Peets AM/PM Promo on Cold Brew

A new Peeknik Rewards promotion has been activated in the Peets Rewards app (aka Peetnik Rewards) until the close of business on Sunday 10/22/17. This offer requires two separate visits and two separate purchases during the same time. First, you must needs buy any beverage before 10am local time. Then, you can visit at any time after 12pm local time, and get 50% off Cold Brew. The AM beverage can be anything, but the PM must needs be a cold brew.

Since Cold Brew is on the expensive side compared to “normal” coffee, this is a good opportunity to get some without breaking the bank. Assuming you need a morning coffee.

Peetnik Rewards: 3X Points on $10+ transactions

If you are planning to make coffee or equipment purchases at Peet’s Coffee and you are participating in their Peetnik Rewards program, they have a new Triple Points promotion on purchases of $10+ at their B&M stores.

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Peetnik Rewards: Double Points on Pumpkin

National Coffee Day weekend continues at Peet’s Coffee with double points on their two Pumpkin beverages when purchased using the Peets rewards program. A typical purchase is one point (regardless of amount or number of items). Fifteen points equal one free beverage of your choice (any drink, any size).

Assuming you spend your free drink reward on the largest and most expensive drink you like, with extras and fix-ins and all, let’s say a $6 drink, that means one point is worth around 40c in rewards. ($6 divided by 15). So double points means you get an extra 40c 🙂

The promotion runs October 1-8 in 2017.

Friday: 25% off Coffee Beans at Peets

The best coffee deal, in terms of quality (not bang for the buck) for National Coffee Day on Friday September 29 (2017) is at Peet’s Coffee shops. On that day, you will receive 25% off all your coffee bean purchases. Peets has quality beans and they are freshly roasted if you buy from their own B&M stores. The combination makes it a great quality value.

There’s no coupon code, the cashiers and the registers should automatically discount them. But to on the safe side, do the math in your head 🙂

You also get a free small cup of coffee with beans purchase. This is an on-going promotion at Peet’s, although it may be at barista’s discretion for smaller purchases (eg 1/4 pound). From the looks of the tweet (see it embedded below), may be everyone who buy any kind of beans will get a free cup 🙂

11oz New England Coffee for under $4 [limit 10]

Coffee time! If you like flavored ground coffee, non-decaf, you are in luck! Amazon appears to have a special buy on this 11 ounce New England Coffee Chocolate Cappuccino, on sale for under $4 as a regular purchase or slightly less as a “Sub & Save”.

Now just because you are buying a bag of flavored coffee, it doesn’t mean you have to brew a basket full of flavored coffee. You can mix and match it with regular coffee, so you get slight flavor, but not the overwhelming flavor some do not like. So as long as you can control what goes into your coffee machine’s basket, you can adjust how much of each coffee to use.

The coffees won’t fight with each other 🙂 Now if you mix two different flavored coffees together, they may start fighting. Or you may make a new coffee blend discovery 🙂

You can buy up to ten bags of this ground coffee at this price. It is an ADD-ON item, so you need an order of $25+, otherwise their computers won’t let you buy it. You can get to $25 with seven bags of this, or any combination of this and other products.

Multiple different flavors and sizes reside on the same product listings, so the review score is not necessarily indicative of this particular blend. You must needs dig into the reviews and filter them for this product. Maybe I need to make a short tutorial on how to do this, since it’s not easy to figure out if you don’t “live” on the Amazon website 🙂

Peetnik Rewards: Double Points on Cold Brew until 9/17/17 PM

The Peets Rewards program is establishing a pattern of frequent and diverse type of promotions. The latest promotion, running until the close of business on Sunday 9/17/17 gets you double points on cold brew purchases. This particular promotion is good on either hand-crafted cold brew drinks (eg black tie or cold brew fog), or any of the bottled (ready-made) cold brews.

Unlike previous offers, this particular promotion can be used as many times as you like during this promotional period, so if you are a fan of Cold Brews, drink away 🙂

If you have the Peetniks app installed, and you haven’t turned off notifications, your phone should be informing you of these. Or if you hate Notifications, you can find the promotions in the “Inbox” of the app:

Peets B&M: Buy any Barista-made Drink, Optionally Buy Bottled Cold Brew for $2

Peet’s Coffee (under the ownership of the big coffee conglomerate) is taking a more interesting path with their Peetniks Rewards program. Not only are they having the conventional rewards, but they also have regular Special Offers that appear in the Mailbox of their app and are also sent to you by email (if you are subscribed to those).

Running at the moment are two offers for their brick and mortar stores.

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How to get your first FREE drink by installing the Peetnik Rewards app [updated]

It didn’t take long! As I mentioned earlier, Peets has now widely launched their Peetnick Rewards program, with a GooglePLAY app too, not just the initial soft launch that was iOS-only.

To encourage people downloading the app, they are offering a free drink when you install it for the first time. Here’s how to get your free drink:

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Peets Launches Peetnik Rewards app more widely with GooglePLAY and iOS

Some Peet’s Coffee region were already beta-running on their new Peetnik rewards program, but now there is a wider launch of this new program, and better yet, apps are available not only for iOS (that was the initial launch) but also GooglePLAY. Their Android app is developed by Paytronix judging by the app ID in the url 🙂

The rewards program is closer to the original Starbucks reward. You earn rewards with check-ins, not the purchase amount. Fifteen check-ins get you a FREE beverage. But more importantly, to celebrate the launch, you earn a FREE drink immediately after your first check-in. This is a one time bonus to encourage everyone to install the app and use it. Good idea 🙂

You also get one free every year unconditionally, on your birthday! I haven’t used it yet, more details on this after I install and use it 🙂 Here’s an annotated explainer of the benefits from their email; I am highlighting the important parts:

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Free S&H at Peets without minimum with coupon

If you like Peet’s Coffee, more specifically shopping from their website, until May 29 (2017), coupon code FREESHIP17 gets you free shipping without a minimum purchase amount required. This happens only a few times a year, so it’s a good opportunity if you want to make a small purchase or scoop up something on clearance or sale that wouldn’t normally qualify for free shipping.

12oz Caribou Coffee Costa Rica (Ground) for $3.44

Coffee time! If you like ground coffee from Costa Rica, load up on this! At the moment, Amazon actual is offering 12oz Caribou Coffee Costa Rica (Ground) for $3.44 with a limit of four bags per customer. The only catch is that this is an ADD-ON item, so you must place an order of $25+, elsewise it won’t let you buy it.

PS: this is also eligible for Subscribe-and-Save discounts making it $3.27 per (or less if you S&S five or more items for a particular month).

[EXPIRED] Lucky Rewards members: Free 10oz LaLlave Espresso tin can (ends 12/13/16)

This weekly freebie ended, but I believe this is the second time they offered this, so it may return at some point in the future…

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Dec 9-10: 20% off Holiday Coffees and Teas at Peet’s

For two days only, at participating Peet’s brick and mortar stores, you can get a 20% off discount when you purchase their holiday coffees and teas on Friday December 9 and Saturday December 10 in 2016. Only actual coffees (ground or beans) and teas (loose leaf or bags), along with holiday gift items are eligible. The sale does not include barista-made drinks or pastries or their regular prepared foods or drinks and accessories.

Needless to say, if you like their Holiday Blend coffee or their Winter Solstice or Holiday Blend teas, this is a great opportunity to stock-up and get some gifts too. The Winter Solstice tea is so tasty and fragrant, that alone is a must buy 🙂

An excellent choice is the Winter Solstice tea (flavored black tea), in the characteristic Peets tin, sadly with the Mighty Leaf logos #StillBitter

Heads up: Free shipping at Peet’s website July 15-17 in 2016

Great news if you want to get something from the Peet’s website, and you don’t like to pay shipping fees or place huge orders (that would otherwise qualify you for free shipping). Running this weekend, Friday until the close of business on Sunday 7/17/16, you can get free domestic shipping on all items at

This promotion is mentioned at the bottom of the email announcing the coconut promotion. Here’s a screenshot of the fineprint of the free shipping offer:


Replacement Coffee Filter Set for some Keurig B-series coffee maker for $2

If you like to use Keurig machines but prefer to load them up with your own coffee ground, and you have one of select B-series models (B30, B40, B50, B60, B70), you can get a Replacement Coffee Filter Set from “Daily Bread Essentials” (that’s the manufacturer’s name) for just $2~ at Amazon by Amazon actual. The limit is 20+ per customer. The product description lists the incompatible models as well.

There’s one catch to this though, it’s an Amazon Add-On product, so you have to make an order of $25 or higher in eligible items. If not, the shopping cart will simply refuse to let you buy it, even if you want to pay for shipping out of your own pocket. Strange indeed but that’s the Add-On Item world 🙂 The $25+ restriction also applies to Prime members. This restriction is separate from the free shipping $49+/$25+.

This little thing has amassed nearly 1500 customer reviews with an average 3.9 out of 5 and has 100+ questions answered. So do check the reviews and answers, and check the search boxes for both if you want to make sure it works well with your specific model.