Prime members: Buy $10 Protein Bar Sample Box, Get $10 Credit for Future Protein Bar Order

We have good news for you if you are a Prime member and like to try different protein bars! Amazon is expanding its “Sample Box with Credit” promotions. A few weeks ago we mentioned the K-Cup sampler promotion (currently unavailable). Now they are offering a similar promotion for protein bars.


If you haven’t done anything like this before, here’s the TL;DR:

  • you are a Prime member
  • you buy this $10 Protein Bar Sample Box (you get at least 8 of them)
  • One Week after Order Shipment Date (not Purchase Date), you get an email from Amazon saying they added a $10 credit to your Amazon account (this is behind the scenes, you don’t need a coupon code)
  • THEN you can use that $10 credit to buy select Protein Bars, sold by Amazon, not marketplace sellers. Over 2000 items are eligible (don’t buy these until you get your email informing you of a $10 credit!!!)

When you add the item to your shopping cart and you proceed to checkout (the last step before placing the order), you will actually see a confirmation message that you are eligible for this promotion. Look closely because it’s smaller font and the Amazon Checkout page is busy with all kinds of things. You should see something like this (screenshot with drawings on top):


As you can see above, you don’t have any shipping customization options. There’s only one shipping option for these sampler boxes. It was the same thing with the previous K-Cup offer. Probably to cut costs and make this feasible financially.

One strange thing is that I was charged sales tax even though these are food items. Not sure why, but it’s still a great deal regardless.

I am placing an order for these, and will post an update (similar in style to the K-Cup post) once they arrive. The shipping estimate is 3-5 business days, so expect the post to come out next week.