Alcatel 4S Idol for $199 [Windows Phone]

Windows Phone is not totally dead yet, Microsoft has not officially created a tombstone for it, plus there are a couple of smartphones running Windows Phone that are available in new condition from various sellers in the market.

One such phone is the Alcatel 4S Idol, available as fully unlocked, for $199 with free shipping at the official Microsoft Store. This is a GSM phone, so you can use it on those carriers, not Sprint or Verizon.

We are trying a new “info box” with the main specs of phones here:

Phone Alcatel 4S Idol (Windows)
Screen Size 5.5-inch 1080p
Storage 64GB plus microSD
Processor Snapdragon 820
Battery 3000 mAh
Connector USB-C
Carrier GSM, Unlocked
Notes VR kit included; BT 4.1; Nano SIM

This is intended to be only a refresher of some of the main and distinguishing features of a phone. Check online for reviews and detailed specs for all the details 🙂

Refurbished HTC One M8 for $110 [WinPhone or Android]

From the current flagship, we go to a flagship of yesteryear, it’s HTC time. It’s the One M8, the first flagship in their line to include a microSD memory card. This particular offer is “seller refurbished” which is a higher risk (and lower price) typically compared to manufacturer refurbished. So if you don’t like risks, you may want to skip this. On the other hand, if you are comfortable with the risk/reward of such offers, keep reading…

eBay seller “Quality Cellz” (99.2%) is offering the seller-refurbished HTC One M8 for $110 with free shipping, with a limit of five per customer. It ships from California.

IMPORTANT: this listing sells two different versions, Android or Windows. Make sure you select the correct OS! This is unlocked without any contract requirements.

The specs are three flagships ago, a Snapdragon 800, 2GB RAM, 32GB on-board, microSD, 5-inch 1080p display, etc. Be sure to check Bands and Network compatibility if you are planning to use it with cellular data.

Virgin Mobile Sale returns: Motorola Moto G (latest model 1GB/8GB) for $100, iPhone 5S for $150, etc

After the holidays ended, the prices jumped up at Virgin Mobile, but of course in the fast-paced world of smartphones, that wouldn’t last long. And indeed, there is a new sale now, headlined by the iPhone 5S (16GB) going for $150, and the 3rd-generation Motorola Moto G for $100. This is the latest model, however, this is the entry-level model with 1GB RAM and 8GB on-board storage. There’s also a model with 2GB RAM and 16GB on-board but unfortunately Virgin Mobile does not carry that one.

Also on sale is the Huawei Union for $30, while Windows Phone fans have their Lumia 635 down to $50 (it had gone as low as $40 at some point in the year).


These are no-contract phones, you own them, however, they are locked to the Virgin Mobile network, which is part of the Sprint 4G LTE infrastructure. Check the various phone forums to see which one of these phones can be hacked away to work on other Sprint MVNOs.

Nokia Lumia 530 (T-Mobile) for $20 [WP]

If you are Windows Phone curious or you are looking for a no-contract prepaid phone on the T-Mobile network, the Nokia Lumia 530 phone, locked to T-Mobile but without a contract requirement, is currently on clearance, in new condition for $20 at the Best Buy website. Free shipping with a $35+ order. One way to reach that is to get two of these.

They have basic specs, but hey, it’s just $20. You get a Snapdragon 200 processor, microSD slot that can take up to 128GB (fill it up with music and audiobooks and podcasts!), and runs Windows Phone 8.1.

Nokia Lumia 635 (AT&T) for $30 to $40

IF you are looking for the AT&T GoPhone version of the Nokia Lumia 635 Windows Phone, you nay get lucky and find it on clearance at a local Walgreens store for $30. This is a big YMMV since there’s no way to check inventory online and they don’t sell this on their website.

Regardless though, you can still get it at a nice price online, it is on sale for $40 with a limit of three per customer at This is locked to AT&T but it is a no-contract prepaid (GoPhone) phone. You can just use it as a Wifi-only device. You don’t have to jump through hoops to do this like Verizon. This already improves upon the previous Lumia 520 which was not a bad introductory Windows Phone.

If nothing else, you can get this to explore Windows Phone or use it as a general purpose device around the home (remote control, music or audiobook or podcast player, etc). It averages a very solid 4.4 out of 5 based on 1500+ customer reviews over there. Main specs are a 854 by 480 IPS display of 4.5-inch diagonal, 512MB RAM, 8GB on-board, microSD slot, quad-core processor.

Refurbished HTC One M8 (Windows Phone; Verizon, unlocked GSM) for $190

IF you are a fan of Windows Phone and want Android-flagship hardware, there’s a compromise for that. The Windows Phone versions of the HTC One M8 is offered seller-refurbished for Verizon with its GSM cellular unlocked, going for $190 with free shipping, with a limit of five per buyer, offered by seller “MobilePros1” (97.5%). No contract!

NOTE: this is the Windows Phone M8, not the Android!

Nokia Lumia 635 (4G LTE) for $40 (Virgin, no contract)

UPDATE (6/4/15): this is now also going for $40 in new condition for Virgin Mobile at Amazon by Amazon actual with a limit of three per customer. There it averages a 4.3 out of 5 based on 142 customer reviews.

If you want to try out Windows Phone 8.1 without breaking the bank or getting hogtied in a contract, Virgin Mobile has a great deal for you, for a limited time they have the new condition Lumia 635 4G LTE phone on sale for $40! That’s new condition and no contract. You can use it with any of the eligible VM USA plans or use it as a Wifi-only device. Either way, you have no contractual commitments. It has very decent for $40, Snapdragon 400, 4.5-inch touchscreen, Gorilla Glass 3, 4G LTE (not the going away WiMax), 1GB RAM, 8GB on-board, microSD support up to a whooping 128GB, and such. If nothing else, you can fill up the microSD card with music, and audiobooks and podcasts and have it as a dedicated audio player.

NOTE: this is locked to Virgin Mobile and cannot be used with any other cellular carriers!

Nokia Lumia 635 for $50 (prepaid, no contract, four carriers)

If you are looking for an affordable way to explore Windows Phone without getting tied into a contract or transferring your phone number, Best Buy has a nice sale of the Nokia Lumia 635 for $50. No contract, you can use it as a Wifi-only device. This is available in four different prepaid configurations, T-Mobile Prepaid, AT&T Go Phone, Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile. Some of these options are also price-matched at Amazon.

Unlocked Nokia Lumia 521 for $50 (formerly T-Mo; no contract)

Looking for a Windows Phone that is not locked to a carrier? And you only want to pay $50 with free shipping? Well, eBay Deals have an offer for that too. It is the manufacturer refurbished Nokia Lumia 521, an unlocked GSM T-Mobile phone, with a limit of 50 per customer. Over 4600 phones got sold so far from this listing, offered by eBay seller “bigdeals” (99.3%). No contract, no carrier lock!

Nokia Lumia 520 GoPhone (AT&T) for $30 [limit 3] {WinPhone}

If you want to experiment with Windows Phone 8.1 and don’t want to sign a contract or pay a lot of money for a handset, or go the used route, there is a great deal at the moment at For just $30, you can get the new condition no-contract Nokia Lumia 520 GoPhone (AT&T) with a limit of three per customer. You are not obligated to start a prepaid plan with AT&T. You can just use it as a Wifi-only device.

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