How to get your first FREE drink by installing the Peetnik Rewards app [updated]

It didn’t take long! As I mentioned earlier, Peets has now widely launched their Peetnick Rewards program, with a GooglePLAY app too, not just the initial soft launch that was iOS-only.

To encourage people downloading the app, they are offering a free drink when you install it for the first time. Here’s how to get your free drink:

  1. download the app from iOS or Google PLAY. The steps below are for Android. I don’t have a modern iOS device 🙂
  2. install the app and login with your account, or create one if you don’t have one
  3. if you have a account, it will also ask you for your birthday (so you can get your FREE birthday drink), your zipcode (to personalize/localize offers and promotions), and your phone number
  4. then you get a mini tour of the app
  5. after that you are taken to the main screen of the app where you see your rewards balance (it is goofily designed because it shows you may you need, instead of how many you have ~ it may confuse people

Then visit a local Peets store and do a “Check IN”. This is a fancy word for showing them your QR code. That’s what that button does when you press it. So once you visit the store for the first time, you will get a free drink. Screenshots of that after I do this later today or tomorrow 🙂

Meanwhile, entering your birthday during the registration guarantees that you will be receiving a FREE beverage EVERY year. Needless to say, save that freebie for the most expensive drink in the house 🙂

So as I promised, I did this, and the Reward was quickly added to my account under the INBOX part of the app. This free welcome drink has a 2-week expiration, so you must needs use it within two weeks of making your first purchase. The app will show you the exact expiration date. Screenshot below: