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[DEAD] Free mp3-album: “Frozen” soundtrack on Google Play

This limited time offer expired…
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39-inch TCL 720p HDTV with free Roku stick for $267

If you are looking for a 720p HDTV and want to have access to the Roku content network, has a bundle for you, you get the Roku streaming stick (model 3400X) for FREE when you purchase this 39-inch TCL 720p HDTV for $267 with free shipping. The free item is included automatically by the Amazon shopping cart.

[DEAD] B&M: $60 off Kindle e-reader if purchased together with Fire HD 7

This weekly offer at Staples stores expired, but since many of their offers are of the recurring variety, it is possible that it may return at some point in the future…
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[DEAD] 5oz Tattle Tea Leaves for under $6 (two flavors; Add-On program)

This limited time sale ended as of 1/5/15 check…
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[DEAD] Roku 3 flagship player (new condition) for $78

As of Dec-29-2014, these sales ended but with a competitive market for streaming boxes, they will undoubtedly return at a later point in time…
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Buy a Denon HEOS, get up to $100 Amazon credit

Good until the end of day on 1/3/2015, at, you can get an account credit up to $100 when you one of select Denon HEOS wireless speakers or accessories. The flagship HEOS 7 gets a $100 credit, while the HEOS 5 or 3 get a $50 credit each. Three more accessories are participating, with credits ranging from $7.50 to $37. HEOS is Denon’s answer to the Sonos systems.

Refurbished Motorola Droid X2 MB870 (Verizon; no contract) for $20 + SH

Party like it’s Android 2.2! If you want to relive the early tortured days of Android or if you are a developer looking to test on older devices, the seller-refurbished Motorola Droid X2 MB870 smartphone, in Verizon Wireless flavor, is offered for $20 plus shipping at with a limit of ten per customer. It comes with a 30-day warranty and may show cosmetic wear. It has a 4.3-inch display. No contract!

8.82oz ESP Emporium China Green Rose Tea Leaves for $3

If you like to try teas from different companies, and be at the forefront of exploration (translation: it has no customer reviews), for just $3, you can get this 8.82oz of ESP Emporium China Green Rose Congu Tea. These are tea leaves, not tea bags! A picture of the tea leaves and the outer package is included at the Amazon product page. It has just two ingredients, tea leaves and rose petals per the picture of the package over there. There is a limit of ten per customer.

However, it’s not all rosy (pardon the pun), because of the low price, this is part of the Amazon Add-On program, which means, you need to place an order of $25 or more before Amazon allows you to buy it. This restriction applies to Prime members as well. You could get to $25+ with 8 of these, but given the lack of reviews, it is perhaps a better idea to simply add one of these to an order of $25 or more. If you like it, then you can stock up.

Targus Trek Backpack for 16-inch laptops for $13

If you are looking for a backpack for your 16-inch laptop, the Targus Trek, model TSB193US, is currently on sale for $13 at You can buy as many as you like. It averages 3.8 out of 5 based on 50 customer reviews, so obviously don’t expect features and function of one that costs five times as much. There are four different pictures of it to help you get a better feel for it.

PS: not all 16-inch laptops are the same in terms of size. The actual screen may be so, but there are other aspects of their design that affect how well they fit in different bags, so there’s always a YMMV factor until you actually try it with our very own laptop.

Samsung Galaxy S3 (Sprint Prepaid only) for $125 [updated]

If you are looking for a phone on the Sprint prepaid network or simply you are looking for a Wifi-only device, the new condition Samsung Galaxy S3 locked to the aforementioned network is on sale for $125 with free shipping at with a limit of three per customer. This is no contract and you are under no obligation to start or maintain service on the Sprint network. This takes microSD cards up to 64GB, so it could make a pretty handy media player with its 4.8-inch display. This is an on-going promotion, an expiration date is not given but obviously it won’t last forever.

Price updated 1/20/15.

[DEAD] Free mp3-album: Michael Bubble’s Christmas (20 tracks)

This limited time offer expired, but Google Play Music seems to have weekly specials, so check back on a weekly basis for possible other mp3 specials…
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[DEAD] 13.3″ ASUS Chromebook (4GB RAM, 32GB SSD) for $230

As of a 12/28/14 recheck, this sale ended…

If you are a fan of Chromebooks with 13-inch displays and you don’t need a touchscreen, the 4GB RAM and 32GB on-board storage version of the 13.3″ ASUS Chromebook is currently on sale for $230 with free shipping at with a limit of three per customer during this promotional period. This version is only available in black.

[DEAD] Starts Dec 21: 7-inch Nobis NB7022 S Android tablet for $30

This weekly special expired on 12/27/14 but some of the Staples offers are recurring, so it may return in a few weeks…
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[DEAD] Dec 21-27: Kindle Basic w/Touchscreen plus $30 Visa Gift Card (via EzRebate) for $60

This weekly special ended but it may return in the future as a lot of Staples Kindle specials are of the recurring variety…
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11.6-inch Samsung Chromebook 2 for $230

Samsung had the first blockbuster Chromebook with the late 2012 11.6-inch Chromebook. Since then, the market has gone a lot more competitive, and Samsung replaced the original model with a 11.6″ and a 13.3″. Now, market pressure and time, have discounted the second generation 11.6″ model, the XE500C12-K01US, you can get it for $230 with free shipping at and other places.

Strategically though, with more touchscreen Chromebooks coming out, one has to trade-off the convenience of a touchscreen vs the lower price of a non-TS model. Especially now that the affordable Windows 2-in-1s are directly competing on price with the Chromies.