20% off Wickedly Prime Teas at Pantry

If you are planning to place an order at Prime Pantry, and you like to try out new teas, especially of the pyramid/sachet kind instead of the flat tea bags, Amazon has 20% off clip-on coupons on a couple of their house brand Wickedly Prime teas through Prime Pantry as follows:

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Buy Five Quaker Instant Oatmeals, Get Free Prime Pantry Shipping

We have a union of the two towers type of an offer! Oatmeal on sale with an clip-on coupon AND a promotion that gets you free shipping for your Prime pantry offer! Let’s start from the beginning…

The Apples and Cinnamon flavor of the Quaker Instant Oatmeals (the ones you can make with boiling water, no stove, no microwave) have a 15% off clip-on coupon. Their price before the coupon is $2.59 for a 10-packet box. With the coupon, they drop to around 20 cents per packet, a pretty decent price for instant-oatmeal.

But these have a magical property! They are eligible for the Prime Pantry Buy Five, Get $6 off promotion. You don’t have to buy five different products. Five of the same product also work, so five boxes of oatmeal is all it takes to get you free shipping for your whole Prime pantry order.

On the other hand, if you prefer the 1-minute oatmeals (you have to use either the stovetop or the microwave, no boiling water option), the 18 ounce canister goes for $2.48 and it is also eligible for the “Buy 5 Get $6 off” promotion. This one does not have a clip-on coupon.

PS: the Original Quaker Oats (no sugar added; you can sweeten it yourself as little or much as you want) also has the 15% off clip-on coupon which is nice, but it is not eligible for the “Buy 5 Get $6 off”, so it won’t get you free shipping. But you can always add it to your order if you are buying other things that get you free shipping (or if you don’t mind paying the $6 box delivery fee).

New Prime Pantry coupon, $1 off shipping

Prime Pantry is a different kind of an Amazon beast. They ship products you buy in a single box, and that box is bundled up by your nearest Amazon Prime Pantry facility. So items you buy must be in-stock at order time at that particular place. They won’t ship Pantry overs from all over the country like they do with regular Amazon orders.

For a limited time, to encourage holiday shoppers, Amazon launched a $1 off coupon towards Prime Pantry shipping. Use coupon code HOLIDAYSHIP to drop the Pantry Box fee from $6 to $5.

One dollar may not be glamorous but it has a very good use. Prime Pantry has another Buy 5 eligible items, get $6 off your order total. This essentially offsets the shipping fee, but if you combine it with the coupon mentioned above, you actually get a $1 off discount on your order total, in addition to the discount.

It is important to note that you don’t need to buy five different eligible items to get the $6 off promotion. You can get five units of the same item, or two of this and three of that, or any combination of eligible products that is five units or more.

2 lbs Tim Horton’s Original Blend Whole Bean Coffee for $8 [Prime Pantry]

If you are planning a Prime Pantry order, and you want to stock up on some coffee beans at a great price, you are in luck! The 2 lb bag of Tim Horton’s Original Blend Whole Bean Coffee is currently on sale for $10.73 but that’s not all. This has a 25% off clip-on coupon, dropping the price down to $8 while the clip-on coupon is running.

That’s $4 per pound for name-brand coffee beans, pretty pretty pretty good! It averages 4.4 out of 5 based on 89 customer reviews.

Note however that because of the way Prime Pantry works, this may not be available in all regions. Unlike the regular Amazon, Prime Pantry is locally based, so if they don’t have something in their local warehouse, they can’t put it in your Prime Pantry box and deliver it to your front door.

PS: if you don’t want to pay the whole $7 flat shipping fee, and you need more items, there is currently a promotion that gets you a $6 off discount when you buy five or more items from a select list of qualifying products. You don’t have to get five different eligible items, you can get five units of the same item. It doesn’t matter what combination, as long as you have five eligible items.

PS2: if you have any leftover free Pantry shipping credits, you may be able to stack them with the $6 off. I’m not sure – I haven’t tried this combination before.

12pk RXbar Coffee & Chocolate for $21.80

If you are planning a Prime Pantry order soon, and you like the RX Bars, or like to try new protein bars with natural ingredients, the “Coffee Chocolate” flavor of the RXbars is on sale in the 12-pack for $21.80 through Prime Pantry. Limit three per customer during this sale.

If you don’t want to pay the $6 flat shipping fee for your Pantry box, fear not, a number of items qualify for the free shipping promotion. Simply buy five items from that list and you get free shipping. It can be any combination, five units of the same item, or five different items, or three of this and two of that.

Free 24oz or 28oz Water Bottle with $60+ Prime Pantry purchase

If you are planning a bigger Prime Pantry purchase by July 7th (2017), then you are in luck! Orders of $60 or more placed through Prime Pantry can get you a FREE Water Bottle with the PrimePantry logo on it. You must manually add the water bottle to your shopping cart along with the rest of your order.

Even better yet, you have multiple options, both in terms of the color of the water bottles and also the material. You can get either a 24oz Stainless Steel option, or a 28oz Aluminum. If you like them well enough, you can buy more, they go for $9 each. Only the first one is free with a qualifying $60+ order 🙂

As you can see, these won’t take up a lot of your Box space. Each bottle is just 1.2% of the box 🙂

The above offer is stackable with the on-going Buy Five Select Items and get FREE Prime Pantry shipping. You don’t have to buy five separate items, any combination, eg five units of one eligible item, works.

One more thing: don’t forget to check whether you have any remaining “Slow Shipping credits”. The shopping cart will automatically apply them anyway, but make sure you place an order before they expire. You can quickly get to your balance by going to amazon.com/norushcredits while you are logged-on to your Amazon account!

27oz Crisco Refined Organic Coconut oil for $7

If you are looking for refined coconut oil, and you like the Crisco brand, we have good news for you. They too have jumped on the coconut oil bandwagon and they are offering their 27 oz organic refined coconut oil for $7 through Prime Pantry. It averages 4.2 out of 5 based on 37 customer reviews.

Some people prefer unrefined coconut oil for all uses, while some others prefer refined for some cooking or cosmetic or household applications. There are many choices out there these days, you decide 🙂

PS: if you are buying this, don’t forget to combine it with the Buy Five and No Rush Credit promotions for Prime Pantry.

1 lb of Davidson’s Gunpowder Green Tea for $8

If you like gunpowder green tea, especially if you like to mix it in other teas or make iced teas or Moroccan Mint tea or for cosmetic or other purposes, there is a sale at the moment at Prime Pantry on One Pound of Davidson’s, that’s 16 ounces, for $8.14. That’s around 50c per ounce, which is bang for the buck for loose leaf tea.

The reviewers seem to be okay with it, it averages 4.5 out of 5 based on 21 of them. These are just the Prime Pantry reviews. Having said that, if you are a tea connoisseur used to buying tea directly from China, this is probably not for you 🙂

You can combine this with the Buy Five promotion and/or any $5 “No Rush Credits” you may have for better savings.

Good options for Prime Pantry Free Shipping “Buy Five” promotion

If you have a Prime Pantry No Rush Shipping store credit that is about to expire soon, and you want to stock up on Prime Pantry type of supplies, there are some good options for the Buy Five Free Shipping promotion at the moment of products you can use (or even donate) easily.

By combining the two offers, not only you don’t pay the $6 shipping fee for the Prime Pantry box, you also get $5 off from the “No Rush Credit”. It includes Nature Valley breakfast bars, some Lara Bars, Hefty trash bags, Planters and Amazon’s own Happy Belly nuts and trail mixes, ultra smooth Dove soaps, Listerine, 100pks of Lipton black tea bags ($3 making it 3c per tea cup), and many more!

Here is an example of both the $5 off Prime Credit and the $5.99 No Rush Credit showing up in the shopping cart. The screenshot is at the top right corner of the Checkout page:

First time Prime Pantry shoppers: 10% off First Order of 10+ items

If you are Prime Pantry curious (you haven’t placed an order with them before) AND you are a Prime member, Amazon is trying to tempt you some more to place your first “Prime Pantry Box” order with a coupon! Coupon code PANTRY10 gets you 10% off if your first order has 10 or more items in it. This is a good opportunity to stock up on consumables, be it food or kitchen or bathroom. You can find the promotion details at the coupon’s page.

You have to pay a $6 flat shipping fee for every Prime Pantry box you order, but there are two ways to make up for that:

  1. if you select slow-shipping on some regular Prime orders, Amazon may give you a $5 Prime Pantry credit. You can easily check if you have one in your account by visiting amazon.com/norushcredits. That page also shows the expiration date of each credit, so plan ahead!
  2. you can get free shipping outright if you buy five or more items from the list of qualifying products. Any combination works, five of the same item, or five individual items, or any other combination as long as the total eligible units in your shopping cart are five or more

Prime members: you may get a $3 Happy Belly Reward if you select Slow Shipping

If you are a Prime member, and you make a qualifying purchase at Amazon (it has to be shipped from Amazon’s facilities as a minimum), you may be offered a $3 Happy Belly store credit if you select Slow Shipping instead of the Prime 2-day shipping. The official term for this is “No Rush Shipping” which is more accurate since sometimes things arrive fast anyway (it depends on many factors including availability of product nearby and other orders you may have coming).

You are presented with this offer in the shopping cart, so if you have 1-Click shipping, you may not notice it. It looks like this (screenshot below):

What is Happy Belly you ask? It is a relatively new line of Amazon house-brand products that, as the goofy name suggests, are food items. These include various nuts, coffee, spices, trail mixes, and …eggs (I’m sure Amazon does not have live chickens in its warehouses). The prices are typically competitive for no-nonsense basic quality products.

In typical (frustrating) Amazon fashion, different flavors/options are available in a combination of regular Amazon.com, and/or Prime Pantry and/or Amazon FRESH. YMMV on each item depending on when you check and where you live.

Prime Pantry: Buy $30+ in Qualifying Products, Get $5 off AND Free Shipping

Prime Pantry strikes again with another promotion! This is even better, because you get both a discount AND free shipping. And that’s without using any previous “slow shipping credits” you may have had. The promotion is similar in style as before. You have to buy $30+ in products participating in the promotion. The number of products doesn’t matter as long as the total is $30. Then you will receive $5 off your order total amount, AND free shipping too! They have to fit in the “Pantry Box” as usual.

Only four product categories are participating in this promotion, so it may be more difficult to get to $30 if you don’t need a lot of different items. But you can buy up to ten units per individual product, so you could easily get to $30+ by buying more of your favorite items.

Prime Pantry: Buy 5+ eligible Kelloggs products, get 25% off AND Free Shipping

A couple stackable promotion is currently running at Prime Pantry which is open to Prime members and typically has a $6 flat shipping per “box”. With this promotion, if you buy or more participating Kelloggs items, you will get both a 25% off discount on them AND free shipping. If you have any Prime Pantry “slow shipping credits”, they may be automatically deducted from the total as well.

Running in parallel, there’s another promotion that gets you a free 24oz stainless steel (or aluminum) water bottle with a $60+ Prime Pantry purchase.

Free 24oz Stainless Steel or Aluminum Water Bottle with $60+ Prime Pantry purchase

If you are an Amazon Prime member, you have the option to make purchases at Prime Pantry, Amazon’s attempt at a warehouse-club type of a service. For a limited time, they have a new promotion, if you place a Prime Pantry order of $60+, you get a FREE 24oz Water Bottle. You must add the color of your choice in your shopping cart, together with a qualifying $60+ purchase. There are four colors, three of them are Stainless Steel, one is Aluminum, so you have material choices too.

The price of the water bottle will be adjusted by the shopping cart in the last step before you place your order, so you can confirm you are getting this for free.

You can stack this offer with any PrimePantry “slow shipping” credits you may have in your account, or you can use it in combination with the Buy Five Free Shipping promotion (you buy any combination of five items from that list, and you get free shipping – it could be five different items, or five units of the same item, or any combination in-between).

New PrimePantry Free Shipping Promotion (buy 5+ of select items)

November is here, and if you like to shop at Prime Pantry but don’t like paying that annoying $6 shipping fee, there is a new round of select items that trigger free shipping for your order. You have to buy at least five of them, but they don’t have to buy five different items. It can be any combination, for example, you can buy five of the same item. They have a variety of categories, making it easier to find something if you are a regular Pantry-shopper, including breakfast items (cereals, protein bars, etc), along with household items (eg toilet paper), health and beauty items, beverages, snacks, and such.

PS: Prime Pantry is for Prime members only, but you still have to pay a $6 flat fee per order. This Pantry thing is different from AmazonFresh which has a monthly fee. So much confusion when it comes to buying food-related products at Amazon, because there’s also PrimeNOW and Subscribe-and-Save, in addition to a good old Amazon purchase 🙂