Sunday October 30 is Double Stars for Starbucks Rewards members

As we mentioned earlier in the month, the last three Sundays in October 2016 have Bonus Star promotions for participants in the Starbucks Rewards. Today, via email, Starbucks revealed the bonus for Sunday October 30, 2016, and it’s the same as last week, double the usual amount of stars. So you get 4 Stars per $1 spent, instead of the usual 2 Stars. This is a good opportunity to buy things like coffee beans, tea boxes, cups, mugs, and anything else that has a longer shelf like than a latte 🙂

Here’s a screenshot from the email announcing this:


Just like the previous Sundays, this is an automatic offer, you don’t have to manually opt-in for it. You know you are eligible if you receive an email with the promotion, or an app notification, or if you see double stars when you make your first Sunday purchase.


  1. They lied they said it was 5 stars in the email the. They
    Changed it

    • If you have the email that says “5 stars”, just contact their customer service by email, and give them the details of the email, and ask them to fix it. They will probably adjust it to your account. They seem to be pretty good at fixing things when some offers don’t take. Sometimes they reply quickly, sometimes it may take 1-2 days (maybe depending on holidays).