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Connect Two Services to Movies Anywhere, Get FIVE FREE MOVIES

A new movie library syncing and playback service expanded out of Disney’s Movies Anywhere. It’s the new Movies Anywhere service that includes Disney along with four other major studios (Sony, WB, 20th Century, Universal).

Movies purchased on Vudu, iTunes, Google Play and Amazon Instant Video, or Digital Copy or Ultraviolet movies redeemed through those services, from those participating studios, are now able to get synced across those services and also into the Movies Anywhere app/service. (which can also play those movies by the way – unlike that darned Ultraviolet mess).

We have for you a step by step guide, with some screenshots too, on how to setup and connect Movies Anywhere. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment here or there.

For a limited time, in an attempt to encourage more people to sign up for the service, Movies Anywhere is offering up to five free movies if you connect one or two services to it.

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New Kindle First Pick program: discounted hardcover for Prime members

Amazon is expanding their Kindle First program with a new twist – the new “Kindle First Pick” program that offers a new release book at a hardcover discount. You can find it at the top of the Kindle First page.

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More Apple eBook Settlement Credits are Coming! [updated]

UPDATE 10/18/17 at 12:40pm ET
I just got an email from Amazon that they added a $0.38 settlement credit to my account. I don’t know if everyone gets the same amount or if this is a percentage based on qualifying purchases made…

You can check your credit balance at Amazon’s Settlement page

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Weekly Ad Coupon: $10 off $50+ at BevMo

Before you recycle your weekly grocery ads for this week (October 17+), if you live near a BevMo (Beverages and More), make sure you fish out their one page color flyer. One side has a coupon for $10 off a purchase of $50+. With Winter and the Holidays just around the corner, the time may be right to stock up on beverage supplies for future hosting events before the holiday price hikes arrive 🙂

Here’s what to look for in the giant bundle of weekly ads:

Peets AM/PM Promo on Cold Brew

A new Peeknik Rewards promotion has been activated in the Peets Rewards app (aka Peetnik Rewards) until the close of business on Sunday 10/22/17. This offer requires two separate visits and two separate purchases during the same time. First, you must needs buy any beverage before 10am local time. Then, you can visit at any time after 12pm local time, and get 50% off Cold Brew. The AM beverage can be anything, but the PM must needs be a cold brew.

Since Cold Brew is on the expensive side compared to “normal” coffee, this is a good opportunity to get some without breaking the bank. Assuming you need a morning coffee.

Reminder: activate your Discover Q4 Cashback rewards

This is a reminder alert! If you have Discover credit cards, make sure you activate your Q4 5% credit card rewards for 2017! It’s a pretty good get this quarter, it’s Amazon and Target. There is a maximum spending of $1500 per credit card for the quarter, but that’s a $75 cashback bonus, not a small amount!

The quarter runs from October 1st until December 31st in 2017. Unlike the Chase rewards sign-up, the Discover sign-up is NOT retroactive for the quarter. It starts after you activate it. It may take a couple of days for it to kick in, I haven’t tested the exact timing of it because I usually sign up the moment I see the new quarterly offers appear (they usually appear a month before they start).

Here’s a screenshot from their website to remind you:

Free 1-Month Trial of Xfinity Instant TV for existing customers

Comcast (Xfinity) has been taking the challenge from cable-alternatives more seriously lately. They launched their own Xfinity Mobile cellphone service, and now they are going after the various cordcutter streaming services like SlingTV and YouTube TV with their own service, “Xfinity Instant TV”.

Just like their mobile service, they are targeting it towards their own existing customers, for example internet-only Xfinity customers who don’t want to sign up for their evil Triple Play money traps 🙂

If you are an existing Xfinity customer, check your Xfinity emails (yes, you have an email account with them – it’s your account you use to login), you may find an offer for a free 1-month free trial, and then $19/month. Of course this is a very skinny bundle, they are very stingy with their channels 🙂

I am planning to try out most if not all of the various streaming services in the next few months. I’m waiting for them to improve their DVR offerings (except for YouTube TV everybody else is a disaster) or make Roku apps available and things like that.

AMEX Offer: Make $200+ single purchase at Sherwin-Williams, get $50 Back

If you are planning various purchases at Sherwin-Williams brick and mortar stores by mid-December 2017, you may want to group all those purchases into a big $200+ purchase. That’s IF you have an American Express credit card, and IF you go to the AMEX OFFERS section of their website and locate this offer IF you are being offered it in your account.

But if you are, and you accept it, that’s a pretty good cashback amount! If your order total is just over $200 that’s like a 25% off discount. As Larry David likes to say, it’s pretty, pretty, pretty good!

Starbucks Rewards (Oct 17-23): 100 Bonus Stars with Trio purchase

Starbucks is back with another “Join the Challenge” type of a Rewards promotion for its members. As with previous “Join” offers, you must first activate the offer on your account using the link in their email or the appropriate place in the Starbucks app (not all offers are shown in the app though).

This promotion runs from October 17-23 in 2017, and get you a nice 100 Bonus (80% towards a full reward) when you buy one item EACH from each of the following categories:

  • any Teavana tea
  • any breakfast sandwich (check their menu if you are not sure which ones qualify as “breakfast”)
  • any latte

You must buy one of each, but not in the same transaction. They can be purchased on different days during the promotional period. You’ll only receive one 100 Bonus regardless of how many you buy; eg, if you buy three of each, you’ll still receive 100 bonus stars, not 300.

Champion Men’s Open Bottom Jersey pants for $8 [some options only]

Some of the colors and sizes (definitely not all) of the new condition Champion Men’s Open Bottom Jersey pants are on sale for $8. As of the time of writing, among others, the X-Large in the “Oxford Grey” goes for $8, sold and shipped by

… which means you get free 2-day shipping as a Prime member (otherwise you need a $25+ order total) but also, because it is a clothing item, you get free returns. Amazon wants to encourage people to buy clothes from their website, thus the free returns policy specifically for clothes.

These 100% cotton pants have been around for a while, they have a review score of 4.1 out of 5 based on over 2000 customer reviews, and have almost 90 answered questions. So everything there is to know about them, has probably already been answered.

When you dig around the Amazon website, both the customer reviews and the answered questions are searchable – if you are looking for specific information. Take a deep breath and then locate their own little search boxes, lost in a sea of all kinds of things that is today’s Amazon product pages 🙂

MP3 Audiobook: “No Time to Lose” by Pema Chordon for $9.49

If you prefer to get audiobooks in DRM-free mp3 format (instead of the DRM of Audible), you can get the audiobook “No Time To Lose” by Pema Chordon for just $9.49 on Google Play. This runs over 12 hours long. The mp3 files are organized in audio CD format, each audio CD is transferred to a single mp3 file, so you get 11 hourlong+ (on average) mp3 files.

This is not narrated by Pema Chodron, but by a Better Listen narrator. It is a reading of this ebook which averages 4.6 out of 5 based on nearly 80 customer reviews at Amazon.

Unless you have free Audible credits, this is a very very good price for the audiobook!

Kaleidoscope Wonders: Color Art for Everyone for $2.57

If you are looking for a bang for the buck coloring book, in terms of price and time spent to finish it (in other words, you won’t finish in a few minutes, so you have more fun/time with it), you can get the new condition Kaleidoscope Wonders: Color Art for Everyone for just $2.57 at This is a sale price, not a lightning deal.

You can buy as many as you want, up to 80 per shopping cart. This is good if you are planning group activities where you want each person to have their own coloring book. The Amazon Gallery has 28 images showing the designs, so you can tell ahead of time what you are getting.

It is an 8×10 inch kind of a paperback with 48 pages and averages 4.7 out of 5 based on 380+ customer reviews. It is currently the #7 best seller among Adult Coloring Books at

I don’t have this one but will add it to my next Amazon order, especially if I’m dealing with the ADD-ON limit of $25.

Speaking of which, despite the low price, [not to jinx it], this is NOT an Add-On item. This is good news 🙂

Cucisina Zester for $11 [limit 2]

If you like a fancy-looking stainless zester with a sheath, to Amazon we go where currently the new condition Cucisina Zester is on sale for $11 with a maximum of two units per customer during this sale. It is sold by a marketplace seller with the orders fulfilled by Amazon, so Prime members get free 2-day shipping regardless. Otherwise you need a $25+ total.

It has little rubber feet at the bottom so it won’t damage surfaced or skid…

The Starbucks Rewards Bingo has been fixed!

Starbucks had a false start a couple of days ago with a broken Rewards Bingo challenge. But as of the time of writing, they have fixed it! This is an opt-in promotion, you must activate it by following the prompts in their email or app. You need a Starbucks Rewards account and you use your Starbucks login to connect the Bingo to your Rewards activity.

You can find all the details at the Bingo page.

The promotion runs between October 12 until November 1st in 2017 at participating Starbucks stores.

This is a return of a similar promotion they run a few months ago. If you are a frequent Starbucks visitor, it’s easy to pile up the bonus stars. You can earn a maximum of 350 bonus stars. That’s almost three FULL rewards, worth over $20 in foods or drinks if you redeem your rewards for the most expensive items (eg the $8 new salad trays or fancy drinks).

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Kirkland Signature Basic Men’s Athletic Shoes for $7 w/free S&H (Size 11.5 only]

If you wear 11.5 Men’s Shoes or know anyone who does, you are in luck! The Kirkland Signature Basic Men’s Athletic Shoes in the white color scheme are on sale for $7 with free shipping at the Costco website. Anyone can buy it. You may be charged a 5% surcharge as a non-member or not. I haven’t bought these.

But I bought these Fila Trail Shoes going for $20 with free shipping (sizes 8.5 through 12). They average 3.2 out of 5 based on 63 customer reviews over there, but I’ve had no problems with mine that I bought in June 2017. Here’s a text and pictures unboxing of them.