Kindle First options for May 2018 are here (six options)

It’s another month, and with it we have a new selection of Kindle First options for Prime members. As before, you can select one of the six available pre-release e-books and start reading it immediately. Almost all of these end up in Kindle Unlimited, so if you have a membership there (short term or longer term) you can eventually read them all.

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Kindle First options for April 2018 are here: pick 1 out of 6

One of the signs that a new month is here is the arrival of a fresh six packs of e-books under the Kindle First umbrella. Well, the new name is “Amazon First Reads” because they are actually “Hardcover First” but Prime members can get one of those six for FREE in the Kindle format…

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YMMV $3 Kindle store credit towards select ebooks

Check your Amazon emails if you are a Kindle ebook reader! You may have received an email that offers you a $3 store credit that can be used towards 28 specific ebook titles. The majority of these ebooks are $3.99 or $4.99, so you’d be getting one of them for 99c or $1.99, or free if you are “slow shipping credits” in your account.

All of them are “Kindle Unlimited” ebooks (which is probably what gives Amazon flexibility to do a promotion like this since the big media publishers are too uptight), but they are among the top rated or most read. I recognize a handful of them…

Remember, you can’t get the $3 off discount from the website above. You need to have receive an email from Amazon offering you this $3 off promotion…

FREE: The Darkness II until Wedn 3pm ET

If it’s FREE, why not get it! Good until Wednesday at 3pm eastern, Humble Bundle is offering the game the Darkness II for FREE! You have to link your Steam account to Humble Bundle for claiming and redemption. It is free to create a Steam account. This is made by 2K Games with a rolling 91% rating at Steam.

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[DEAD] FREE until Sat 1pm ET: “F1 2015” Game at Humble Bundle

This limited time freebie promotion expired…

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Free from TOR: “Too Like the Lightning” by Ada Palmer

It’s not just free, it’s DRM-free! You have until March 23 in 2018 to claim your free copy of the science fiction book “Too Like the Lightning” by Ada Palmer from the TOR ebook club. Tor is part of the MacMillan Borg (okay, group) of publishing. All you have to do is give them your email address. Then you can download the ebook in either (or both) MOBI and ePUB. The formats are DRM-free. You can email them or download or sideload them on your device(s) of choice after that.

This is a fairly new book, it came out in January 2017 and it is the first of three published books by Ada Palmer that are part of this “Terra Ignota” series. It is around 450 pages. It averages 3.9 out of 5 based on 172 customer reviews at In case you need to read reviews before you “commit” to getting a freebie 🙂

The University of Chicago FREE ebook for March 2018 is…

March is here! We already had our Kindle Frist freebies, now it’s the turn of the University of Chicago to hand out their freebie. And you don’t have to be a Prime member for this one 🙂 However, this is a DRM-ed e-book, so you have to use apps that have Adobe compatible DRM. But it’s free 🙂

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Kindle First choices for March 2018 are here!

Kindle First, now reborn as “Amazon First Reads” because the hardcovers come out before the ebooks for the general population, is back with another month of choices for Prime members. As before, six pre-release ebooks are available for Prime readers to select from. You get one for free and read it right away, while the rest of the universe waits for it until the beginning of the following month.

The twist that is making it “First Reads” is that you also (and definitely optionally) buy the hardcovers of these books for $10 or less…

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FREE from Tor: Book #1 of The Wheel of Time series

What’s better than a free e-book? A DRM-free free ebook 🙂 Good until February 15 (2018) at 11:59pm eastern time, you can get the first book in the long “Wheel of Time” fantasy book series by Robert Jordan and his friends by simply giving your email to Tor. This is part of their recurring eBook Club. The offer is available to those in the US and Canada (those darned scattered book rights around the globe).

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TOR offers TWO SFF eBooks for FREE! [limited time]

Don’t sleep on this offer because it expires on Friday February 2nd at 12pm eastern time! All you have to do is sign-up for the TOR (publisher of speculative fiction) emails, and you will receive TWO DRM-free ebooks in Mobi and ePUB formats! That’s right, two freebies! If you are already signed up for their emails, look for their email with the details!

All the details can be found at the TOR Giveaway promotional page. The two ebooks they are giving away during this limited time are:

  • “Killing Gravity” by Corey J. White
  • “Witches of Lychford” by Paul Cornell

I haven’t read either of them, but I definitely picked up both of them! Because it’s not just FREE, it’s DRM-Free 🙂

Kindle First choices for February 2018 are here!

February is here, and long before you celebrate Valentine’s or Chinese New Year, there’s a new round of Kindle First. Or as Amazon likes to call it now, “Amazon First Reads” because they changed how the program works. More specifically, they added to the program. The old way still continues, Prime members pick one out of six pre-release e-books for FREE and can start reading it right away. The addition is that you can also buy one of those books as …hardcover prints.

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Kindle First choices for January 2018 are here!

Happy New Year to one and all! 2018 is here and a new month means, among many other things, a reload of the free selections for Prime members through the Kindle First program, which is now rebranded as “Kindle First Reads”, because the new twist is that the pre-release e-books are also available for purchase as hardcovers before their ebook release. Confusing, I know 🙂

But as Prime members, we still get one of the six for FREE. The hardcovers are NOT free 🙂 As usual, you have until the end of the month to make a pick, so you can give them a few more days, so more customer reviews will get published. These can help you which decide book to pick, or which book(s) to avoid picking.

The options for January 2018 are:

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FREE Hershey’s Gold chocolate bar w/Lucky Rewards

You get GOLD! Well, sort of! If you are a Lucky’s Rewards member, logon to your Lucky rewards account before the end of day on Sunday 12/24/17 and look under the offers. One of them is a FREE 1.4 ounce bar of the brand new Hershey’s Gold chocolate bar. Add the offer to your account, and then visit a local Lucky’s store and get it for FREE! You have to get it by the close of business on Sunday 12/24/17.

You have to enter your reward number (phone number typically) or scan your rewards card at checkout, so their computer will recognize the offer and make it a freebie. Note that Sunday is Christmas Even, so depending on when you go and how busy it is, the lines may be long, so keep that in mind if you are planning to go out of your way to go there just for the free chocolate bar 🙂

Kindle First rebrands to First Reads, still offers free one out of six

It’s a new month, it’s December 2017, and one of the many things a new month brings is a new installment of the Kindle First program, a benefit for Prime members that allows them to pick one “kinda pre-release” e-book from a choice of six, and read it right away. All these six e-books will be officially released January 1st in 2018 for everyone. Non-Prime members can purchase one of the six for $2.

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Black Friday Freebie: Free Coffee at B&N Cafe before 10am

There are freebies on Black Friday today! The latest email newsletter from Barnes and Noble has a little banner in the middle of it all saying that if you visit their brick and mortar stores on Black Friday (11/24/17) before 10am LOCAL time, you will receive a free tall drink. “Tall” is Starbucks speak for small, that’s 12 ounces. And FREE! That’s worth about $2! Refills are 50c 🙂