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Staples Rewards now offers free $50 Copy and Print Services for Premier members

One of the side effects of the merger of Office Max and Office Depot is that now the rewards programs at both the combined Office Depot/Max and Staples are worse than they were before. Both have decreased benefits, while camouflaging some of the changes. For example, at Staples, you no longer get the full 5% amount, since you only receive rewards in $5 increments. Sneaky bastards!

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Febr 1-7: free $5 Walgreens Gift card with Two $25 iTunes GC

For the shopping week of February 1-7 in 2015, at Walgreen’s brick and mortar stores, you can receive a free $5 Walgreens gift card when you purchase two $25 iTunes Gift cards. This is essentially a 10% off the face value, not the lowest ever.

50pk Bentley’s White Tea bags for $3 (YMMV at B&M)

At Ross brick and mortar stores, you may be able to find 50pks of Bentley’s White Tea for just $3. I spotted a “White Tea – Earl White” and a “White Tea – Ginger Peach”. Inside, you will find a sealed tinfoil pouch, with fifty tea bags inside. Each tea bag has a string and tag. The tag sadly has a staple on it. The tea bags are not individually wrapped. And after you drink it all, you get to keep the tin they came in. You can see pictures of the packaging at

Refurbished Galaxy Note II (SGH-I317) for $170 [AT&T]

On the sub-$200 no-contract former-flagship front, you can get the seller refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note II SGH-I317, an AT&T phone, for $170 with free shipping, in either white or gray, with a limit of five per buyer. Per the listing, this has a clean IMEI for AT&T activation. Or you can use it as a Wifi-only device. This is two generations ago, it came out back in the Jelly Bean days.

Refurbished HTC One M8 (unlocked, former AT&T) for $300

Like to have the latest flagship smartphone but don’t want to pay full price or sign up for a two year contract? Among the latest eBay offers you can get the manufacturer refurbished HTC One M8 (factory unlocked) for $300 (was $350) with free shipping. This is offered by eBay seller “qualitycellz” (99.1%), available in two different colors, with a limit of five per customer. This was formerly an AT&T phone, but it is now unlocked.

Samsung Galaxy S5 (Sprint Prepaid) for $400

2015 is here and no doubt a new Samsung Galaxy S flagship smartphone will be announced, but in the meantime, the S5 is the current Galaxy S flagship and it is on sale! The white 16GB version goes for $400 with no contract in the Sprint Prepaid version at You can buy as many as you like. This is not part of the lightning deals, it is a sale price. Only the Sprint Prepaid version is on sale, the Virgin and Boost Mobile versions remain at $550+ prices.

If you want to use it with a cellular service, this is Sprint Prepaid. But you can use it as a Wifi-only device as you please. No contracts!

Unlocked Nokia Lumia 521 for $50 (formerly T-Mo; no contract)

Looking for a Windows Phone that is not locked to a carrier? And you only want to pay $50 with free shipping? Well, eBay Deals have an offer for that too. It is the manufacturer refurbished Nokia Lumia 521, an unlocked GSM T-Mobile phone, with a limit of 50 per customer. Over 4600 phones got sold so far from this listing, offered by eBay seller “bigdeals” (99.3%). No contract, no carrier lock!

BluRay: Cosmos, A Spacetime Odyssey for $22 (limit 3)

Why waste $20+ on the latest goofy BluRay comedy when a couple of nights on Redbox are more than enough for it? Instead you can invest your ATM food stamps in a gift that keeps on giving, the “Cosmos, A Space-time Odyssey” Blu-ray set with Dr. Neil DeGrasse-Tyson, currently on sale for $22 at with a limit of three sets per customer. The DVD goes for more – only the BluRay set is on sale. This has already become a modern instant-classic, with nearly 1000 customer reviews at Amazon averaging 4.7 out of 5, which is quite impressive.

3M Adjustable Monitor Stand MS80B for $22.50 (limit 3)

If you are looking for an adjustable monitor stand, the 3M MS80B is currently on sale for $22.50 at with a limit of three per customer. It can support up to 80 lbs of weight per the product description. It averages 4.6 out of 5 based on 270 customer reviews and has 38 questions answered if you are curious about it.

LG G2 (unlocked GSM) for $210

The prices of the 2013 flagships continue to drop. Right now, $210 is enough to get you a new condition LG G2, GSM unlocked, in either black or white, with a limit of five per customer, from QualityCellz on eBay (99.1%). No contract – you own it when the purchase clears. It has 32GB on-board storage and a 5.2-inch display. Over 1350 units got sold so far from this particular listing.

[SOLD OUT] 11.6″ Samsung Chromebook XE303C12-A01US for $160

These sold out very fast, 1000 of them in just a matter of a couple of hours…

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40-inch TCL 40FS4610R Roku HDTV for $300 w/low price guarantee

If you like the idea of having the Roku experienced baked into your HDTV, there’s a new discount on the 40-inch TCL 40FS4610R, it has dropped to $300 with free shipping at which offers a low price guarantee on most HDTVs sold by Amazon actual. It has three HDMI inputs among other things. Please note that this is not eligible for gift wrapping (because of the way it is delivered). It averages 4.4 out of 5 based on 275+ customer reviews, however, note that the reviews are shared among three different TCL-Roku HDTVs (this and the 48″ and 55″ models).

Free from Google Play: Motley Crue Greatest Hits and Hardwell remix

For a limited time only, Google Play is offering these two mp3-albums for FREE as long as you have a Google Play account. First up, it is the Greatest Hits by Motley Crue with 23 tracks and a total runtime of 99 minutes. Next up, for remix fans, it is Hardwell’s Revealed in a GPE remix.

Since Google is apparently abandoning GPE phones, mayhaps they are now focusing on GPE remixes 😉

Free Kindle eBooks from Microsoft Press: W8.1, Azure, SQL Server and more

If you like free technology e-books, you can scoop up the “Introducing Windows 8.1 for IT Professionals” Kindle ebook (140 pages, Oct-2013 publication) by author Ed Bott from the Amazon Kindle store. I don’t know if this is a limited time offer or like this on an on-going basis. This is a Microsoft Press book, it’s not some random self-published book.

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Kitchen Selectives CM-688 single-serve coffee machine for $12

If you are looking for a simple one cup at a time coffee machine that uses ground coffee and none of that “DRM coffee” nonsense, the Kitchen Selectives CM-688, a simple basic black single-serve machine, is on sale at the moment for around $12 at Free 2-day shipping if you are a Prime member, otherwise, you’d need a qualifying order of $35 or more total. This is not a lightning deal, so the price change is unknown. You can buy as many as you like during this sale.

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