How to Use The $10 Amazon K-Cup Sample Box Rebate [Nice Surprise: you can also use it on some Teas!]

Amazon continues to run a promotion on a K-Cup Sampler. You buy it for $10 and a week after your order ships, you receive a $10 credit to your Amazon account to use on future K-coffee purchases. We covered the purchasing part in last week’s post. In this post we cover how to use your $10 account credit (it’s $9.99 actually but it’s easier to type $10).

But that’s not all! After experimenting with the shopping cart I discovered that some other coffee items are also eligible when redeeming your account credit for this promotion ~ see the last section below for details!… UPDATE: this also works with K-Cups Teas!

The email confirmation arrives
Now it’s been a week after I placed the order, so, as promised, Amazon sent an email with the title “Benefit Confirmation for your Order” that notifies that a $9.99 credit has been applied to my account. You don’t have to do anything, it’s automatically activated on your account. You can’t see it anywhere on the Amazon website, unless you put an eligible item in your shopping cart and proceed to checkout. Then you will a $9.99 discount.

Works on 370+ eligible K-Cup products
I tried this, and indeed (as expected) this can only be used towards eligible K-cup type of purchases. It cannot be used for regular Amazon purchases. The Amazon email points to over 370 K-Cup items eligible for this promotion. You add them to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout.

If eligible items are found (they have to be sold and shipped by Amazon actual, not by marketplace sellers), you will see this in your Payments page (ignore the $8.xx Gift Card Balance ~ that’s just leftovers in my personal account):


When you proceed to Checkout and reach the final page before you place an order, you will see the $9.99 discount on the right side of the page (assuming you are using a web browser on a PC/laptop) with a decent size viewport/window:


Your order can have a combination of eligible and ineligible items. As long as your order includes eligible items, you will get the discount! You can also combine this offer with any other payment options (gift card balance, pay with credit card points, etc).

SURPRISE! Some Other Coffee Items Are Also Eligible!
While general purpose items are not eligible for this promotion, I tried adding a few other random coffee items to my shopping cart (eg whole beans). It turns out that a few of them are actually eligible for this promotion. For example, this Lavazza Super Crema Espresso is eligible, you see the $10 off in the Shopping Cart. This offer works whether you make a “One Time Purchase” or a “Subscribe and Save”.

Here is my shopping cart, with the Lavazza mentioned above and the $9.99 Rebate and the “Subscribe and Save” discount:


Now there are thousands of coffee products at Amazon, and I obviously cannot go through them one by one, so you have to try out your favorite items to see if this works! Happy shopping 🙂

BUT WAIT, THERE’s MORE: it works with some K-Cup TEAS too!
Party on Wayne because the $9.99 rebate can also be used on some K-Cup teas! I only tested a few of them, but there are over 300 K-Cup teas that sold by actual that could be eligible.

Here is one example, the Tea Deluxe Variety Count for Keurig K-Cup Brewers, you still get the $9.99 rebate. Below it a screenshot with a “Subscribe and Save” (it’s faster to get to the shopping cart with that, but it works on both as long as actual is the seller)