Peets Launches Peetnik Rewards app more widely with GooglePLAY and iOS

Some Peet’s Coffee region were already beta-running on their new Peetnik rewards program, but now there is a wider launch of this new program, and better yet, apps are available not only for iOS (that was the initial launch) but also GooglePLAY. Their Android app is developed by Paytronix judging by the app ID in the url 🙂

The rewards program is closer to the original Starbucks reward. You earn rewards with check-ins, not the purchase amount. Fifteen check-ins get you a FREE beverage. But more importantly, to celebrate the launch, you earn a FREE drink immediately after your first check-in. This is a one time bonus to encourage everyone to install the app and use it. Good idea 🙂

You also get one free every year unconditionally, on your birthday! I haven’t used it yet, more details on this after I install and use it 🙂 Here’s an annotated explainer of the benefits from their email; I am highlighting the important parts:

If you already have a account, you use that to login. You can also load up your Peets gift cards if you want to pay faster without having to pull out your wallet.


1. How to get a FREE drink by installing the app

2. Transfer existing Gift Cards to the App. This will transfer the balance of your existing gift cards to the online app. If for some reason you want to keep a balance on a plastic gift card in case of “coffee emergencies”, then don’t load that card up to the app “digital gift card”. You can reload your online gift card with a credit or debit card, and also setup an automatic reload.

3. If you are a regular shopper there, stock up on discounted gift cards through Costco. You pay $80, and get $100 in gift cards. This is nice for families and roommates, because you receive five $20 gift cards. You can easily split them between multiple people. These are actual plastic gift cards, not promo codes. Better yet, you don’t have to be a Costco member to buy these, you don’t pay the 5% surcharge, and you don’t pay sales tax (since you’ll pay sales tax on everything you buy with the gift card).