Used iPhone 6 PLUS for $200 (Virgin Mobile)

If you want to get a more powerful iPhone without breaking the bank, $200 will get you a pre-owned 16GB iPhone 6 PLUS smartphone, with free shipping at Virgin Mobile. This is locked to Virgin Mobile, so you can’t use it on GSM networks or Verizon. I don’t know if it can be used on other Sprint networks.

This is available in three color options, and there is a limit of two per customers. While with some Android phones you can pay with an account balance, for iPhones, Virgin Mobile won’t let you pay with an account balance. You have to use “fresh money”, eg credit or debit card or PAYPAL.

Per the listing, you get a 90-day warranty on the used phones.

New iPhone 7s invade Virgin Mobile starting at $550 and $670 respectively

If you are a Virgin Mobile USA fan, and want to get the new iPhone 7s, you may want to “camp” on their website. They have listed the new iPhone 7 models, with prices starting at $550 for the iPhone 7, and $670 for the iPhone 7 Plus. There is a limit of two per customer, and as of posting time, they are both out of stock.


The prices above are for the 32GB entry-point models. The rest of the storage-options follow the typically Apple prices, you go +$100 for every storage jump. So the 32GB to 128GB jump (there’s no more 64GB; which should have been the entry-point considering the prices but I’m digressing) is +$100, and the jump from 128GB to 256GB is another +$100. The price jumps are the same for the 7 and 7+.

None of the iPhones (old or new) can be purchased with Virgin Mobile account balance. Neither can the Galaxy S-flagships, but most of the other phones they have can. The “account balance” option is no longer available on their website, so you have to call their toll-free number and order (if you want to use your account balance). This makes sense if you have build up a big account balance.

iPhone SE shows up for $300 at Virgin Mobile’s [currently OUT OF STOCK]

The brand new iPhone SE “small flagship” in the Apple line-up just showed up on the Virgin Mobile website for $300 for the 16GB version and $400 for the 64GB version. However, as of the time of writing this is marked “Out of stock”. It has/had a limit of two units per customer. Like all other iPhones, you have to pay with a credit card, you cannot use your Virgin Mobile account balance (some of the Galaxy flagships have the same restrictions but for the rest of the VM phones, you can use your account balance to buy them).

As usual with VM, there is no contract, it is month to month, and for Apple devices, if you sign up for Auto Pay (they automatically charge your card on a monthly basis until you cancel), you get $5 off on your monthly total, every month as long as you have service with them (and Auto Pay active).

Virgin Mobile Sale returns: Motorola Moto G (latest model 1GB/8GB) for $100, iPhone 5S for $150, etc

After the holidays ended, the prices jumped up at Virgin Mobile, but of course in the fast-paced world of smartphones, that wouldn’t last long. And indeed, there is a new sale now, headlined by the iPhone 5S (16GB) going for $150, and the 3rd-generation Motorola Moto G for $100. This is the latest model, however, this is the entry-level model with 1GB RAM and 8GB on-board storage. There’s also a model with 2GB RAM and 16GB on-board but unfortunately Virgin Mobile does not carry that one.

Also on sale is the Huawei Union for $30, while Windows Phone fans have their Lumia 635 down to $50 (it had gone as low as $40 at some point in the year).


These are no-contract phones, you own them, however, they are locked to the Virgin Mobile network, which is part of the Sprint 4G LTE infrastructure. Check the various phone forums to see which one of these phones can be hacked away to work on other Sprint MVNOs.

64GB iPhone 6 Plus for $800 (unlocked; no contract)

If you are determined to get an iPhone 6 Plus now and not wait to see what Apple rolls out in September 2015, eBay seller DigJungle (99.2%) is offering the new condition 64GB iPhone 6 Plus, factory unlocked, in three color choices, for $800 with free shipping with a limit of two per customer. No contract.

It’s interesting how a 5.5-inch screen is a giant in the world of iPhones/iPods, but just another phone when you factor in Androids 🙂

64GB iPhone 6 Plus (factory unlocked) for $800

If you want the current leader of the iPhone pack, among the latest eBay offers, you can get the new condition factory unlocked 64GB iPhone 6 Plus for $800 with free shipping, with a choice from three color options and a limit of two per customer. No contract! The seller of this offer is Yapper_Wireless (98.1%) which offers 30-day free returns per the subtitle of this eBay listing. The various bands are listed over there.

[DEAD] Wedn: refurbished iPhone Sale ($170 to $800, 4S to 6 Plus)

This daily deal expired…
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