30% off Tea, Brewing Gear, Packaged Food at Peet’s Stores on 12/17/17

Don’t walk, RUN to your nearest Peet’s coffee store on Sunday December 17 in 2017, because they are offering a 30% off sale on a lot of gift ideas, including Brewing Gear (for coffee or tea), along with Packaged Food (not the ones in the freezer or display case that are made by local bakeries), and more importantly off all, 30% off all the packaged tea (in tea tins or tea bags in boxes). Their tea rarely, if ever, goes on sale, this is a great opportunity to stock up like crazy!

This offer is only good at their brick and mortar stores. They have different offers for their website.

Peetnik Rewards: Free Bakery Item + Drip Coffee with 1 LB of Coffee at Peet’s B&M

Running in parallel with the $10+ offer is another Peetnik Rewards offer running until 12/31/17 as well for members of the Rewards program. If you make a purchase of one pound of coffee at their brick and mortar stores, you get a free bakery item and a free small drip coffee or tea. The offer is automatically loaded in your Peetnik Rewards program.

Spend 1400+ Plenti Points at Exxon, Get 300 Back

This is a great deal if you have a car! If you refill your car at an Exxon-Mobil gas station and spend at least 1400 Plenti Points ($14 equivalent) to pay for your gas refill, you will earn 300 Plenti points back. You have until 12/31/17 to do this. FIRST though you must activate the offer in your Plenti account using their website or app.

This is an awesome offer, assuming you stay close to a $14 refill, eg $15, it’s like getting 20% back! If you don’t have enough points now, Rite Aid is running a lot of weekly gift card Plenti point promotions, so that’s an easy way to stock up on Plenti points. There are many of 500 Plenti points on $25 gift card offers!

Starbucks for Life return until January 8 in 2018

The annual “Starbucks for Life” promotion is back as every holiday season, running at Starbucks until January 8 in 2018. You have to first manually accept the terms of the offer and connect it to your Starbucks account. This promotion gets you plays and rewards based on your purchases and various challenges you complete (eg, buy X items on Y days).

The big rewards are the “Starbucks for Life” rewards, but that’s only for a few people. More realistically, you can earn rewards and bonus stars. These are more attainable and practical rewards instead 🙂

December 2017: Earn Double Peetnik Reward points on $10+ orders

For the whole calendar month of December in 2017, if you are participating in the Peet’s Rewards program (Peetniks), every time you make a purchase of $10+ (before taxes), you earn double rewards points. You can use this offer as many times as you like during the month. You have to be a member of their Rewards program (obviously) which is free to join.

Strategically, you can now split larger purchases into parts. So instead of buying two pounds of coffee during one visit, buy one pound on two separate visits 🙂

Kindle First rebrands to First Reads, still offers free one out of six

It’s a new month, it’s December 2017, and one of the many things a new month brings is a new installment of the Kindle First program, a benefit for Prime members that allows them to pick one “kinda pre-release” e-book from a choice of six, and read it right away. All these six e-books will be officially released January 1st in 2018 for everyone. Non-Prime members can purchase one of the six for $2.

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Free $50 Gift Card with Fitbit Ionic for $299

For a limited time, you can get a FREE $50 Amazon Gift Card when you purchase the Fitbit Iconic smartwatch for its current price of $299. You have to manually add the $50 gift card to your shopping cart, along with the Fitbit obviously.

Amazon is making us work for our freebies 🙂 The Ionic averages 4.2 out of 5 based on 1460+ customer reviews.

PS: I have began my smartwatch adventures after years of resistance (because I didn’t want to be a frustrated alpha tester) with the Fossil Q Explorist (FTW4004; 3rd Gen).

Most of Dynamite comics up to 50% off with coupon

Comixology has a lot of sales like most retailers. Most of them you can find by simple browsing the pages, but a few of them have coupon codes which are not advertised on their website. One such coupon is buried in a long Black Friday email from them.

The coupon is for Dynamite comics, using coupon code DE50 in the shopping cart, you can get up to 50% almost everything. Titles released after 10/25/17 are excluded, and there might be some other exclusions.

Get $10 off first two Uber rides with Citibank (new Uber customers)

The credit card company bromance with Uber continues with another offer, this one from Citibank. If you sign-up for a new Uber account (not existing customers), and use your Citibank credit card when prompted for a credit card, and use promo code CITICARD, you will receive $10 off each one of your first two riders with Uber. Terms and conditions apply as usual.

20% select Smart Home Services

If you want to install various smart home services to your home and don’t know how to do it, or don’t have the time to do so, Amazon has a new limited time offer, you get an automatic 20% off discount in the shopping cart (no coupon code needed) when you purchase select Smart Home services. The list of available options and more details are shown on their website.

I haven’t used this service, so I cannot tell you how it works or what to expect. But I know how to find discounts 🙂

Starbucks B&M (21-27): 60 Bonus Starts on $20+ purchases

At Starbucks brick and mortar stores, between November 21-27 in 2017, if you make a single transaction purchase of $20+, you will receive 60 Bonus Stars. 60 bonus stars are 48% towards a reward. You will also receive the standard bonus stars on the purchase amount (40+ regular stars on a $20+ purchase) so you are almost getting a full reward with this purchase.

Strategically this is a good way to stock up on coffee and tea and gifts and coffee mugs and such. Comparing this with “Double Stars”, purchases of $30+ would benefit from Double Stars over this. For purchases under $30, this offer wins.

Note that the $20 minimum must be reached BEFORE taxes and other mandatory local or federal fees (eg CRV) and tips.

Black Friday Freebie: Free Coffee at B&N Cafe before 10am

There are freebies on Black Friday today! The latest email newsletter from Barnes and Noble has a little banner in the middle of it all saying that if you visit their brick and mortar stores on Black Friday (11/24/17) before 10am LOCAL time, you will receive a free tall drink. “Tall” is Starbucks speak for small, that’s 12 ounces. And FREE! That’s worth about $2! Refills are 50c 🙂

Samsung Chromebook Plus drops to $349

If you are looking to buy a new Chromebook with a touchscreen, and a new Android tablet, and you’d prefer your Chromebook to have a 360-degree hinge, $349 can get you all three at the moment because the ARM-powered Samsung Chromebook Plus is now on sale as part of the Black Friday festivities for $349 at amazon.com and some other authorized Samsung dealers.

I just purchased this, it arrived earlier today, and I’ve already posted a detailed and useful Text and Pictures Unboxing of the Samsung Chromebook Plus. So if you are curious about it, stay tuned to the blog as I share my findings!

If you have any questions about it, please write them in the comments here or any of the SCP (= Samsung Chromebook Plus) posts over there! Don’t by shy 🙂

AmazonFresh: $20 off Turkeys with order total of $100+

AmazonFRESH delivers locally and quickly, it is fresh food after all. If you haven’t bought a turkey yet, AmazonFRESH is running a promotion that gets you $20 off the price of a turkey (select options available over there) when you make an order total of $100+ there. You don’t have to spend $100+ on turkeys, your order total (of everything you buy) has to be over $100.

AmazonFresh requires a Prime membership. Fresh is on top of that, a $15/month membership which you can start/stop at any time. I believe they have a 30-day free trial for new members.

Triple Rewards points on Holiday Baked Goods at Peets

Monday is the day new offers come out for Peet’s Rewards members (aka Peetniks). This week’s offer ends on Thanksgiving (10/23/17) instead of Sunday night. You get three reward points (instead of the usual one) when you make a purchase that includes one of the holiday season bakery items (baked goods). If you are not sure what qualifies, pay attention to the labels and pictures, or *gasp* ask the employees there 🙂

You can use this offer as many times as you like during the promotional period. Regular bakery items are NOT eligible.