Weekly Ad Coupon: $10 off $50+ at BevMo

Before you recycle your weekly grocery ads for this week (October 17+), if you live near a BevMo (Beverages and More), make sure you fish out their one page color flyer. One side has a coupon for $10 off a purchase of $50+. With Winter and the Holidays just around the corner, the time may be right to stock up on beverage supplies for future hosting events before the holiday price hikes arrive 🙂

Here’s what to look for in the giant bundle of weekly ads:

Peets AM/PM Promo on Cold Brew

A new Peeknik Rewards promotion has been activated in the Peets Rewards app (aka Peetnik Rewards) until the close of business on Sunday 10/22/17. This offer requires two separate visits and two separate purchases during the same time. First, you must needs buy any beverage before 10am local time. Then, you can visit at any time after 12pm local time, and get 50% off Cold Brew. The AM beverage can be anything, but the PM must needs be a cold brew.

Since Cold Brew is on the expensive side compared to “normal” coffee, this is a good opportunity to get some without breaking the bank. Assuming you need a morning coffee.

Starbucks Rewards (Oct 17-23): 100 Bonus Stars with Trio purchase

Starbucks is back with another “Join the Challenge” type of a Rewards promotion for its members. As with previous “Join” offers, you must first activate the offer on your account using the link in their email or the appropriate place in the Starbucks app (not all offers are shown in the app though).

This promotion runs from October 17-23 in 2017, and get you a nice 100 Bonus (80% towards a full reward) when you buy one item EACH from each of the following categories:

  • any Teavana tea
  • any breakfast sandwich (check their menu if you are not sure which ones qualify as “breakfast”)
  • any latte

You must buy one of each, but not in the same transaction. They can be purchased on different days during the promotional period. You’ll only receive one 100 Bonus regardless of how many you buy; eg, if you buy three of each, you’ll still receive 100 bonus stars, not 300.

The Starbucks Rewards Bingo has been fixed!

Starbucks had a false start a couple of days ago with a broken Rewards Bingo challenge. But as of the time of writing, they have fixed it! This is an opt-in promotion, you must activate it by following the prompts in their email or app. You need a Starbucks Rewards account and you use your Starbucks login to connect the Bingo to your Rewards activity.

You can find all the details at the Bingo page.

The promotion runs between October 12 until November 1st in 2017 at participating Starbucks stores.

This is a return of a similar promotion they run a few months ago. If you are a frequent Starbucks visitor, it’s easy to pile up the bonus stars. You can earn a maximum of 350 bonus stars. That’s almost three FULL rewards, worth over $20 in foods or drinks if you redeem your rewards for the most expensive items (eg the $8 new salad trays or fancy drinks).

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Bang for the Buck Fast Food: $5 All-Star Meal Boxes at Carl’s Jr

If you are looking for bang for the buck, and calories for the buck, Carl’s Jr (and its other incarnations) have recently brought in four different $5 boxes. They are actually boxes, even if you stay “for here”, you still get your food in a box like this:

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Peetnik Rewards: 3X Points on $10+ transactions

If you are planning to make coffee or equipment purchases at Peet’s Coffee and you are participating in their Peetnik Rewards program, they have a new Triple Points promotion on purchases of $10+ at their B&M stores.

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Bonus Stars for Starbucks Visit Streaks

If you are participating in the Starbucks Rewards program, and go there almost every day, you may be interested in a new “Visit Streak” promotion. You earn bonus stars if you visit on consecutive days during the October 10-16 in 2017 period. If you visit every day, you get the maximum 100 Bonus Stars. If you visit fewer days in a row, you get less as outlined in the screenshot below:

So the way the promotion is structured, you can’t miss Thursday, Friday and Saturday, because they are in the middle of the promotion, and you can’t have a 5-day streak without all three of those days.

As usual, make sure you activate the offer first! This is not an automatic offer!

AmazonFresh coupon: $25 off $100+ for new customers

Amazon is trying to tempt/encourage Prime members to give their FRESH grocery delivery service a try. If you haven’t had an AmazonFresh free trial before, and you are curious to try this month to month service, coupon code 25FRESH gets you $25 off your first order of $100+ at Amazon Fresh.

Free shipping there is for orders of $50+, so you’d have to place an expensive order anyway, otherwise you’ll have to pay for delivery, which will probably ruin any good deals you may find there.

This particular coupon promotion expires 12/31/17. You can find all the details about it at the Terms and Conditions page.

Airborne Very Berry Tablets for $0.25 with AmazonFresh orders

Fall is here and the cold and flu season is not that far away. To help people prepare, Amazon Fresh is offering a 10pk of Airborne Very Berry fizzy (Effervescent) Vitamin C tablets on special for just $0.25.

But in order to buy them, you must be an Amazon Fresh member. And to get free delivery, your order total must be $50 or more. In other words, you have to be willing to place a proper order in order to get the freebie. It’s not like regular Amazon where you can buy a deal straight up (unless it’s an ADD-ON item).

AmazonFresh no longer has an annual membership. You pay for it month to month, for as few or as many months as you like. So you can, for example, use it on some months where it is convenient, but not year round.

Only Prime members can become Amazon Fresh members!

Oct 3-9: 30 Bonus Stars on 3 Iced Tea purchases (SBUX Rewards)

If you are a Starbucks Rewards member, this is an easy way to scoop up 30 Bonus Stars. All you have to do is buy three iced teas of any kind at Starbucks between October 3-9 in 2017. This too is a promotion that needs to be activated first. Check the Starbucks app or your registered email account to activate it first!

If you don’t activate it, you won’t get the bonus stars!

$3 off Clip-On Coupon for select 16pk of Lara Bars

If you are a fan of Lara Bars, we have good news for you! Amazon has launched a brand new $3 off clip-on coupon on select 16pk of Lara Bar flavors. The coupon is good for “one time” purchases or “subscribe and save”, your choice!

With the clip-on coupon, the price drops to around $12~, making them about 75c per bar, a pretty good price!

The clip-on coupons usually work for one purchase, one unit and then you can’t use them until a new coupon promotion begins. The page will tell you whether you are eligible or not.

Peetnik Rewards: Double Points on Pumpkin

National Coffee Day weekend continues at Peet’s Coffee with double points on their two Pumpkin beverages when purchased using the Peets rewards program. A typical purchase is one point (regardless of amount or number of items). Fifteen points equal one free beverage of your choice (any drink, any size).

Assuming you spend your free drink reward on the largest and most expensive drink you like, with extras and fix-ins and all, let’s say a $6 drink, that means one point is worth around 40c in rewards. ($6 divided by 15). So double points means you get an extra 40c 🙂

The promotion runs October 1-8 in 2017.

Friday: 25% off Coffee Beans at Peets

The best coffee deal, in terms of quality (not bang for the buck) for National Coffee Day on Friday September 29 (2017) is at Peet’s Coffee shops. On that day, you will receive 25% off all your coffee bean purchases. Peets has quality beans and they are freshly roasted if you buy from their own B&M stores. The combination makes it a great quality value.

There’s no coupon code, the cashiers and the registers should automatically discount them. But to on the safe side, do the math in your head 🙂

You also get a free small cup of coffee with beans purchase. This is an on-going promotion at Peet’s, although it may be at barista’s discretion for smaller purchases (eg 1/4 pound). From the looks of the tweet (see it embedded below), may be everyone who buy any kind of beans will get a free cup 🙂

Buy Prime Surprise Sweets Dash Button for $2.50, Get $4.99 Store Credit towards Sweets Box

One of the Amazon “Dash Buttons” is a little special. It’s the Prime Sweets button. Every time you press it, it sends you a random selection of a box of sweets for a flat price of $18. Since this is restricted to Prime members, everyone who is able to order it gets free shipping.

You cannot select what kind of a sweets box you receive (thus the SURPRISE part), but you can look at some of the options. SPOILERS if you want to be totally surprised when your box arrives 🙂

Just like the other Dash Buttons [unboxing of a different model], you pay $4.99 for it, and to counter the price of the Dash button, Amazon puts a $4.99 credit in your Amazon account after your first order placed with this button ships [not after the button ships].

However, occasionally Amazon has promotions that get you the Dash Buttons for less than $4.99, but you still receive the $4.99. So, assuming you use this to buy things you want/need, it’s a money-maker. If you end up buying it, and doing nothing or buy things you don’t want/need, then you lose money.

To cut a looong story short, good until September 30 (2017), coupon code 50OFFSWEETS cuts the price in half of the Prime Sweets button in half, making it $2.50.

Once you receive the Prime Sweets Button and you configure it [depending on your setup, they are not as easy to configure as Amazon makes them out to be], and you press it for the first time, you will receive the $4.99 credit in your account. The Prime Sweets box has a flat price of $18.

You will pay that $18 price. The 50% off is only on the purchase of the Dash button. Not the Box of Sweets. However, this being your first order, other things equal, the $4.99 credit may be posted towards this purchase.

Another Starbucks After 2PM Dash (YMMV)

This is another YMMV promotion. If you are a member of the Starbucks rewards program, check your email or the official Starbucks app for a new “must activate first” promotion. It’s the return of the “After 2pm” (local time) Dash! This promotion runs September 26 at open and ends on October 2nd in 2017 at store closing.

If you make four separate purchases, you earn 50 Bonus Stars. If you make a total of six or more, you earn a total of 100 Bonus Stars. The rewards are posted to your account in two phases. Once you get to four transactions, you’ll get the 50 bonus stars. If you make to to 6+, you’ll get another 50 bonus stars. That’s all you’ll get. The promotion does not restart or roll. In other words, if you make 6 or 60 transactions, you’ll get 100 Bonus Stars.