #2 mentioned above begins with Volume #6, you’d only need to find/buy Volumes #4 and #5, and then read the Colossal #2 which is on sale.

Starbucks Gift Card with VISA Checkout as good as BOGO

If you are a regular Starbucks shopper, and you pay attention, you can find some good deals from time to time on getting discounted gift cards. One such promotion is right here, right now! This promotion is a combination of CashStar (a gift card service) and VISA Checkout (VISA’s online payment service).

If you purchase a $10+ electronic Starbucks gift card, during this promotional period, they will automatically load an additional $10 to the e-gift card. So if you buy $10, you’ll get $20. If you buy $14, you’ll get $24.

Here’s a screenshot with a $11 payment, that results in a $21 load on the gift card:

The promotion is at the Cashstar website. You don’t need a Cashstar account but you need to have a VISA Checkout account. If you don’t, fear not, you can easily create one with most VISA credit cards. Then after you create and activate that account, you can take advantage of the offer.

The promotion is once per account, and it expires by 9/30/17, or earlier if the promotional amount set aside for this is expended. Per the Terms and Conditions, a total of 225,000 offers are available. So don’t sleep on it!

You can send it to yourself, you don’t have to send the gift card to other people. You can use the same email address for everything if it makes it easier for you. Or you can send it to someone else and cheer them up 🙂