Pre-order deal: Green Day’s new “Revolution Radio” for $5 [mp3 LP]

If you like to buy music albums in the MP3 format, we have good news for you, especially if you are a fan of Green Day! Their new album “Revolution Radio” comes out on October 7 and right now the Google Play store has a pre-order deal, you can get pre-order it for just $4.99 through Google Play or the Android Play Store app. This album has a total of 12 tracks. If you want extras and bonuses, they have various offers at the band’s own website but they cost a lot more than $5 🙂

50% off one MP3 Album on Google Play (limited time)

In parallel with their TV Season discount, Google Play also offers a limited time 50% off discount on the regular price of one MP3-album purchased at Google Play. You have to locate the offer using the Google Play app or using a web browser. You simply opt-in by clicking the “Continue” button


Once you add it to your account, you have until 12/2/15 to take advantage of it. This is particular of interest if you want to purchase music that is not available on streaming service, for example, Adele’s new “25” album! Once added, the offer appears in the “Rewards” section of your Google Play “My Account” section. This is a screenshot using a web browser to do so:


99c mp3-album: “Trigga Reloaded” by Trey Songz

For a limited time only, Google Play Music is offering the 18-track mp3-album “Trigga Reloaded” by Trey Songz for just 99c total. That’s for the whole album! This is a limited time offer but I don’t know when it expires.

Google Play: Free Country Sampler (also $2 Gravity by Big & Rich)

It is country music time at the Google Play promotions. For a limited time only (these typically last a week but they don’t give exact expiration dates most of the time), you can get the 10-track “Play: Country Hits” mp3-album for FREE. This was just released yesterday. In parallel, for $2, you can get Big & Rich’s 2014 mp3-album “Gravity” (11 tracks, 40~ min play time). Enjoy 🙂 Keep in mind, these are limited time offers!

$2 mp3-album: “Awake” by Tycho

The latest featured mp3-album of the week (a limited time offer) at Google Play is the fourth album by the artist currently known as Tycho, it is his 8-track album “Awake” offered for $2. It runs just under 37 minutes long. The Deluxe version is not on sale, but each of the four extra tracks goes for 99c, so if you fall in love with it and want those too, it will only be +$4 versus buying it for $$11.50.

Google Play Content Deals: free Wilco LP and Tom & Jerry movie rental, 99c album and HD movie rentals

In addition to the previously mentioned free TV pilots, Google Play has some more limited time deals on digital content, starting with a free movie rental in HD, it is the October 2005 movie Tom and Jerry: The Fast and the Furry (wink wink Fast and the Furious) with a 74 minute runtime. Once you scoop this up, you have 30 days to start watching it. If you don’t do so, it will simply expire.

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99c MP3 album: “Born Free” by Kid Rock

For a limited time only, Google Play is offering Kid Rock’s 2010 album “Born Free” for just 99c total. This is an mp3 album with 13 tracks, headlined by the title track which is also the opening track which is also relevant given the Independence Day celebrations this week.

99c MP3 Album: Royal Blood’s self-titled LP

For a limited time only, you can get the self-titled album by Royal Blood (10 tracks, August 2014 release) for just $0.99 total at Google Play. This is their weekly music deal. These typically end by Tuesday of the next week, so if my date-math is right, this should end by 6/16/15.

Buy Nexus 6, get 6 months of Google Play Music

The Google Store has a new limited time offer. If you purchase the Nexus 6 smartphone, you can receive a free six month subscription to the Google Play Music All Access subscription service. After the six months, the service is $10 per month. You must buy the Nexus 6 by 4/30/15 and redeem the offer by 5/31/15. The offer is not good if during the last 12 months you had a paid or free trial subscription. These are the Terms and Conditions per Google.

Free Compilation album: Marfa Myths Compilation (13 tracks)

If you like to explore and discover new music, Mexican Summer (aka Kernado Records) has a new 13-track sampler that is currently free to get at Amazon. This was also mentioned as free in the 7digital email newsletter, but as of the time of writing, it costs $5 at their website. This was released today (2/24/15).

Free from Google Play: Motley Crue Greatest Hits and Hardwell remix

For a limited time only, Google Play is offering these two mp3-albums for FREE as long as you have a Google Play account. First up, it is the Greatest Hits by Motley Crue with 23 tracks and a total runtime of 99 minutes. Next up, for remix fans, it is Hardwell’s Revealed in a GPE remix.

Since Google is apparently abandoning GPE phones, mayhaps they are now focusing on GPE remixes 😉

Free from Google Play: Gravity (HD movie) and Steve Aoki album

Google Play is back with another round of freebies. First up, Steve Aoki’s mp3-album “Neon Future” is free for a limited time. It has a total of 12 tracks with a 49 minute run time.

Next up, a movie, and a big and recent one! Gravity in HD! That’s the one with Sandra Bullock. For this one, you may have to follow the link from your Google Play e-mail to get it for free, because if you visit the movie’s Google Play page directly it shows a $10 price. If you have a Google Play account, it means you also have an email associated with it. So check there and look for the Google Play email announcing this offer. You must grab it before 1/30/15, but don’t wait until the last minute, sometimes these things end earlier.

[DEAD] Free Jesse & Joy mp3-album (limited time offer)

This freebie offer expired but stay tuned because Google Play is offering a free mp3-album nearly every week…
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[DEAD] Free mp3-album: “Frozen” soundtrack on Google Play

This limited time offer expired…
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[DEAD] Free mp3-album: Michael Bubble’s Christmas (20 tracks)

This limited time offer expired, but Google Play Music seems to have weekly specials, so check back on a weekly basis for possible other mp3 specials…
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