$10 Lucky Gift Card with $50 in select Gift Card purchases

There is a very nice offer running this shopping week (until Tuesday 4/10/18) at Lucky’s brick and mortar stores. For every $50 in select retailer gift cards you purchase, at the checkout register, you will receive a $10 Lucky Gift Card. The maximum you can do is $300 in gift cards which would result in $60 Lucky cards. Not bad because the participating stores are pretty solid this time:

  • Home Depot
  • REI
  • Barnes and Noble
  • Homegoods
  • Regal, Cinemark
  • Fangango

Assuming you’d spend money anyway at any combination of the above retailers, and you also spend money regularly at Lucky’s, it’s like getting a 20% off discount on the purchases made with the purchased gift cards!

Buy $9 T-Mobile SIM card, Activate It and Get $25 Amazon Gift Card

IF (and that’s a big IF) you are planning to activate new T-Mobile service in the near future, Amazon has a “money maker deal” for you! You pay $9 for a T-Mobile SIM starter kit (with free shipping for Prime members) and upon activation of the SIM/service, you will receive a $25 Amazon gift card. That’s a $16 money maker assuming you have no problem spending a $25 Amazon gift card 🙂

This is a Nano SIM and the kit includes adapters for the other two larger sizes, Micro and Standard. Since you are getting the smallest SIM card, you don’t have to worry about it not fitting into your phone. Hopefully we will soon move to e-SIM technology and not have to deal with this nonsense 🙂

PS: make sure Amazon actual is the seller, and NOT marketplace sellers, otherwise you won’t get the $25 Amazon gift card! The link above points to Amazon’s own listing.

Redemption Deal: 2200 SwagBucks for $25 Amazon Gift Card

If you are participating in the SwagBucks rewards program, and you haven’t redeemed a gift card this month yet, there is a promotion running that let’s you redeem 2200 SwagBucks for a $25 Amazon gift card. That’s better than the typical 1:1 ratio!

It’s not just Amazon, other gift cards are also eligible, but not PayPal. Because PayPal is essentially cold hard cash 🙂

Screenshot below:

Cordcutter Savings: $5 Rite Aid Rewards with $25 Netflix Gift Card

Cordcutters! Did you know you can save on your Netflix monthly fees? You can’t get a direct discount from Netflix, BUT you can buy Netflix gift cards at a discount, and apply them to your own Netflix account. Thus getting an indirect discount!

Which brings us to Rite aid brick and mortar stores. Good until Saturday at the close of business (that’s January 27 in 2018), you can buy a $25 Netflix plastic gift card, and receive $5 back in Rite Aid rewards (which you can begin spending the next morning at Rite Aid). This roundabout promotion is a 20% savings, assuming you’ll have no problem finding things to buy at Rite Aid.

The promotion is limit two per customer for this week, so $50 in Netflix should keep your account running for about 4.5 months if you have the default Netflix plan.

If you don’t want Netflix, fear not! Other retailers are also participating in this promotion, as you can see in the pictures above and below:

Note that the GAP and Best Buy offers are $8 Rewards BUT with the purchase of $50 gift cards, not $25 gift cards. The rest of the retailers (Bass, Cabellas, Dominos, Xbox, etc) participate in the $5 rewards for $25 gift card promotion.

Lucky Rewards Members: Get 2000 Points ($20 buying power) on $100 Gift Card purchases (select options)

Back to Lucky’s again! If you are going to go there to stock up on Ben & Jerry this weekend, or plan to shop there at any time until the close of business on Tuesday 9/26/17, they have a gift card promotion for Lucky Rewards members!

If you $100 in any combination of participating gift cards, you will receive 2000 Lucky Rewards points in your account. The buying power of 2000 points is $20 (or better). Sometimes Lucky has promotions that get you an even better deal for your points. For example, until 9/26/17, 1800 points get you a $20 off discount on your next Lucky’s transaction. What I’m trying to say is that you may get a better than 20% off virtual round-about discount if the offers work for you.

There are some solid gift card options here, including Macy’s, Starbucks, Google PLAY (rarely discounted on their own), Lowe’s, Kohls, and more!

Pay $5, Get $10 Peets e-Gift Card [invited shoppers only!]

Speaking of Peet’s Coffee, Living Social (now owned by Groupon ~ which is why their website looks a lot like Groupon with a different paint job) has an invite-only promotion an electronic Peets e-gift card. Invite-only offers work only if you received an email from LivingSocial that you are eligible for the promotion. Or you can login to your account and try to buy it and see if it allows you or not.

To cut a long story short, for a limited time, you can get a $10 Peets e-Gift Card for $5. That’s a 50% off discount, a great deal for sure! You can use the gift card at the Peets B&M stores or their website.

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Google Play Books: $5 Credit on $5+ purchase [YMMV]

While surfing around the Books section of the Google PLAY store, with a browser or when using the Google PLAY actual app, you may see a promotion that gives you a $5 credit any book purchase of $5 or more!

You’ll see a banner like this:

There are two deadlines to pay attention to. First, you must activate the offer by 9/30/17. Once activated, the promotion runs until 10/12/17. If not used by that time, it will simply expire.

You can verify the offer is in your account, check under “Account”, and page down to the “Rewards” section. You should see the offer there, along with the terms and expiration date.

Buy $50 in Gift Cards, Get $10 Lucky Gift Card

If you live in near a Lucky’s B&M grocery store, and you need to buy some gift cards, you can get a $10 Lucky’s store gift card. The $50 gift cards can be a combination of big chain stores, including Best Buy, Lowe’s, Macy’s, Bed Bath, and more! Details in their weekly ad and their B&M stores.

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Starbucks Gift Card with VISA Checkout as good as BOGO

If you are a regular Starbucks shopper, and you pay attention, you can find some good deals from time to time on getting discounted gift cards. One such promotion is right here, right now! This promotion is a combination of CashStar (a gift card service) and VISA Checkout (VISA’s online payment service).

If you purchase a $10+ electronic Starbucks gift card, during this promotional period, they will automatically load an additional $10 to the e-gift card. So if you buy $10, you’ll get $20. If you buy $14, you’ll get $24.

Here’s a screenshot with a $11 payment, that results in a $21 load on the gift card:

The promotion is at the Cashstar website. You don’t need a Cashstar account but you need to have a VISA Checkout account. If you don’t, fear not, you can easily create one with most VISA credit cards. Then after you create and activate that account, you can take advantage of the offer.

The promotion is once per account, and it expires by 9/30/17, or earlier if the promotional amount set aside for this is expended. Per the Terms and Conditions, a total of 225,000 offers are available. So don’t sleep on it!

You can send it to yourself, you don’t have to send the gift card to other people. You can use the same email address for everything if it makes it easier for you. Or you can send it to someone else and cheer them up 🙂

Buy $50 in select Gift Cards [includes Starbucks], Get $10 Lucky Store Gift Card

This is a great deal, especially for frequent Starbucks drinkers! Lucky has brought back their gift card bonus promotion, running between August 2-15 in 2017. When you buy $50 in select gift card, the cash register will spit out a $10 Lucky’s Gift card for you. So you pay the full price ($50) for the gift cards, but the next time you shop at Lucky’s, you can get $10 off your purchase!

Participating stores include Starbucks which is great, since you can load these gift cards to your account and earn the various Starbucks Rewards promotions as well. It’s like getting a 20% off on every Starbucks purchase made with this card! NICE!

The promotion also includes Kohl’s, Macys, GAP, Bed-Bath-and-Beyond and more! Check their ad or stores for more details!

There is a maximum of $200 in gift cards purchased per transaction, but there’s no limit on how many times you can do this.

PS: I don’t know if Lucky’s accepts credit cards as a payment option for gift cards. If they do, you can also pay with a credit card that gives you more than 1% in grocery store purchases! For example, the AMEX Blue Cash has 3% at the $0 membership tier, and 6% at the premium membership tier.

The savings and rewards do add up if you pay attention 🙂

Buy Two Google Play Gift Cards, Get $5 Walgreens Gift Card

Good until Saturday night 7/22/17, at your local Walgreens brick and mortar stores, you can get a free $5 Walgreens gift card, if you purchase any two Google Play, or NIKE or Spa Week gift cards. This is promising because there are $10 Google Play gift cards, so you can pay $20 (two $10 gift cards) and get a $5 Walgreens gift card.

Assuming you have no problem spending the Walgreens gift card, that’s a $5 return on a $20 investment, a 25% return or virtual discount, however you want to account for it! You need to be a Walgreens rewards member, which is free to join.

I don’t know how many of these you can do during this week. I haven’t done this yet, but I’m planning to do this (unless I forget).

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Pay $40, Get $50 Cold Stone Creamery Gift Card

For a limited time only, coupon code ICECREAM10 gets you $10 off towards the purchase of a $50 Cold Stone Creamery gift card at amazon.com. It is ice cream season after all. The price will drop during the Checkout process, the last step before you actually place the order. If it doesn’t drop by $10, it either means you have not select the correct gift card or amount, OR the promotion expired.

Smart and Final Stores: Spend $50+ in Gift Cards, Get $10 off your NEXT purchase there

Parallel and separate from the Lucky’s Gift Card promotion, Safeway’s warehouse chain store, Smart and Final is running its own 10/50 gift card promotion. The terms are similar. If you buy $50+ in eligible gift cards, the Smart and Final cash register will spit out a coupon that will get you a $10 off discount towards your NEXT purchase at Smart and Final. Next can be right after you pay for the gift card purchase.

This promotion runs between June 7-20 in 2017, that’s two weeks worth of shopping. Eligible retailers for this promotion include Best Buy, Lowe’s, Nordstrom, Nike, Panda Express, BJ’s, Regal, and more!

Lucky’s Stores: Spend $50+ in Gift Cards, Get $10 off your NEXT purchase there

If you are looking to buy gift cards for Father’s day or Grads or any other occasion, or no occasion at all, Lucky’s brick and mortar stores are bringing back their $10/$50+ promotion. You buy $50+ in eligible gift cards in the same transaction, and their store’s register will spit out a coupon for $10 off your NEXT shopping trip at Lucky’s stores.

Eligible gift cards can be found in their weekly ad in their stores and website. They include big names like Best Buy, Bed Bath and Beyond, Macy’s, Kohl’s, XBOX, iTunes, and the GAP family of companies.

The promotion runs until June 13 in 2017 at their B&M stores. Limit $200 purchase per transaction.

Speaking of Lucky’s, running for the weekend June 9-11 in 2017, you can get their 30oz Rotisserie chicken for $5 instead of their regular price of $7. No coupon is needed, the price will be reflected at the cash register automatically during the 3-day weekend.

$50 Bonus Gift Card with Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller for $200

It’s a two-in-one bundle! If you buy the Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller (eight zone, second generation model) for its regular price of $200, for a limited time, Amazon will include in your package a $50 plastic Amazon Gift Card! You don’t have to enter any coupons or do anything else, just add the bundle to the shopping cart and proceed.

This is handy now with Dads and Grads gift giving season, having an extra $50 Gift Card around can be handy in case of “gifting emergencies”. You can buy as many bundles as you like!

I don’t know if this is a daily deal or an on-going offer. It’s hard to tell in the ever-sprawling and out of control Amazon Gold Box these days 🙂