FILA Narrow Escape Training Shoe for $20 with free S&H

They are back on sale again! If you are interested in bargain-price but name-brand athletic shoes, the new condition (inside the official shoe box) FILA Memory Foam Narrow Escape Training shoe in the Men’s design, in sizes 7.5 up to 12, for $20 with free shipping at the official FILA eBay outlet. Limit five pairs per model per eBay customer at the moment.

They are available in two color options at the moment, so this is a good idea if you want to try an “alternative style” with different color left and right shoes, but they are the same shoe, so it doesn’t cause trouble while you are walking 🙂

I purchased them during a previous sale last summer and posted an unboxing blog post.

Fossil Men’s Grant 44mm Chronograph Leather Watch for $55 w/FS

If you are a fan of Fossil watches, eBay seller “Watch Gooroo” (99.8%) is offering the new condition with tag Fossil Men’s Grant 44mm Chronograph Leather Watch for $55 with free shipping. Limit five per customer at the sale price. They have three duo-tone color schemes available for purchase. Over 600 units have been sold so far!

Speaking of Fossil, if you are curious about their smartwatches, I had my first smartwatch experience a few weeks ago with the Fossil Explorist Q (third generation), you can find my first and second impressions review, along with the unboxing and proof of no “flat tyre” at our Explorist Q blog posts

25% off Dyson Vacuums priced $50+ with eBay Coupon [max discount $75 off]

It’s not a Dyson sphere. It’s a Dyson vacuum! The official Dyson outlet store on eBay is running a coupon code promotion until 10/16/17 at 8am pacific!

Enter coupon code P25DYSONOUTLET in the eBay shopping cart on eligible products offered and you will get a 25% off discount. The maximum discount received by the coupon is $75. Items must be priced individually at $50 or higher. That’s why the 41 items you see at the promotional page are all priced above $50.

The coupon can be used twice per PayPal account, so you can have a mini Dyson shopping spree 🙂

Fila Women’s Ascent 12 Trail Shoe for $20 w/free S&H

The FILA eBay store strikes again with another good deal with free shipping, it is the new condition with the customary shoe box Fila Women’s Ascent 12 Trail Shoe on sale for $20 with free shipping in two color options and various sizes.

There is a limit of five per customer, but I don’t know if it’s five overall, or five per color/size combination. Regardless I doubt anyone would want to buy that many, unless a reseller, or perhaps buying them for a sports team 🙂

I haven’t bought this particular shoe, but I bought a couple of others from the FILA eBay store. Here is my unboxing (only pictures and text; no annoying video) of a different shoe!

Fila Men’s Decimus 3 Training Shoe for $25 w/free S&H

Al Bundy is now an eBay shoe salesman 🙂 It’s another athletic shoe sale from FILA’s eBay Outlet store, it is the new condition (with box) Fila Men’s Decimus 3 Training Shoe on sale for $25 with free shipping for all. It is available in sizes 7 through 13, with some half numbers in-between as well. Limit five per customer. It is only available in one color scheme (white, gray, black).

I’ve had good luck with my two purchases from the FILA eBay Outlet. I haven’t bought this particular shoe, but I have an unboxing post for a different model ~ so you can see what you can expect to receive.

Note that this is not Prime shipping, so if you select the default shipping option it may take up to two weeks depending on where you are. Shoes take up space which means more expensive shipping for faster delivery options 🙂

Fila Men’s Royalty 2 Running Shoes for $22 with free S&H

The FILA eBay Outlet store is proving to be a good source of budget $20-ish exercise shoes. Their latest model on sale is the new condition (in official FILA box) Fila Men’s Royalty 2 Running Shoes offered for $22 with free shipping. They are available in sizes 7-13 and currently have four different color schemes available. Limit five per combo per customer.

I don’t have this particular model, but I purchased two similar models earlier on when they were on sale, the Quadrix and last month I got the Narrow Escape which I even posted an … unboxing blog post 🙂

FILA Narrow Escape Training Shoe for $22 with free S&H

It’s name-brand but bargain-price athletic shoe time now! You can get the new condition (inside the official shoe box) FILA Memory Foam Narrow Escape Training shoe in the Men’s design, in sizes 7.5 up to 13, for $22 with free shipping at the official FILA eBay outlet. Limit five pairs per model per eBay customer at the moment.

They just arrived, and I just posted an unboxing blog post but I haven’t worn them yet because I’m currently breaking in another brand new shoe, the Costco FILA Trail shoes. There’s only so much shoe excitement I can handle every month 🙂

Seller Refurbished 32GB Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (unlocked GSM, 4G LTE, S-Pen included) for $150

If you want to get your Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone fix while waiting to see what the follow-up to the ill-fated Note 7 (which may have been the best smartphone of all time – ironically), the used market is one way to go. Among the latest eBay Deals, you can get the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in seller-refurbished condition for $150 with free shipping by QualityCellz on eBay (99.4%, ships from Southern California). This is model N910, with 32GB on-board storage, microSD slot, and unlocked 4G LTE. No contract – you own the phone upfront!

NOTE if you are planning to use this with a cellphone plan (not as a Wifi-only device), make sure you check the bands are compatible with your carrier(s) of choice. If not certain, check the various Android/smartphone forums, or use your favorite search engine.

The S-Pen is included per the ebay listing. Some claim the Note 4 was the first in the Note series to “get it right” but of course that’s always subject to debate. It came out in 2014, with a Snapdragon 805, and 3GB of RAM which is nice (assume 1GB is eaten up by “TouchWiz”).

NOTE #2: the Note 4 is not currently among the first wave of smartphones supported by CyanogenMOD-Reborn, aka LineageOS. I wish they gave it a better name. LineageOS sounds like an ancestry-obsessed fan club 🙂

FILA Quadrix Running Shoes for $25 with free s&h

Shoe time! If you need a lightweight running/athletic shoe, FILA’s very own eBay store is offering new condition Fila Men’s Quadrix Running Shoes for $25 with free shipping per pair. Four different color schemes are available, and various sizes too. Some of the combinations are not available, so be sure to check to see if your favorite combos are available.

Here is the Orange color scheme:

And a look at the side of the box:

The one I received came with FedEx SmartPost. This is a service where it starts with FedEx but the Post Office delivers it in the end. So it is a slower shipping method, which is why they can afford to offer it for free since shoe boxes take up space 🙂

Motorola Moto E (Tracfone) for $20 w/free S&H

If you need a budget Android phone that is actually usable considering the price, the new condition Tracfone edition of the Motorola Moto E is on sale for $20 with free shipping by ShopCellDeals on eBay. They have a 99.5% feedback score and they ship from Virginia. Over 3650 phones got sold so far from this listing.

Tracfone is a prepaid seller, so you are under no obligation to start or transfer or continue service with them. It’s all up to you. Note however that the Tracfone is the only wireless carrier that you can use this phone with.

The specs are basic on the phone, but the Moto E was part of the earlier budget wave started by the Illinois pre-Google pre-Lenovo version of Motorola, along with the Moto G and the Moto X. It has a 4.3″ qHD screen, “q” in this case is “quarter HD”, not “quad HD”, which translates to 960 x 540 pixels. It runs on a dual core 1.2GHz processor and Android 4.4.

If you need more power, there are many great choices out there, but you won’t find them for $20 delivered and in new condition 🙂

YMMV eBay Sellers: Get 50% back in Sales (up to $50)

eBay is running a new targeted (I think) promotion to reactivate eBay users who haven’t listed items in recent months/years. This promotion is sent to qualifying customers to their emails and/or eBay Messages (depending on how your communication preferences are setup), and to join in, you have to manually click on the blue “Claim Offer” button in the email, and after you do that, you have to click on the green “Activate Offer” button. Once you do all that, you will get a confirmation message that the offer is active on your account.


The terms are simple as you can see from the screenshot above, with the important things underlined.

LG G Stylo 2 Android phone for $100 (Boost Mobile)

The first generation LG G Stylo was a bit of a disappointment, so LG upped the specs and the OS version with the second generation, aptly named “LG Stylo 2” (hey, at least they got the name right!). As the name suggests, its claim to fame from a bushel full of entry to mid range phones is the built-in stylus. It has more usable specs than the first generation, with 2GB RAM, Snapdragon 410, and Android 6.0 out of the box. It has a 5.7-inch IPS 720p display, along with 16GB on-board storage and microSD slot.

This is however locked to Boost Mobile, so if you are planning to use it as an actual phone, you are stuck with them. Later on you may be able to use it on other Sprint-affiliated networks, but don’t count on it. On the other hand if you are planning to use it as a Wifi-only device, eg as a general purpose “household remote” and “bedtime phone” type of a device, then you don’t need to worry about the cellular aspects.

By “bedtime phone” I mean you can use this at night, and save the battery life of your day-phone. I’m sure I’m not the only one who does not feel comfortable sleeping with a phone connected to live electricity throughout the night 🙂

All that brings us to the sale, it is currently going for $100 with free shipping, in new condition, by ShopCells, with the order fulfilled by Amazon (so it is Prime eligible) or from the same seller but through eBay (over 370 units sold so far).

PS: if enough people are interested, I can get this and review it. I have a lot of balance on my prepaid account, so I can get it through that. Let me know if the comments if you are interested in seeing a detailed review of this critter 🙂

Refurbished HTC One M8 for $110 [WinPhone or Android]

From the current flagship, we go to a flagship of yesteryear, it’s HTC time. It’s the One M8, the first flagship in their line to include a microSD memory card. This particular offer is “seller refurbished” which is a higher risk (and lower price) typically compared to manufacturer refurbished. So if you don’t like risks, you may want to skip this. On the other hand, if you are comfortable with the risk/reward of such offers, keep reading…

eBay seller “Quality Cellz” (99.2%) is offering the seller-refurbished HTC One M8 for $110 with free shipping, with a limit of five per customer. It ships from California.

IMPORTANT: this listing sells two different versions, Android or Windows. Make sure you select the correct OS! This is unlocked without any contract requirements.

The specs are three flagships ago, a Snapdragon 800, 2GB RAM, 32GB on-board, microSD, 5-inch 1080p display, etc. Be sure to check Bands and Network compatibility if you are planning to use it with cellular data.

Refurbished Nexus 6P (Huawei) for $350

If you want to get the latest flagship Nexus phone but don’t want to pay a flagship price, there is the refurbished option, which is more appealing when it is manufacturer refurbished. Which brings us to the manufacturer refurbished 32GB Nexus 6P (made by Huawe), unlocked without contract requirements, going for $350 with free shipping by Best Buy’s eBay store. This is an online only offer, there is no store pick up option. Limit three units per customer.

It is as usual a never-ending cycle, do you buy the latest phone now, or wait for the new Nexus phones in the fall that will likely come out to coincide with the release of Android 7.0 (aka Nougat)? This is where refurbished may be a good option, since we are closer to the future models than we are not.

ViewTV AT-163 OTA Converter Box and PVR for $28 w/free shipping

If you want to be an OTA cordcutter but still have rudimentary DVR functions, there’s a number of chinese budget boxes under $40 floating around. One of those options is currently on sale on eBay, it is the ViewTV AT-163 Converter Box going for $28 with free shipping and handling. This ships from New York and already over 740 units got sold from this particular offer.

I haven’t used this particular ViewTV model, but I am using a similarly-priced model that is in the same ballpark in terms of features, the Mediasonic HW-150PVR. I still have to write-up the full review, but to cut a long story short, if you are comfortable programming a VCR, you should be fine with its user interface. I am not even using an external hard drive on mine, just this tiny 128GB USB 3.0 flash drive. It takes up no space, and requires no external power!