YMMV: Panera Rewards: Free Bagel Every Day in April 2016 [the razor/cartridge strategy]

CLARIFICATION & CORRECTION: one of our readers pointed out in the Comments that not every Reward member gets this promotion on their Rewards account, so it is a YMMV…

ORIGINAL POST: If you are a member of the Panera Rewards, or do not object to signing up for it (it’s free), for the month of April 2016, they are offering a free bagel every day to every member of their Rewards program. This is not an April Fool’s Day. This is the tried and true razor/cartridge strategy. You can’t eat a bagel without cream cheese or a drink, so you are likely to buy both (and possibly more).


This was sent via email to their rewards members. I obviously have no way of knowing whether this was sent to everyone or some. Sometimes stores run promotions to encourage inactive customers to shop more and things like that. Big Data sometimes can get us deals it seems 🙂

This is not the first time Panera did this, in September 2015 they offered a free coffee every day for the whole month of September.


  1. Jackson Johnson says:

    NOPE this is not true. only select members got it