New $10 Amazon Snack Sample Box with Versatile Redemption Options

A new super-versatile Amazon Snack Sample Box has been launched! As with all “Sample” offers, this is restricted to Prime members. With this new offer, you will receive a snack box with a minimum of eight items that includes protein/snack bars but also conventional snacks chips and nuts and cookies.

The nice thing with this offer is that you can redeem your $10 credit (added to your Amazon account automatically after your order ships) on over 80 versatile redemption options such various flavors of the RxBars, along with a variety of other items included in the sample box.

12pk Maple SeaSalt RXBARs for $20

My #2 favorite RxBar at the moment is the “Maple Sea Salt” and the 12-pack of this more juicy/most flavor (compared to the others) is on sale for $20 with a “Subscribe and Save” or $21 as a normal purchase at This has lovely sea salt crystals too, they are as big as the universe. Okay, not that big, but they are visible and you can feel/taste them. A plus if you like saltiness without a lot of salt!

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14 RXBars for $20.79 with free shipping [two flavors]

If you are on the RXBar hype train, their official RXBAR online store has another limited time promotion! Two 12-pack flavors are on sale for $20.79 each with free UPS ground shipping, the “Coffee Chocolate” and the “Apple Cinnamon”, but that’s not all! For a limited time, every purchase gets two FREE full size bars, one of each of the aforementioned flavors! The offer is good for everyone, not just new customers!

If you are not interested in these flavors, but want to stay under $21 per 12-pack, Amazon has on sale for $21 (normal purchase) or $20 (Subscribe and Save) the following two flavors:

+ Coconut Chocolate

+ Mint Chocolate (this flavor is growing on me)

+ Mixed Berry

Limit up to ten per customer at the sale prices. Free shipping for Prime members or with a $25+ order or with a “Subscribe and Save”…

My current Top 5 of RxBars

  1. Chocolate Sea Salt
  2. Maple Sea Salt
  3. Coconut Chocolate
  4. Mint Chocolate
  5. Mixed Berry (the most divergent of the flavors)

Coupon returns: 25% off for new customers

If you are in love with RxBars or want to try them for the first time, AND you haven’t made a purchase yet at the RxBar online store, we have good news for you! Coupon code rxbarnew17 is back and it gets you 25% off your order. You have to be a first time shopper at their website for the coupon to work. Details in our previous RxBar Mega-Post

Select RX Bar flavors under $20

If you are a fan of RXbars (I am!) there are three flavors at moment of their 12-packs that are currently going under $20 at Amazon as a regular purchase (not a “Subscribe and Save”) as follows:

I am listing them in the order that I like them 🙂

  1. Chocolate Coconut
  2. Mint Chocolate
  3. Mixed Berry (I’m a bit surprised I don’t like it more)

Free shipping for these for Prime members or with an order of $25+. As of the time of writing there’s a limit of ten 12-packs per flavor per customer. Note however that their prices change early and often at Amazon, so it may be different by the time you read this post.

RxBar Sampler (six flavors) for $6 w/free S&H

Curious about RXbars but don’t want to commit to a big order or to a single flavor? If you haven’t made a purchase at their website yet, they have a promotion for NEW customers! You can buy a 6-Bar Sampler for $6 with free shipping. There’s no coupon needed, just add the sampler six-pack to your cart and proceed to checkout. You will receive six different flavors, including my all time favorite “Chocolate Sea Salt”.

These are simple ingredient bars, with the only “offensive” ingredient being natural flavors in some of them. The rest of “real food”, dates, almonds, egg whites, etc. All of them have dates (it’s the glue that keeps them together), so if you don’t like dates or you are allergic to dates, keep that in mind!

These typically go for $2+, so paying $1 per bar, and getting free shipping is a pretty good deal.

15% off site-wide at RXBar until 1/22/18

Good until January 22nd at 11:59pm, the RXBar website has a 15% off site-wide sale. The sale price is factored in automatically in the shopping cart, there’s no coupon code needed to enter. Additionally, you get free shipping with orders of $20+, in other words a 12-pack or more.

Subscriptions (similar to Amazon’s “Subscribe & Save”) are NOT eligible for the discount since they get their own discount.

After I got tired of the Kind Bar “Strong and Kind” (the spicy and protein-boosted bars), the RXbars are now my new favorites! I scoop them up whenever there’s a sale.

If you haven’t tried them before, the sell various flavors individually at Trader Joe for $2 each, so that’s a low risk way of trying them.

12pk RxBar Peanut Butter Chocolate for $18 [limit 4]

Rxbars, another deal is here! In addition to the previously mentioned Mixed Berries, Amazon also has a sale on the Peanut Butter Chocolate 12-pack for $18. No coupon needed, no Subscribe and Save needed, but this is currently restricted to Prime members. It comes out to $1.50 per bar, which is a pretty good price for these! Limit four 12-packs per customer at this sale price.

This is a nice mix of chocolate and peanut butter, “facilitated” by the underlying date flavor that dominates most of these bars. I was pleasantly surprised by the taste, and I’m typically not the #1 fan of all things peanuts 🙂

This is a relatively new flavor, thus the sale to encourage more people to give it a try.

12pk RXBar Mixed Berries for $15.30 after coupon

If you are a fan of the RXBars, grab your wallets and run to Amazon, where thanks to a 15% off clip-on coupon, you can get a 12-pack of RXBar Mixed Berries for $15.30 after the clip-on coupon. This is the normal purchase. The “Subscribe and Save” is about a dollar less.

Both the price of the 12-pack and the coupon are running separately from each other. For example, the price of the RXbars can go up and down. The discount will be a flat 15% off on the current price, not a fixed discount.

Note also that the coupon only works for items sold and shipped by Amazon actual. Marketplace sellers are not eligible for the 15% off coupon.

15% off Amazon coupon for RxBars

Amazon has a brand new 15% off digitally-clip green-colored coupon on select RXbar protein bar 12-packs. Better yet, along with the coupon, the Peanut Butter flavor is discounted to $22.44 as a normal purchase or $21.32 as a subscribe and save. These prices are _before_ the 15% off coupon is factored in. So that’s a pretty good value, dropping them under $20 for the 12-pack!

Use their search bar over there to check the prices of your other favorites. Remember, the clip-on coupon only works when Amazon actual is the seller, not when marketplace sellers are the sellers of record.

But wait, there’s more! If you’ve never purchased RXbars before from the official RxBar website (Chicago Bar Company), they have a new customer coupon code that gets you 12 bars for $20 with free shipping in the six flavor sampler pack.

New Customers: Get 12 RxBars for $20 with Free Shipping [updated]

UPDATE 3/8/18: Welcome to 2018! The coupon mentioned is back on again and running until 4/30/18. It is good for new customers only. New customers at the website that is 🙂

UPDATE 12/21/17: the coupon has been extended to December 31st in 2017… Coupon rxbarnew17 gets you 12 RxBars for $20 at the RXBar website with free shipping included. This is the sample pack that includes six different bars, a good way to try many of them out without committing to a larger quantity 🙂

UPDATE 11/9/17: the coupon code rxbarnew17 has been extended until 11/30/17 for this promotion.

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Six RXBAR Trial 4-packs (24 total bars) for $36 w/free S&H

If you are a fan of RXbars or want to try different flavors, they are currently running a pretty good “Buy Two, Get One Free” promotion on 4-packs on their website for a limited time!

They offer 4-packs of various flavors for $9 each. You have to add 4-packs in multiples of three in your shopping cart to get the deal. They can be three different 4-packs or three of the same, your choice. For every two you have the in the shopping cart, the third becomes free!

Free shipping is with orders of $40+ (before the discount), so you have to buy six 4-packs in order to get free shipping. That’s 24 Rxbars for $36 with free shipping. It comes out to $1.50 per bar! Since it’s food, there shouldn’t be any sales tax (unless your state sales-taxes food).

Here’s a screenshot of the shopping cart with six 4-packs:

There is no coupon code to enter, the shopping cart automatically adjust the prices while this offer is running!

As of the time of writing, these trial 4-packs are available:

  • Maple Sea Salt
  • Blueberry
  • Peanut Butter
  • Kids trial packs are also available however note that the kids bars are almost half the weight of the standard size bars!

12pk RXbar Coffee & Chocolate for $21.80

If you are planning a Prime Pantry order soon, and you like the RX Bars, or like to try new protein bars with natural ingredients, the “Coffee Chocolate” flavor of the RXbars is on sale in the 12-pack for $21.80 through Prime Pantry. Limit three per customer during this sale.

If you don’t want to pay the $6 flat shipping fee for your Pantry box, fear not, a number of items qualify for the free shipping promotion. Simply buy five items from that list and you get free shipping. It can be any combination, five units of the same item, or five different items, or three of this and two of that.

[DEAD] 12pk RXBar (Mint Chocolate) for $20

This promotion expired…

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[DEAD] 12pk of RxBars for $20 to $21 (without Subscribe-n-Save!)

This promotion expired…

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