Starbucks Rewards (Oct 17-23): 100 Bonus Stars with Trio purchase

Starbucks is back with another “Join the Challenge” type of a Rewards promotion for its members. As with previous “Join” offers, you must first activate the offer on your account using the link in their email or the appropriate place in the Starbucks app (not all offers are shown in the app though).

This promotion runs from October 17-23 in 2017, and get you a nice 100 Bonus (80% towards a full reward) when you buy one item EACH from each of the following categories:

  • any Teavana tea
  • any breakfast sandwich (check their menu if you are not sure which ones qualify as “breakfast”)
  • any latte

You must buy one of each, but not in the same transaction. They can be purchased on different days during the promotional period. You’ll only receive one 100 Bonus regardless of how many you buy; eg, if you buy three of each, you’ll still receive 100 bonus stars, not 300.

The Starbucks Rewards Bingo has been fixed!

Starbucks had a false start a couple of days ago with a broken Rewards Bingo challenge. But as of the time of writing, they have fixed it! This is an opt-in promotion, you must activate it by following the prompts in their email or app. You need a Starbucks Rewards account and you use your Starbucks login to connect the Bingo to your Rewards activity.

You can find all the details at the Bingo page.

The promotion runs between October 12 until November 1st in 2017 at participating Starbucks stores.

This is a return of a similar promotion they run a few months ago. If you are a frequent Starbucks visitor, it’s easy to pile up the bonus stars. You can earn a maximum of 350 bonus stars. That’s almost three FULL rewards, worth over $20 in foods or drinks if you redeem your rewards for the most expensive items (eg the $8 new salad trays or fancy drinks).

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FREE Upstanders on Audible and Prime Video

If you like listening to or watching inspirational stories, Season 2 of the Starbucks commissioned “Upstanders” series is now out! You can watch it in various ways online, but they also have an audiobook version of this series, you can get both season 1 and 2 for FREE as Audible audiobooks. All you need is an Audible/Amazon account, you don’t need a paying Audible membership.

If you prefer to watch this as a long-form documentary, and if you are a Prime member, Season 2 is available to watch for FREE through Prime Video

Bonus Stars for Starbucks Visit Streaks

If you are participating in the Starbucks Rewards program, and go there almost every day, you may be interested in a new “Visit Streak” promotion. You earn bonus stars if you visit on consecutive days during the October 10-16 in 2017 period. If you visit every day, you get the maximum 100 Bonus Stars. If you visit fewer days in a row, you get less as outlined in the screenshot below:

So the way the promotion is structured, you can’t miss Thursday, Friday and Saturday, because they are in the middle of the promotion, and you can’t have a 5-day streak without all three of those days.

As usual, make sure you activate the offer first! This is not an automatic offer!

Oct 3-9: 30 Bonus Stars on 3 Iced Tea purchases (SBUX Rewards)

If you are a Starbucks Rewards member, this is an easy way to scoop up 30 Bonus Stars. All you have to do is buy three iced teas of any kind at Starbucks between October 3-9 in 2017. This too is a promotion that needs to be activated first. Check the Starbucks app or your registered email account to activate it first!

If you don’t activate it, you won’t get the bonus stars!

Another Starbucks After 2PM Dash (YMMV)

This is another YMMV promotion. If you are a member of the Starbucks rewards program, check your email or the official Starbucks app for a new “must activate first” promotion. It’s the return of the “After 2pm” (local time) Dash! This promotion runs September 26 at open and ends on October 2nd in 2017 at store closing.

If you make four separate purchases, you earn 50 Bonus Stars. If you make a total of six or more, you earn a total of 100 Bonus Stars. The rewards are posted to your account in two phases. Once you get to four transactions, you’ll get the 50 bonus stars. If you make to to 6+, you’ll get another 50 bonus stars. That’s all you’ll get. The promotion does not restart or roll. In other words, if you make 6 or 60 transactions, you’ll get 100 Bonus Stars.

Starbucks After 2pm Local Time Bonus Stars Returns September 5-11 in 2017

Starbucks Rewards are back with another afternoon dash promotion! If you are eligible for this promotion, you should find this in your email or the Starbucks app inviting you to join or activate. You must needs first join/activate before you earn the bonus!

The bonus is as before. Between September 5-11 (those two dates included) in 2017, AFTER 2pm Local Time, if you make 4 or more purchases you’ll earn 50 Bonus Stars (in addition to the regular stars), OR if you make 6+ purchases, you’ll instead earn 100 Bonus Stars.

Their computer systems will first get award you the 50 Bonus stars once you reach the 4 purchases tier. And once you get to 6+, they’ll send you another 50 Bonus Stars. You won’t earn any additional bonus stars whether you have 6 or 60 purchases during the promotional period.

Get 50 Bonus Stars on 2 Warm Sandwiches

If you are a Starbucks Rewards member, check your emails! A new promotion (you must find the promotion with the “Join the Dash” button) offers you 50 Bonus Stars (in addition to the regularly earned stars) when you buy two Warm Sandwiches.

NOTE that Breakfast sandwiches are NOT eligible. The Starbucks rewards promotion has a goofy way of describing these that may be confusing to the average person because their terms go against common use of terms like “warm sandwich” 🙂

One time bonus per customer during this promotion. Meaning whether you buy two, four or ten or 33 sandwiches during this promotional period, you will only receive 50 bonus stars.

Get 100 Bonus Stars if you buy products from three different categories

If you like to eat lunch or dinner at Starbucks, and you are participating in their rewards program, and you received an email to join this promotion, you can get 100 Bonus Stars if you buy products from three specific product categories between August 22-28 in 2017. You must first join the offer (aka challenge).

You must needs buy one item from each category:

  • any warm sandwich (excluding breakfast sandwich)
  • any breakfast sandwich
  • any Evolution Fresh Juice

Starbucks Gift Card with VISA Checkout as good as BOGO

If you are a regular Starbucks shopper, and you pay attention, you can find some good deals from time to time on getting discounted gift cards. One such promotion is right here, right now! This promotion is a combination of CashStar (a gift card service) and VISA Checkout (VISA’s online payment service).

If you purchase a $10+ electronic Starbucks gift card, during this promotional period, they will automatically load an additional $10 to the e-gift card. So if you buy $10, you’ll get $20. If you buy $14, you’ll get $24.

Here’s a screenshot with a $11 payment, that results in a $21 load on the gift card:

The promotion is at the Cashstar website. You don’t need a Cashstar account but you need to have a VISA Checkout account. If you don’t, fear not, you can easily create one with most VISA credit cards. Then after you create and activate that account, you can take advantage of the offer.

The promotion is once per account, and it expires by 9/30/17, or earlier if the promotional amount set aside for this is expended. Per the Terms and Conditions, a total of 225,000 offers are available. So don’t sleep on it!

You can send it to yourself, you don’t have to send the gift card to other people. You can use the same email address for everything if it makes it easier for you. Or you can send it to someone else and cheer them up 🙂

After 2pm Dash returns for Starbucks Rewards

If you are a member of the Starbucks Rewards program, a new “After 2PM” (local time) Dash promotion is back. As before, check your emails or the app to make sure you are invited to participate. You must first manually activate the offer (easier than it sounds, just press the “Join the Dash” button).

After you do that, if you make 4 or 6 purchases after 2pm local time, between August 15-21 in 2017, you will earn either 50 or 100 points. The offer does not restart, so if you make more than 6 purchases, you won’t earn additional bonus points. You’ll still earn the usual rewards on the purchase amount.

August 9 is Starbucks Double Stars Day (YMMV)

I don’t know if every Starbucks Rewards member get the same “Double Stars Day” or they get spread around throughout the month. Check your emails to be sure! Wednesday August 9 is 2017 is, for at least some, Starbucks Rewards members, another double stars day. That means almost everything you guy (gift cards and reloads are NOT eligible; and a few other minor exceptions) get you twice as many points, which means you get a reward by spending half as usual.

Assuming you redeem a reward for an $8 item (eg the new chicken salad platter thing), that means one point is worth around 13 cents during Double Star Days. So this is a good opportunity to restock on coffee beans, tea bags, buy any new cups and mugs you need, K-Cups, etc.

August 8-14: Buy two Protein Boxes, Get 50 Stars

If you are participating in the Starbucks Reawrds program, there is a new promotion running that you have to first manually activate and it is by email invitation, so YMMV if you are offered it. If you purchase two protein boxes between August 8-14 in 2017, you will earn 50 Bonus stars in addition to the regular stars.

With the two new salad trays arriving at Starbucks at $7.50 and $8, the value of each Rewards Point has increased, assuming you are planning to redeem your rewards towards them. So assuming you keep getting the $8 salad tray, one Rewards Point is worth 6.4 cents!

August 3-7: BOGO on Macchiatos at Starbucks between 2-5pm local time

This is one of the rare Starbucks offers that does not require a Rewards account! Good between 2-5pm local time, starting on Thursday until Monday (August 3-7, 2017), there is an automatic BOGO (Buy One, Get One FREE) promotion on any Macchiato in the store! Their cash register will automatically adjust the price, no coupon, nothing for you to do.

Starbucks After 2pm Rewards for the first week of August 2017

The calendar is collaborating for this promotion. For the first week of August 2017 (1-7), they are bringing back the “After 2pm” Dash offer. As usual, you must first activate the offer for your account by clicking on the link in the email or the app. Once activated, you will earn 50 bonus stars if you make four separate purchases, OR 100 bonus stars if you make six or more separate purchases.

As before, the offer is stackable with any other promotions they may be running over there. And given how the two reward tiers are set up, once you get to four, you double the bonus stars by buying an extra two items.

Items paid with Rewards (as far as I can tell) do not count rewards-wise.