15% off at Peets Coffee with free shipping

Starbucks is not the only game in town. On the West Coast, Peets has a strong following but you don’t have to be on the west coast to enjoy their coffee. You can buy it at their website and until April 2 in 2019, coupon code ANNIVERSARY19 gets you 15% off. You also get site-wide free shipping in the US.

Coupon-exclusions apply: not on subscriptions, not on gift cards, etc. Check website for details.

Their coffee is great, but note that their tea is now in the suspect territory after they merged their tea with their Mighty Leaf acquisition. Mighty Leaf’s teas are more of the Teavana style, while Peet’s teas had the same no-nonsense approach as their coffees. The few flavored teas they had offered were done rather tastefully, not the fruit punch of the Teavana-style of teas 🙂 So to cut a long story short, if you are buying any of their teas, check the customer reviews first!!!

This sale is because they are celebrating the 53rd anniversary of the company, and with it the Anniversary blend ~ almost always an interest coffee to get! The founder, Alfred Peet is considered by many the father of custom-coffee roasting in the US market. And he is the one who taught the Starbucks founders. Fun fact: he was also a tea taster!