StudioPress PRO PLUS All-Theme Bundle for $281 (Existing Customers)

If you are a “returning customer” (you previously made a purchase there) at Studio Press, purveyor of WordPress Themes within their Genesis framework, until 10/4/17 at 8PM ET, you can get their all you can eat Pro Plus All-Theme Package for $281~. That includes all existing and future WordPress themes they develop. This is a pretty good price, for the price of about 3-4 themes, you are getting 60+ current ones plus all future developments.

If you are not an existing customer you pay $375. Or you can purchase something from their website, become an existing customer, and then buy the bundle for $281 🙂

PS: this blog is actually running on the Genesis framework!

StudioPress All-Theme Pack for $281 [existing customers]

If you are a fan of the Genesis WordPress ecosystem, and you are an existing customer, you have a temptation running this week until Friday 7/28/17. Their All-Theme Pack is on sale for the general population for $375 (instead of their usual price of $500) at their website.

But if you are an existing customer (eg you previously purchases a Genesis theme from them), you are entitled to a lifetime 25% off discount on the current prices of their offerings. So, time to pull out the calculators, 25% off the $375 price makes it $281 and change.

This is a great value IF you are love the Genesis ecosystem. You get every single theme StudioPress itself currently makes, and all the future ones they will make. You also get over 20 themes created by 3rd-parties (not the StudioPress company) that are offered through their website’s Pro Plus plan. Along with support and security updates.

You can take a look at the available themes. Given the prices of the themes, and the price of the bundle, if you find more than a couple of themes that you like (and you don’t currently own), then it makes sense to buy the bundle. Each theme has a “Live Demo” where you can see an actual (demo) website running it. Much better than staring at screenshots and reading flowery language about it 🙂

Webmasters: 12% Amazon Affiliate commission for April 2017

This begins a new series of deal coverage here at this blog, webmaster deals! We start with probably the best deal of the year 🙂

If you are participating in the Amazon Affiliate program, you may want to pay close attention and plan this ahead! Running between April 1-30 in 2017, you will earn 12% affiliate commission on purchases made using Amazon’s “Native Shopping Ads”. These are recommendation and search boxes you have to install on your website using the links in the Amazon Associates portal.

With webmaster revenue paths shrinking in many directions, this is welcome news. This promotion covers almost every product category. The only exceptions are:

So unless you specialize exclusively in these product categories, this is pretty, pretty, pretty good as Larry David likes to say.