New Customers: Get 12 RxBars for $20 with Free Shipping [updated]

UPDATE 3/8/18: Welcome to 2018! The coupon mentioned is back on again and running until 4/30/18. It is good for new customers only. New customers at the website that is 🙂

UPDATE 12/21/17: the coupon has been extended to December 31st in 2017… Coupon rxbarnew17 gets you 12 RxBars for $20 at the RXBar website with free shipping included. This is the sample pack that includes six different bars, a good way to try many of them out without committing to a larger quantity 🙂

UPDATE 11/9/17: the coupon code rxbarnew17 has been extended until 11/30/17 for this promotion.

NOTE that the promotion with two free Pumpkin Spice bars has expired, so you get a 12, not 14 bars!

UPDATE 9/22/17: my box has arrived! I added pictures!

If you are tired of eating protein bars that have a list of ingredients almost as long as War and Peace, and you want to try out some of the healthier options, RxBars are a great idea. They are currently my favorite, surpassing the Strong Kind Bars.


Their most “offensive” ingredient is “Natural Flavors”. Everything else is real food. They only have half a dozen ingredients per bar ~ give or take depending on the different flavors.

If you don’t want to commit to a $20 purchase, you can try them at a grocery store. Trader Joe has them for $2 each, regular price. Whole Foods is typically $2.50 per bar. They have a subset of flavors. My favorite flavor is the Chocolate Sea Salt, and that’s a good one to give you a sense of their texture. They are compressed with more nutrition than they look. These are not airy bars that you inhale 🙂

If you like that, or you are already ready to take the plunge, they have a coupon promotion for new customers to their website running until 10/31/17. You get their 12-pack Sample Box, and for a limited time you also get two FREE Pumpkin spice bars [Fall/Harvest theme and all], all together for $20 with free shipping when you enter coupon code rxbarnew17 under the “Apply Coupon” section of the Shopping Cart.

Screenshot of that below:

Shipping options may vary depending on location and order size and such, mine shows UPS Ground. Screenshot of that below:

This is the box as it arrived: